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Stephen King's IT: Director Teases Supercut

6.5 Hours Running Time And Newly Shot Scenes Are Planned

Since the release of Andrés Muschiettis IT: Chapter 2, the clown Pennywise has been on everyone's radar again and with the home video release approaching in January 2020, the question naturally arises to all fans as to what's up with the recently announced 4-hour Director's Cut of the second chapter and the DC of the first part, already announced in 2017.

Instead of releasing these Director's Cuts separately, director Muschietti is already planning an IT Supercut, for which talks with the studio are already underway, but he has not yet made the final decision. If he really does it, not only would the two chapters be connected, but also all removed material would flow in and two completely new scenes would be shot. While one scene would come directly from the novel, the other one would be reinvented, whereby the director has not yet announced what these scenes include.

Considering the enormous success of the first film and the quite respectable performance of the sequel, there should be no reason, at least from a financial point of view, not to publish the Supercut, which is supposed to have a running time of 6.5 hours. Since Andrés Muschiettis next project The Flash already goes into production next year, not too many months should go by until more information will see the light of day.

Release: Sep 16, 2019 - Author: BFG97 - Translator: Mike Lowrey

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