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original title: Shootfighter: Fight to the Death


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Jun 17, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the American tape (r-rated) and the unrated German DVD by Cine Club (unrated).


20 years ago Lee kill shis opponent in the ring whereas he was excluded from all shootfightings. His opponent was Po, a fellow mate of his enemy Shingo. Now, 20 years later, Ruben and Nick get addicted to Lee's illegal shootfights in Mexico. Ruben, Shingo's disciple, is completely broke. He hopes for a victory at the shootfighting championship to earn money. The rules are simple but brutal. There are no rules except for the final fight which is a fight for live and death. When Nick and Ruben have to fight each other, Shingo challanges Lee.


The American home release was followed by two versions. One, rated R, and an unrated version which shows 40 seconds of additional violence. The r-rated version came into rental stores and was also published in TV by HBO and Cinemax. In all other cases the unrated version was the master. While watching the r-rated version one can recognize the cuts but this versions contains a lot of brutal and bloody scenes.

The German DVD from Cine Club contains the Unrated-Version. So does the UK and the NL DVD.

Runtime American R-rated w/o credits: 1:28:16 (PAL)
Runtime German unrated DVD w/o credits: 1:28:55 (PAL)

12 cuts = 36 seconds (w/o blackscreen)

The German DVD was kindly lend by Cine Club
Timeindex: US tape (NTSC)/German DVD (PAL)

Blackscreen is longer on the DVD.
1,04 Sek.

When Lee rips of Po's throat the unrated shows an additional take of Po. One can see the bloody wound and blood drips off his mouth. Finally Po falls down.
2,64 Sek.

Buck grabs Boa's throat and pushes him into the bars. Then he punches his fist into his chest. Now the unrated shows the bloody wound when Buck beats Boa's breast.
1,04 Sek.

After a short glimpse on Buck the r-rated version lacks how Buck rips off a piece of flesh from Boa's breast. Blut drips out of Boa's mouth.
2,44 Sek.

Buck lifts up his bloody fist und looks at it. Boa drops down. Additionally one can see dead Boa with a wound on his breast.
4,68 Sek.

After Creon slashed Mongoose's throat one can see how blood comes out of his mouth. Additional views on his bloody throat.
2,32 Sek.

One can see Mongoose again how he spits blood. Creon turns away to the audience.
3 Sek.

Mongoose lays on the ground, blood everywhere.
1,84 Sek.

One can see a close-up of Shadow how he bites out a piece of flesh from Andreov and how he spits it out.
2,88 Sek.

The unrated offers a close-up of the sword in Hawk's body. Hawk tries to cover the wound, blood pours out.
1,24 Sek.

When Hawk falls down one can see his bloody body.
2,84 Sek.

Shingo breaks Lee's arm. One can see the scene from two different perspectives. One can clearly see how Lee's arm is almost ripped off. Additionally one can see Lee.
3,28 Sek.

Once again one can see Lee who screams in pain. Afterwards one can see Shingo and Lee again who falls down (in slow-motion).
7,6 Sek.