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  • US Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Oct 15, 2009 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB

Babylon A.D. is based on the Cyberpunk novel Babylon Babies by Maurice G Dantec Novel and film differ considerably, especially because the novel spends much time telling about Toorops experiences in the war as well as the geopolitical changes due to the Balkan wars. And while in a novel the author can form a much more detailed world a movie does not offer such liberties. Director Mathieu Kassovitz picked one topic from the book and spent five years preparing for Babylon A.D..

A church run as an incorporated company, with he High priestess also being the CEO, uses modern gene technology to create a miracle that is supposed to guarantee them more believers and increase the stock price, no matter the cost.

Religion as business. A church without the need of a god. Insurmountable gaps between poor and rich. Anarchy here, total control there. So much could have been made but Kassovitz was not allowed to. The American studio FOX was the main investor and wanted more of an action movie than a philosophical conflict with God and His replacement through man made technology. Due to FOXs demand for more action the budget was uncontrollable – Kassovitz was unable to shoot the scenes that were important to him the way he wanted to or at all.

In the end there were two different versions. Kassovitzs European Version and a shorter version for FOX. The European Version seems to be the best Kassovitz was able to produce with the footage he was able and allowed to shoot. The FOX version has been altered in every way imaginable. The few violence cuts and the toned down language for the PG-13 rating are almost not worth mentioning, but the severe changes of the storyline were unforgivable for Kassovitz. Already the changed opening monologue demonstrates how FOX did not allow any criticism whatsoever concerning God or churches. Later in the movie any critical dispute with the church of the Neolites has been swept away. On top of that FOX demanded more action in the third act of the movie, so an unnecessary car chase was squeezed between the last two scenes. Also, the dark ending was something that was out of the question for American audiences. So Aurora does not die at the end and lives happily ever after with Toorop and her children. A smack in the face of every fan of dystopian stories.

Although the order of the scenes is almost identical the order of the shots contained in said scenes is entirely different most of the time. There are much alternative footage, different takes, extensions and shortenings as well as tons of alternative dialogue. A common censorship report in which every different shot is described is therefore not very helpful in this case. So just as with American History X (where it was even more extreme) we had to choose a different way. The film is chopped into the individual scenes and described in detail, with emphasis on the dialogue since most changes have been made here.

FOX slapping the European Version on DVD and Blu-ray, calling it Raw and Uncensored, Extended Harder Cut or simply Unrated is in no way a confession of their own inadequacy but mere business.

European Version: 96:50 minutes
US PG-13: 86:34 minutes

Of the dialogues, the gray/black text is heard in both versions, the red is heard only in the European Version (EV), the blue text is heard only in the US Version. (US)

New Serbia

In the European Version (EV) the shot of the earth fades in smoothly. In the PG-13 Version (US) we see a hard cut.

EV: +3s

The Off-commentary from Toorop starts identical, but differs after the first sentences. In the EV he attacks God which is a main topic of Cyberpunk and of significant meaning in the movie.

Toorop: What about God? Can he help us? I don't think so. God gave us what we have to see how we'll use it. Shit, rats in a cage would have done it better. Life's a bitch and then you die. Bumper-sticker philosophy. Yeah right. Sometimes you get a second chance.
Life is simple. Kill or be killed, don't get involved and always finish the job. The survivor's code. My code. And it all sounds great until the day you find yourself confronted by a choice. A choice to make a difference, to help someone or to walk away and save yourself. I learned something that day. You can't always walk away. Too bad it was the day I died.

The US shows short credits in front of a black screen.

US: +17s

In the EV Toorop suddenly wakes up – as if the explosion from the beginning was just a dream. We find ourselves in "New Serbia". Weapons are sold in front of his apartment and a man fires a machine gun. During the credits he eats his breakfast. In the news we hear about terrorist attacks in Iran.

Reporter: For hundreds of thousands of people commuting into the Iranian capital this morning began just like any other. At least 52 people died, along with four bombers and 700 were injured. ... If the chief U.S. interest at this point is combating terrorism as it emanates from Kazakhstan there really isn't anyone to deal with other than Wen Kazahn. ... Since Kazakhstan's independent...
EV: +78s

After he has bought the rabbit and gotten back into his apartment building we see Toorop walking up the stairs in the EV, then longer in his apartment before he takes the rabbit apart. Only the EV shows him skinning the rabbit and opening the ribcage to remove the intestines. The cooking takes longer, too.

Reporter: If the chief U.S. interest at this point ist combating terrorism as it emanates from Kazakhstan
Woman: Boy, what a massacre.
Reporter: began just like any other. But at the peak of the rush hour, bombs were detonated in three crowded trains and a boarded bus. At least 50--
EV: 152s | US: 98,5s

The Russians storming Toorops apartment is cut differently. Even the explosion is different for a few frames. Only the EV shows the muzzle flash as Toorop shoots Karl.

Toorop: You're not a mercenary. You're a fucking terrorist.

EV: 94,5s | US: 89,5s

After Toorop has put on his coat he takes the rest of his breakfast in the EV to give it to the boy on the stairs. The mercenaries seem rest- and helpless as he exits the building.

EV: +30,5s

As Toorop stands in front of the tank he tries to light a cigarette in the EV but his lighter is empty.

Dialogue changes in the tank

Toorop: I don't like you, Gorsky. You can't trust me and I can't trust you.
Gorsky: This is not about trust. This is about ... professionalism, ethics.
Toorop: Ethics? If this is about ethics, I should kill you right now.
Gorsky: Heh, heh, heh. And you think that will make the world a better place?
Gorsky: This is your new life. Clean credit. John Doe.
Toorop: What's the catch?
Gorsky: You have to make a choice, that's the catch.
Toorop: I'll do it for half a mil.
Gorsky: (dirty laughter) I can make you do it for free.
Toorop: You can't make me do shit, Gorsky. But you can pay me what I need so I can get the job done right.
Gorsky: You got yourself a deal. A car will pick you up outside to take you to the rendezvous point. Everything you need will be in the trunk. Cross me and you'll have no place to hide anymore ... Toorop.
Toorop: It goes both ways ... Gorsky.

After Toorop has gotten out of his car he waits for his car a little longer.

EV: 6:19min | US: 4:43min
To Kazakhstan

In front of the monastery Toorop tries to light another cigarette for the third time but his lighter still doesn't work. Finally he throws it away. This indicates that is not the sharpest tool in the shed concerning trivial things not requiring his full attention. Since this scene as well as the one in front of the tank is missing, this character detail is completely lost in the US Version.

After Rebecca ordered Toorop to put the luggage away – although they just recognized that he is anything but a gentleman and simply walks away – he answers "No" in both versions. In the EV he then grimaces and says "Shit" before picking up the luggage. In the US he picks it up too, but without the face and the "Shit".

In the car he asks the women for a lighter in the EV but then recognizes himself that it is very unlikely for them to possess such a thing..

A short dialogue in the tunnel is missing in the US.

Rebeka: Are you alright, baby girl?
Aurora: I've never been this far.

They're just about two or three kilometers away from the monastery.

After they exit the tunnel the EV shows them driving to Troitsk at the Russian border a bit longer.

EV: 5:58min | US: 4:54min

The US Version shows the High Priestess in New York being told that the girl is on her way and will be there in six days. This scene is shown much later and with different text in the EV.

US: + 25s

The hung dog is seen longer in the EV. As Aurora changes, Rebecca makes sure that Toorop is not peeking.

Here we notice for the first time that the three are being watched.

Jamal: That's him. We're locked on.
Hacker: He's a big motherfucker. Look at him.
Jamal: That won't be a problem.
Hacker: And that's Aurora. She's cute.
Jamal: Let's stay concentrated, guys.

In the EV we don't know who watches them or how dangerous they are. The US tries a different approach.

Hacker: We've located the targets. Contact New York. Patch me through to Darquandier.
Jamal: They found her.
Darquandier: Okay. Be careful now. Neolites would be watching too. My daughter must not be harmed.

In the US we already get to know Darquandier and know that Aurora is his daughter. The enemy also has a name already. Also, while the EV presents a movie on a video screen, the US features a commercial for the Neolites. So while we don't know the enemy yet in the EV, the US already blurts it out for everyone unable to wait twenty more minutes.

A dialogue between Jamal and the hackers is missing in the US.

Hacker: What do we do now?
Jamal: No need to rush it. Let's give it time.

After the explosion the US is missing a shot of injured people on the ground.

EV: 5:31min | US: 5:05min

While in the US Toorop and the women get seats in the overcrowded train just like that, he tries to buy seats from a family in the EV. Since he does not speak their language, Aurora steps in, speaking their language fluently and being very polite, so they get the seats.

EV: +35,5s

As Aurora asks about the tigers on the marketplace and Toorop axplains that they are second generation clones a part of the dialogue is different.

Aurora: But they are living creatures. Made by god.
Toorop: No, they were organic machines made by man.
Aurora: God made man in his image, so, what man creates is also God's will.
Toorop: Is this wat you teach her in the convent? Then God would be pretty fucked up to make man in his image. You wanna talk? Tell me what happened at the marketplace. How did you know about the explosion? If I'm gonna protect you ... I need to know what's wrong with you.

He receives no answer from Aurora, only an excuse from Rebeka. Then the radiation shutters close over the train as they drive past a destroyed nuclear power plant. The US features an announcement over the speakers.

PA: Your attention, please. We are about to pass through high-radiation smog. For your security, the shutters will now be lowered.

So while the EV leaves the viewer in the dark for about a half minute, FOX apparently deemed it necessary to wipe out any possible confusion for the audience they don't seem to think very high of in terms of intellect. Viewers of the EV will have to put two and two together themselves as they see the train riding past the destroyed power plant only moments later.

In addition, a part of the dialogue is missing in the US.

Toorop: First time out of the convent, huh? So I'm probably delivering you to some billionaire playboy who purchased you off the internet.
EV: 115,5s | US: 111,5s

In the Club in Vladivostok the man with the megaphone speaks English in the US but Russian in the EV.

Announcer: ... for 90 seconds against the Killer from China. Only one round. You can make it.

As Aurora looks past the cage with the boxer she and the Killa are looking at each other in the EV. In the US he doesn't notice her right away.

Then we see the three from the watchers perspective again. Changed dialogue in this scene.

Hacker: I got them. They're right here.
Toorop: I'll be right there in a minute. And you, don't talk to anybody.
Hacker: Guys, they're separating.
They're splitting up. What do we do now?
Jamal: Don't do anything stupid.
Everybody maintain their position.

Toorop finds his contact Finn and points his fingers at his head like a gun.

Toorop: Get up, motherfucker / Finn.
Finn: What are you doing in this beautiful part of Russia?
Toorop: Working.
Finn: Working for who? - Hey hey. Two shots. (zur Bedienung)
Jamal: Hold your positions. We'll move in.
Toorop: Gorsky. - He made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

Aurora watches the cage fight. The Killa from China breaks his opponents leg but we only hear it in the EV.

The watchers confront Toorop, urging him to let the women go.

Toorop: How do you know my name?
Jamal: We know a lot of things you don't.
Toorop: Yeah? Like what?
Jamal: Like you don't know what you're doing.
Toorop: I'm doing my job.
Hacker: Fuck / Forget your job.

Toorop throws the money in the air and escapes with the women.

Toorop: NOW! / GO!

The fight between Jamals men and Toorop and Rebeka has been recut at several points. Both versions offer exclusive footage but none of the two versions is particularly more violent than the other.

EV: 6:22min | US: 5:54min

The cage fight is significantly different in both versions. The announcer speaks English again in the US.

Ansager: Another one is about to die. A new opponent for the Killa.

In addition, the music is much louder in the US. Most of the time we don't hear the beating due to the music.

On top of that the fight is much longer and much more brutal in the EV. The Killa spits blood, is choked and tries to surrender. We hear him gasping and a few bones seem to break as Toorop continues to choke him. Only in the EV it is made clear that Toorop is trying to kill him instead of just knocking him out.

Altogether there are 19 differences during the cage fight. In addition, a scene is played faster in the US and the music drowns most of the fighting noises. Killas gasping and his bones snapping has been deleted as well.

EV: 118,5s | US: 78s

As Aurora goes with Jamal, followed by Toorop and Rebeka, many recuts have been made. A scene of a dozen of Jamals men following him and Aurora crawling on all fours like monkeys is missing in the US.

After Rebeka is with Aurora again a short dialogue is missing in the EV.

Toorop: I told you I'd take you to New York. And I will. You don't have to like me.
Aurora: Is my father really alive?
Rebeka: No, baby girl. He died.
EV: 145,5s | US: 143s

Dialogue change on the ice.

Finn: This is way too many refugees, man. The ice is getting thinner every year. They're / We're loosing cargo all the time.

The run on the submarine is cut differently in both versions but more explicit in neither. Both versions contain the drowning and shooting of adults and children. In the US the Captain warns one minute before emerging.

As Aurora freaks out in the submarine, the US only shows her inside while the EV shows the drowning people numerous times for a fraction of a second.

Finn comments on Auroras freakout.

Finn: Jesus, Mary and Joseph. What the fuck / hell was that?

Rebeka talks about Aurora.

Rebeka: Everything was fine until three months ago. The doctor came and gave her a pill. He was with her for 10 minutes and then she slowly started to change.
Toorop: To change, huh?
Rebeka: Schizophrenia. Spasms. But nothing as violent as what you saw today.
Toorop: But something's not making sense. Now, How could she know how to operate a 30-year-old Russian sub?.
Rebeka: She's always known things that she never experienced. Aurora could speak when she was 2 years old.
Toorop: Well, a lot of kids speak at 2 -- / Yeah, but there a kids that can speak at 2 years old.
Rebeka: Nineteen different languages./?

The captain speaks English in the US and Russian in the EV.

Kapitän: Crew, prepare to surface.

Finn has listened to the conversation and joins in.

Finn: You know, two years ago in Uzbekistan, I saw this viral bomb go off. I saw it from the air. / It was, uh... It was incredible. Everybody died. -- She's carrying, ain't she? All the symptoms fit. All that weird behavior. I'm telling you man, she's carrying a weapon. Do you have any idea how much money she's worth?
Toorop: If she's carrying a virus ... I'll kill her myself and burn the body.
EV: 7:42s | US: 6:55s
Alaska / Canada

Different dialogue as the drones shoot at Toorop and the others.

Toorop: Finn, get close to me. Finn now.
Rebeka: Aurora, jump onto our bike.
Toorop: Jump onto his bike. I'll draw them off. You three hide here.

The US extends the action sequence a bit. Toorop jumps one more time before the drones fire their missiles. As Toorop causes one drone to crash the EV cuts right to the explosion behind him and his jump down a slope and it looks like a part of the destroyed drone has caused the explosion. The US takes longer from the drone crash to the jump. Here a missile from another drone has caused the explosion. The jump and the fall is longer in the US as well and contains two slow motion shots from far away while the EV contains a view from the snow mobile as it lands.

EuropaUS PG-13


Finn: We're almost at the border. / We're only a mile from the border.

The other drone attacks Finns snow mobile. Besides the editing the dialogue is different as well.

Aurora: Toorop, we need help.
Finn: Don't worry. We're almost there.
Aurora: Toorop, we need you now.
Toorop: Hang on, I'm getting there.
Aurora: It's gonna shoot us. Toorop. Toorop.

After the explosion of Toorops snow mobile.

Aurora: Stop. We have to get Toorop.

Right after Toorop has shot Finn.

Toorop: Like I said, trust no one. Remember that.

Only the EV shows Toorop shooting a rabbit for them to eat.

EV: 8:51min | US: 8:44min

While Toorop showers the shower talks only in the EV.

Shower: You have reached the limit of water credit. To purchase more credit, enter your room number.
EV: 125,5s | US: 114,5s

Now the EV shows the High Priestess learning that Aurora will be there soon. This scene was shown way earlier in the US.

Assistant: Your Highness. They've crossed the Canadian border.
High Priestess: She's coming. Let's pray.
EV: +23s

In the US, there is another scene at the airport. Toorops passport is scanned at the back of his neck when the alarm goes off. However, the alarm was caused by another man who is promptly led away by security.

US: + 43s
Welcome to New York

Finally we are in New York. The driving through the city is a bit longer in the EV. In the US Toorop talks as he gets out of the taxi.

Toorop: Harlem, we've changed. We've changed.

In exchange, in the EV the apartment talks in the EV.

Apartment: Welcome, Mr. Johnson. Your multimedia system is loading. We wish you a pleasant stay.

Aurora asks whether they could turn the display off that is showing fifty TV channels at the same time.

Aurora: Can we turn it off?
Toorop: You can't turn it off. You can change the channel.

Before she drops the glass Aurora stands in front of the display longer in the EV.

After the news have broadcasted that Auroras monastery has apparently been blown up by terrorists the High Priestess makes a statement. It starts similar in both versions but ends differently.

High Priestess: It's tragedy to think, that even defenseless women who made the choice to withdraw from society and lead a life of purity should suffer the attacks of terrorists wo have absolutely no respect for the lives of descent, God-fearing people. We shall mourn our Sisters and continue the legacy for world peace through obedience, purification and hope for the miracle we so desperately need. / . The Neolites have been persecuted for too long. Tomorrow will be the dawn of our new age.

Toorop talks to Gorsky.

Toorop: What the hell is going on over her? You didn't leave me a gun?
Gorsky: You've done your job. A doctor is coming in a few minutes. If she's okay, your home free. / When you turn over the girl, I'll get paid and you're home free. And the tracking device in your passport will be deactivated. Don't make us use it. / Deliver the package. My men will be there to be sure you do.

The dialogue between Aurora and Rebeka is longer at the beginning in the EV.

Rebeka: Sometimes it's hard to understand but I believe God has a reason for everything that happens.
Aurora: What reason could there be? They never hurt anybody.
Rebeka: Maybe it was an accident.
Aurora: It was not an accident. It was destroyed right after we crossed the border.
Rebeka: Would you like to pray with me.
Aurora: I don't feel like praying anymore. -- Toorop said I'm just a package to him. Why did you bring me here? / Is that all I am to you?
Rebeka: Because I couldn't take care of you anymore. / Of course not. I love you.

As Gorskys men and the Neolites are gathering in front of the house Toorop talks to Rebeka.

Toorop: Look, Sister. We traveled 6000 miles together. The truth is this has been a suicide mission from the beginning. They won't let either one of us walk out of here alive. That's why they destroyed the convent.
Rebeka: That's the doctor that came to the convent three months ago.
Toorop: Answer the door. Act like nothing's wrong.
Rebeka: Answer the door. Act like nothing's wrong.

Newton, the doctor examines Aurora longer in the EV. After examining her blood he talks in the EV.

Dr. Newton: They're more powerful than we expected. Thank you, Aurora. Thank you so much.

When the doctor is gone Toorop talks to Rebeka.

Rebeka: How can you believe that about her?
Toorop: I don't know what I believe anymore.

Aurora joins the conversation.

Aurora: I'm pregnant. Twins.
Rebeka: It's not possible. I've watched over you all your life. No one's ever touched you.
Aurora: And nobody has.
Rebeka: It's a miracle.
Toorop: Shit.
Aurora: Toorop, they just want my babies.

Toorops cell phone rings.

Toorop: Yes.
High Priestess: Mr. Toorop, this is the Neolite Church CEO. / the High Priestess. I am the ...
Toorop: I know who you are.
High Priestess: Thank you for doing such a good job, Mr. Toorop.
Toorop: You're welcome.
High Priestess: Bring the girl to the limo and your mission is accomplished. / Please bring the girl to the limousine and you'll be free ...
Aurora: Toorop ...
High Priestess: ... and rich.
Aurora: ... if you deliver me to them, I'll die.
Toorop: We're on our way out.

As we can see the relationship between the three characters differs greatly in both versions. Also the church addressing themselves as a corporation is gone in the US.

EV: 10:16min | US: 9:02min

The shootout is cut differently in numerous places but very few shots are not contained in both versions one way or the other. A few things are worth mentioning nevertheless.

After Toorop has tricked the missile and emptied Rebekas weapon, the EV shows Aurora walking through the gunfire in slow motion without catching so much as one bullet. Rebeka tries to pull her to safety but has to stay clear of the gunfire herself. This scene was shown in the trailers but is missing completely in the US. And while the EV shows a shot of Aurora seemingly in trance the US shows her fighting vigorously.

After Toorop has run out of ammo we see a man standing on a car and shooting at Rebeka in the EV. Then both versions show Toorop throwing the man to the ground.

As Rebeka is shot she takes only one hit in the US but several in the EV. Only in the US she talks to Toorop as he leans over her.

Rebeka: It's you. Protect them.

The US contains more shots of the second missile approaching Toorop, including a POV so there can be no doubt that the missile abandons its primary target, Toorop who is already dying, and heads straight for Aurora.

As we can see the running time difference is not worth mentioning.

EV: 250s | US: 245,5s

After Toorops death, the US shows the church of the Neolites. The EV shows the first part of Darquandiers hideout, the second part after the executive meeting of the Neolites.

First the meeting.

Both versions present different summarizations of the events and the Neolites goals. Again the EV shows the church as a corporation.

High Priestess: People are starving for any kind of miracle. We were the provider and we had the copyright. Two hundred and fifty million followers today, 2 billion tomorrow. This is what Aurora represented. Our stock options were sky-high, and the whole world was waiting for a revelation. But not anymore. Aurora was our trademark but now our trademark disappeared in a ball of fire like a cheap magic trick. And you morons can't even find a single DNA string to rebuild her.
Aurora was our miracle. A true virgin birth. This was to make ours the dominant religion on earth. Now we don't know what's happened to her. In this mess, there's no sign of Aurora. We can't find her.

During the conversation with the corporations executive the US is missing a part.

High Priestess: We're finally on the verge of becoming a bonafide religion. And your incompetence has thrown 20 years of careful planning down the tubes. Who gave the order to use guns to retrieve her? You left Gorsky no choice. What were you thinking?
Dr. Newton: Try not to get upset. It's bad for your blood pressure.
High Priestess: So fussy. Well? Does anyone have any suggestions? What should we do?
Executive: Your Highness, we want to launch a campaign to inform the people that we were targets of a terrorist attack.
High Priestess: We need to be proactive, not victims.
Executive: In six months we can offer a closer look at God through our new space module.
High Priestess: We need a miracle, not another Gadget.

An assistant approaches from behind.

Assistant: Your Highness.
High Priestess: What?

The assistant reports that Toorops body has been stolen from the morgue.

EV: 90,5s | US: 48,5s
After death

Toorop wakes up.

Hacker: He's back online.
Hacker: The Scars are all gone. The doctor hasn't lost his touch.
Jamal: Too bad he can't make him pretty.
Toorop: Where am I? / Where are you taking me?
Jamal: In paradise. We'll take you to your maker. / To Darquandier.

As Toorop is pushed to Daranquier he talks to Jamal in the US.

Darquandier: Jamal, Mr. Toorop is not our prisoner. You can release him.

Jamal loosens the ties that are only meant to keep Toorop from falling out of the bed. In the EV he loosens the ties just like that, with no implication that Toorop is a prisoner. Only in the EV classical music can be heard. Toorop looks at his new hand. The explanation of Darquandiers rescue is arranged differently but identical in words.

Darquandier: See, twenty years ago, I was drummed out of the medical profession for trying to implant human babies with artificial intelligence. Around that time, the Neolites came to me with an unusual offer. They wanted me to do exactly what the rest of the world was scared of: To create a supernatural human being with the complete knowledge of the world imprinted in her memory. / to create smarter, stronger, healthier human beings.. So I built a super computer to be Aurora's artificial mother. As a fetus, Aurora learned to process information just like a computer. But when she was born, she became much more than just a experiment. She became -- She became my daughter. She was beautiful. She was unique. And I couldn't bring myself to give her away, so that's when they hired Gorsky to kill me ... and, well, ha, he almost succeeded. He took my baby away and hid her for the Neolites. I searched for her for years, but I couldn't find her. I knew that one day the Neolites would have to present their miracle to the rest of the world.

Toorop has had enough. He grabs Darquandier.

Toorop: What do you want from me?
Darquandier: I want you to find my daughter. We think she's alive and that she planned everything. She even shot you with a purpose. You see, / 's left you a message. You died with your eyes open but your brain recorded more than you can actually remember. We just need to rewind the tape and fiddle with your memory. / You need to return to the same condition you were in when we found you.
Toorop: I was dead.
Darquandier: Precisely. / Quiet.
EV: 3:08min | US: 2:45min

Darquandier plugs Toorop in.

Darquandier: Are you ready Mr Toorop?
Toorop: Hope so.

As Darquandier extracts Toorops memories there are differences in all kinds of ways. Colors, editing, sound and dialogue. Also, the EV is about forty seconds longer, showing bits of Toorops childhood while the US stays mainly within the events of the past six days and shows more of that.

In the EV we see moments from Toorops childhood where he is forced to kill, his time as a mercenary in various wars, and also connections to Al-Qaeda and real terrorist attacks like 9/11.

Different dialogue between Darquandier and Jamal

Darquandier: Fast forward. Fast forward. Not too fast. - Those are his wars. Don't bring him too far back. - We're losing control. He's going too far. - That's his childhood. Bring him back. Don't leave him there. - Bring him forward. - Not on the Neolites. On the bikers, on the bikers. - All right.
Stay with the memory. Move forward a bit. - Focus on his memories of Aurora. - He's seeing her. Very Good. - That's right. We're getting there. We're getting there. - Now is good. Focus on his gun. - Easy, easy. Steady, steady.
Jamal: He's way past the danger threshold.
Darquandier: Everyone, slow down. - Slow down. / I know, but he'll be fine. He'll be fine. - Hey, slow down. Slow down. Now. Slow down. - Let's wait, let's wait, let's wait.

Toorop is shot in his memories and the EKG stops.

Jamal: He's dead.
Darquandier: Wait. Don't bring him back yet. He's almost there. The last seconds.

Toorop is back.

Darquandier: ... You're back. You're safe. You're alright. You're fine. / "Go home." What does it mean?
Toorop: I know where she is.
EV: 186s | US: 146s

Here the US first shows the High Priestess talking to Gorsky before he is blown up by the nuke. Then the dialogue between Darquandier and Toorop at the window before the Neolites enter the complex. The EV shows Darquandier and Toorop, then High Priestess.

Dialogue difference

Darquandier: Her capacity for survival is greater than anything we could ever have imagined.
Toorop: Survival of the fittest.
Darquandier: We're a pathetic race, really. We stopped evolving at a critical point. Machines have evolved infinitely further in the past 200 years. And that's what I tried to correct with Aurora. Her babies are our future. They are the real miracle.
Toorop: You tried to correct mankind by creating a Virgin Mary.
Jamal: The Neolites have found us. They'll be here in two mintes. / Professor, your wife has found us. She'll be here in two minutes.
Darquandier: Find my daughter. You're the only one now. / Find her, Toorop. You're the only one who can save her now.

The Humvees are storming Darquandiers hideout. The EV shows the High Priestess in her car, learning that two cars have escaped while the US show Toorop and Jamal escaping in one of said cars.

At the end of the talk between Darquandier and the High Priestess she threatens him with a gun.

High Priestess: Are you willing to die for her?
Darquandier: Yes
High Priestess: Why?
Darquandier: For a reason you will never understand.
High Priestess: Love? I understand love.
EV: 196,5s | US: 134s
Toorops home

As Toorop searches the abandoned shack he sees a deer. In the EV he looks for Aurora longer and seems to be hearing her calling his name.

Aurora and Toorop are driving away from the hut. In the EV Toorop says something.

Toorop: I thought I had saved her. - But I was wrong. - Aurora was designed to breed.

The EV fades out and a text screen tells us that the next scene in the hospital takes place six months later. The US presents a complete action sequence here.

EV: 146,5s | US: 115,5s
Car chase (US exclusive)

Behind the cars of Toorop and the others the Neolites appear, opening fire right away. Toorop drives across a bridge and through a tunnel where a car of the Neolites crashes. The second car crashes right outside the tunnel. After they've driven across a field the Neolites Range Rover takes out one of the cars of Jamals associates. The range Rovers wedge the remaining car Toorop, Jamal and Aurora are sitting in. Jamal takes the steering wheel while Toorop opens the back door, smashes a rage Rovers window and throws a grenade inside. Then he shoots the Rage Rovers tires. A bit later both Range Rovers explode.

US: +126s
Hospital / Ending

The scene runs significantly longer in the EV, containing an Off commentary from Toorop.

Toorop: The perfect holy virgin can't live in flesh. She was just a vessel ... a prototype that wasn't built to last. She was programmed to create new life ... and disappear. - They said she won't wake up before she gives birth. But I'm here ... waiting.

She wakes up and thanks Toorop for saving her.

In the EV the nurses come in to prepare Aurora for childbirth. Her heartbeat becomes slower and stops eventually. Toorop, close to breaking out into tears, closes Auroras eyes. We hear the babies scream and Toorop speaks from the Off.

Toorop: Save the planet ... one child at a time. Ain't that a bitch.

The US does not show Aurora die.

Toorop: You're gonna be okay.
Aurora: Take care of them, Toorop.

Instead we get a Love-conquers-all ending. Toorop is in his shack that looks a lot better now after being renovated. The garden is like a paradise and the children are older. We don't get to see Aurora but since she didn't die in the hospital she's probably in the kitchen, wearing an apron and preparing a meal for her husband.

Toorop: Hey Kids. There's a storm coming. Wee need to go. - Ready?
Son: Okay, Dad.

EV: 2:41min | US: 4:21min