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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Extended Cut
Release: Nov 14, 2010 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
The A-Team is almost impossible to remove from the nations collective TV memory. During five seasons, the band of falsely accused ex-soldiers on the run, working as mercenaries to help people in need, have established their cult status. Such an inheritance is not to be accepted lightly because the fans are a critical and unforgiving lot. So the 110 million bucks heavy action flick by director Joe Carnahan (Smokin' Aces) is adequately bombastic and presents itself as a hilariously loud and excessive no-brainer with likable characters and an action overkill that almost drowns out the movie and especially the story completely.

In the Theatrical Version, anyway, which has its almost two hours stuffed to the brim with extensive action sequences. The Unrated Extended Cut provides many extensions to balance out the action/story ratio. The two F-bombs in "Adios, motherf***", removed from the Theatrical Version, have not been re-integrated into the movie but there's a one scene that now features an additional F-bomb.

Comparison between the Theatrical Version (PG-13) and the Extended Cut (Unrated) (both on the upcoming US-DVD from 20th century Fox).

45 changes, containing
25 extended scenes
13 additional scenes
6 extended scenes containing alternative footage
1 scene containing removed audio censorship

The Extended Cut runs 1133,4 Sec. / approximately 18 minutes 54 seconds longer than the Theatrical Version.
Extended scene
0:08:10: Hannibal recites the rules of the Army Rangers: "Never shall I fail my comrades. Gallantly will I show the world that I'm a specially selected soldier."
B.A. continues: "Energetically will I meet the enemies of my country. I shall defeat them on the field of battle for I am better trained."
Hannibal: "And I will fight with all my mind."

The Theatrical Version only contains short intercuts between Hannibal and B.A..
23,56 Sec.

Extended scene
0:11:56: Face teases B.A. before showing that he too is an Army Ranger.

Hannibal: "Five year-old..."
Face: "Oh, you look like you got a real bad attitude..."
B.A.: "What the...?! Did I shoot up your van? Am I wearing your favorite shirt?"
Face: "Yeah, pretty boy. That's my favorite shirt. Did you get shot for me, too?"
B.A.: "And carjacked."
Hannibal: "By me."
Face: "Wait, and he still got you to drive?"
31,96 Sec.

Extended scene
0:12:29: The following scene has been extended as well. Different takes have been used in both versions, so the Theatrical Version contains a bit of this footage as well as different angles. This is not further documented here.

B.A. adds a "homie" to his "It's all good.", and the scene seems less tense due to the continued bickering between Hannibal and Face.

Hannibal: "Face, this is what happens when you forget about plans and just fire blind."
Face: "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry that I have feelings for a human being. That I fell in love."
Hannibal: "Love?! Wait a minute, what about Miss Croatie three weeks ago?"
Face gestures Hannibal wildly to shut up, B.A. starts laughing. Face mutters to Hannibal: "Rescue sex."

When Hannibal urges Face to tell him the plan, both versions are identical. The Extended Cut continues after that.

Hannibal: "A plane ticket, a work visa and a new passport. Don't bullshit me that this was about her, Face. This was all about Tuco."
Face: "Do you have a mag?"
42,88 Sec.

Extended scene
0:13:48: When Hannibal talks to the Corporal who gave him the chopper, different takes and angles have been used again, with the Extended Cut featuring a few redundant lines more.

Corporal:"And that is whatever you want it to be." followed "General, may I remind you, they don't take to the gringos."

Followed by a scene where B.A. has to leave his van behind.

Hannibal: "B.A. What?"
B.A.: "How am I going to leave my girl like this, after all that?"

Followed by a short extension with Face, the Corporal and Hannibal.

Face: "Looking shabby."
Corporal: "What is the deal, brother?"
Face: "Shoot anything that moves, okay?"
Corporal: "This is worse than Colombia."
Face: "I know Tuco, man."
Corporal: "Don't worry about it. I'll take her to war college in Saint Tropez. I'll get you all their numbers, so don't worry about it."
Corporal: "Face, look after the Corporal."
Face: "Yeah, okay."
Corporal: "And you're covered in gas, which I think is interesting."
40,92 Sec.

Extended scene
0:27:52: The conversation between Hannibal and General Morrison is longer in the Extended Cut.

Hannibal: "Russ, let's do some good on the way out the door here. Those plates are gonna do all kinds of damage. Let me go get them."
Gen. Morrison: "Forget about it, Hannibal. Steer clear of this one. Well clear of it. This is a gauntlet run right through the heart of Sadr City. Saddam Hussein was a certifiable madman, but even he wasn't crazy enough to go into that place more than once in 30 years. We pulled out of there a week ago and already it's the Wild West."
Hannibal: "You actually sound worried."
Gen. Morrison: "And you actually seem offended."
Hannibal: "Yeah."
46,32 Sec.

Extended scene
0:29:17: Hannibal and the General continue arguing in the Extended Cut.

Hannibal: "Russ, this is too big an enterprise. We can't let these bozos do this. It's way too big."
Gen. Morrison: "And you'd do it with or without my blessing?"
Hannibal: "No, that I wouldn't. I need your blessing."
Gen. Morrison: "I'm not so sure that it is a blessing. Good hunting, my friend."
Hannibal: "Thank you."

Outside B.A. is waiting for Hannibal and they talk a bit.

B.A.: "How'd it go with the old man?"
Hannibal: "Same old, same old. What you got there?"
B.A.: "Pictures of my new baby."
Hannibal: "Oh, look at her. Who's a proud papa?"
B.A.: "These pictures are the closest Murdock gets to that van. It's ready for me when I get back to LA."
52,48 Sec.

Extended scene
0:30:56: More bickering between B.A. and Pike.

Pike: "They make you wear that yellow shirt there, B.A.? What's that stand for, "Barely Able"?"
B.A.: "Get out of my way, punk."
Pike: "Hey, don't sweat them. They might have just done us a favor. A big one."
23,52 Sec.

Additional scene
0:31:56: A whole new filler has been shoved in between the briefing.

Charissa goes to the soldiers who are supposed to observe the A-Team, but they're talking about music, claiming that the Team hasn't left the tent for three hours. Charissa doesn't believe it and goes to take a look. She finds slightly shitfaced soldiers who have been paid by the team with a case of beer and some money to act as if they were them, including hairdos.

Ravech: "My cousin takes me to this party where this amazing cover band does this thrash metal version of "Hello" by Lionel Richie."
Gammons: "Yeah."
Ravech: "Yeah, it goes...[both singing] Hello, is it me you're looking for?"
Charissa: "Guys, how long have they been in there?"
Gammons: "About three hours."
Ravech: "Three hours."
Charissa: "Three hours? They've been in there for three hours? They haven't come out at all? No one came out to take a leak, nothing?"
Gammons: "No."
Ravech: "Nope."
Charissa: "I've been here for three seconds and that sounds odd to me."
Gammons: "I've been watching that tent like a hawk."
Charissa: "Really? It looks like you're eating some risotto and sitting on your ass."
Gammons: "I don't know. I wanted the soup."
Ravech: "I wasn't eating risotto. I had..."
Gammons: "It's not risotto."

Charissa goes to the tent.

Soldat1: "Yeah, he wants to fight, doesn't he? Damn, this is awesome. They got us a stripper, too."
Soldat2: "You got that hot enlisted look. Me likey."
Charissa shows her ID and the soldiers straighten up immediately.
Charissa: "Before I throw you in the stockade, where are they?"
Soldat3: "They didn't tell us... Captain. They just gave us a case of beer and 50 bucks apiece."
Soldat4: "I got a hundred."
Charissa mimics him: "Oh, did you get a hundred?" and walks out.
Soldat2: "Do you think we get to keep the hair?"
106,92 Sec.

Extended scene
0:36:05: Charissa: "General Morrison, where the hell is Hannibal Smith?"
7,76 Sec.

Extended scene
0:36:12: Some arguing between General Morrison and Charissa.

Gen. Morrison: "Captain, you would do well to revise your tone and readdress me."
Charissa: "General, I have authority under DCIS that supersedes your command, so last time, before this becomes embarrassing for the both of us, where is Hannibal Smith?"

Side note: In the Theatrical Version Charissa says: "General Morrison, where is Hannibal Smith?", missing the "the hell". I'm unsure whether or not this is censorship.

Another extension after that.

Gen. Morrison: "Would you excuse us, General? Captain, in nearly 40 years of being in this army, I have learned to control my temper and my voice when in the presence of a subordinate officer who, for at least the time being, seems to have lost her goddamn mind. Now, it is my understanding that you have a question for me. Is that correct?"
Charissa: "You are correct, sir."
Gen. Morrison: "Then when you are prepared to remember that you still are an officer in the United States Army, in spite of your civilian attire, and are ready to present that question in a military fashion, then perhaps we could get somewhere with this discussion."
Charissa: "If you have sent an Alpha Team into Baghdad for any reason whatsoever, that is a direct violation of a DoD order."
Gen. Morrison: "Well, and as much as you have this kind of knowledge, I can't help wondering why it is that you need to ask anything of me."
Charissa: "I will take that as your confirmation, sir."
84,24 Sec.

Additional scene
0:43:32: Lynch listens to the army radio and is pleased that everything is going well.
33,08 Sec.

Additional scene
0:46:17: As the Black Forest mercenaries are packing the printing plates into the car, one of them is shot in the back.
5,64 Sec.

Additional scene
0:46:24: Pike shoots a man.
2,28 Sec.

Additional scene
0:46:32: Pike is seen again.
1,84 Sec.

Additional scene
0:46:35: Pike kills again.
3,68 Sec.

Additional scene
0:46:42: And drives off.
2,96 Sec.

Extended scene
0:54:13: Face talks to the guard about renovating his cell.

Guard: "And now you want to build..."
Face: "--A lap pool and a dry steam. Overlooking a sun deck."
20,52 Sec.

Extended scene
0:54:36: Here we have a nice Cameo that comes only after the ending credits in the Theatrical Version . Dirk Benedict, (Face in the original series) meets his new counterpart. The Extended Cut shows a dialogue in the "sun studio" between Face and another convict who just comes back from tanning.

Convict: "Beautiful."
Face: "Listen, now I know this is good for the body, but how do you protect the face?"
Convict: "You don't mess with it, kid."
Face: "Gotcha."
Convict: "Thanks for the tan."
Face: "You got it."
32,28 Sec.

Additional scene
0:55:32: New scene in which Charissa interrogates Gilbert who fainted after witnessing Hannibal's "resurrection". He doesn't handle it well and faints again after Charissa threatens him.

Gilbert: "I see him standing there, and I was like, "What?" And then it turned black and I woke up, and my face was numb, and I just..."
Charissa: "And you mopped up the footprints that led out, ignored the fact that your lab coat, pass card, car keys and car were missing."
Ravech: "Looks like he ate Smith."
Charissa: "Gilbert, you've either deliberately aided and abetted a federal fugitive's escape, or you're the single dumbest human being I've ever come in contact with."
Ravech: "You smell that?"
Gammons: "Don't talk about it."
Charissa: "Would you like to know which way I'm leaning?"
Gilbert: "Forward."
Charissa (to the doctor): "I would test this man's urine, on the hour."
55,32 Sec.

Extended scene containing alternative footage
0:56:29: When Face is released from his "prison" by Hannibal in the Theatrical Version, he receives a "You are really tan..." from him and the next scene starts.

In the Extended Cut he assaults Hannibal but is made short work of.

Face: "I was a week away from my parole hearing."
Hannibal: "You are really tan."
Face assaults Hannibal unsuccessfully.
Hannibal: "Told you the mission wasn't over. I'm putting the team back together. I need you, Face. I can't do this without you."

Charissa looks around in Hannibal's cell and interrogates the guards.

Charissa: "Warden, how did Smith arrange a personal visit without your consent or your signature? How does that happen? How the hell did this guy do that?"
39,56 Sec.

Extended scene containing alternative footage
0:57:26: The part where Gammons explains to Charissa how Lynch could evade the cameras shows different takes in both versions.

The other soldier walks in with the cigar that Hannibal used to escape.

Charissa: "Yes. The cigar that Colonel Smith broke out of prison with."
Ravech: "Yeah. Wanna hear the crazy part?"
Charissa: "Yes."
Ravech: "Lab reports show lethal amounts of, wait for it, tetrodotoxin."
Charissa: "Tetrodotoxin? What is that?"
Ravech: "The near-death drug."
Charissa: "Yes, that sleeping beauty thing."
Gammons: "Yeah. And you know who likes to use that, right?"
Charissa: "Who?"
Gammons: "Our friends at Langley. It's one of their favorites."
Ravech: "Come on, do you really think that the CIA came to the prison to visit Smith?"
Charissa: "This sounds kind of crazy, but I think the CIA broke him out."
The Extended Cut runs 35,28 Sec. longer

Additional scene
0:58:28: More from Charissa and her colleagues.

Charissa: "What are they exchanging? What is that? Is that how he got this in here? One of these things is not like the other."
Ravech: "I suck at these games."
Charissa: "Where's this plate from? What is that plate?"
Ravech: "It's an "F". Frankfurt, Germany."
Gammons: "Oh, Frankfurt, Germany."
Charissa: "Smith is talking to us. This is not accidental. With this guy, there's a plan and two to back it up."
34,76 Sec.

Extended scene
1:00:08: When Sosa learns about Face's and B.A.'s escape, the Extended Cut is longer..

Charissa: "Sosa."
McCready: "Lieutenant, Peck's already gone."
Charissa: "What?"
McCready: "Baracus and Murdock are left. Handle it, Lieutenant."
Charissa: "Right. Okay."
McCready: "I don't want to be embarrassed like this again. Do you?"
Charissa: "Okay. No, no, no, no. We're gonna catch and deploy from here."
She hangs up and talks to Gammons and Ravech.
Charissa: "Peck escaped."
Gammons: "Oh, hell. You think Smith is involved?"
Charissa: "Definitely. Get graphics on him and Smith. Anything that'll ID them instantly."
Ravech: "I know they got Murdock in a psych ward in Mannheim."
Charissa: "Right. Okay. Where the hell is B.A. Baracus?"
20,76 Sec.

Additional scene
1:02:41: New scene with Murdock in the psychiatry. A team of doctors is getting desperate because not even electroshocks have any effect on him but cause a power outage eventually.

Murdock gives the nurse some advice before she zaps him.

Murdock: "Transference. Healing feelings. You can't warehouse these things, you know? You have to express to progress. We gotta empower your emotional tower and send out a wavelength of self-love and acceptance."
Nurse: "Thank you."

She puts the electrodes on his head and says: "Clear."

Meanwhile, two doctors are discussing Murdock's treatment who is laughing and cracking jokes. (Part of this is seen after the ending credits of the Theatrical Version since one of the doctors is Dwight Schultz who played Murdock in the original series.)

Doctor 1: "He seems completely impervious to it. It's possible to develop a base reading."
Doctor 2: "Have you increased the voltage?"
Doctor 1: "Every single session, yes."
Murdock: "Healing feelings, baby! Is that all you got? Here we go."
Nurse: "Clear."
Murdock: "Yee-ha! Yeah, I think I might have felt something there."
84,4 Sec.

Extended scene
1:04:29: When Murdock's fellow patient receives a package from "Annabelle Smith" he doesn't know who this is supposed to be. Murdock invents a story to explain.

Howard: "I don't know any Annabelle Smith."
Murdock: "Sure you do, Howie. Sure you do, baby. Annabelle. Remember the nurse from Da Nang? The redhead? Double amputee? Professional hang glider? Yes!"
Ward: "Guys."
23,72 Sec.

Extended scene
1:04:30: In the Extended Cut the unwrapping takes a little longer.

Murdock: "Annabelle. You have outdone yourself. Look at this."
Howard: "It's so real." (this is in the Theatrical Version as well, but a bit later)
Murdock: "Beauty."
8,72 Sec.

Extended scene
1:04:40: Murdock orders Howard orders Howard to distribute the 3D glasses.

Murdock: "Stand-to, soldier. Jerries advancing on the western front."
Howard: "Good heavens."
Murdock: "Got a secret mission for you. Take these and distribute them amongst the men."
Howard: "Yes, sir."
Murdock: "Don't fail the Queen."
Howard: "No, sir."
Murdock: "Great."
Howard: "Yes, sir."
18,24 Sec.

Extended scene
1:05:04: Murdock animates his fellow patients.

Murdock: "Now let's sing to the Queen. When I ask you... Not yet."
To another one: "You get glasses! You get glasses!"
13,92 Sec.

Additional scene
1:05:20: Short shot of the cheering patients.
1,76 Sec.

Extended scene
1:05:23: Murdock goofs around and adresses the freshly ennobled inmate: "Rise, Sir 3D, and enjoy your motion picture."
13,64 Sec.

Additional scene
1:05:39: One warden to the other: "Boy, could I use two hours of not this."
The other one answers: "Pass out the sedatives and order some pizzas for these freaks."

When Murdock leads the inmates into the movie room the Extended Cut is longer while the Theatrical Version uses different shots of Charissa and her team approaching.
9,04 Sec.

Extended scene
1:26:21: Pike shoots at B.A. but misses.
2,32 Sec.

Extended scene
1:26:41: Once again he shoots but misses.
4,2 Sec.

Extended scene
1:29:00: Face and Murdock are seen earlier in the barn.

Murdock: "You eat that cold?"
Face: "Any way I can get it."
Murdock: "There's a leak in the roof."
Face: "There's a lot of them."
Murdock: "Is that them?"
Face: "I got it."
17,04 Sec.

Extended scene
1:29:36: Face defends himself a bit longer.

Face: "That's why you wanted me there in the first place..."
Hannibal: "To stop them! Not to engage her!"
Face: "I couldn't do one without the other."
6,84 Sec.

Extended scene
1:30:05: Hannibal: "You had to know..."
4,12 Sec.

Extended scene
1:30:28: Hannibal talks to the hostage.

Hannibal: "You taught me almost everything I know. "
12,44 Sec.

Extended scene containing alternative footage
1:31:31: This extension is big and puts some drama and emotion into the movie, maybe a bit too much for a PG rating.

Murdock to General Morrison: "You're not a general. How could you do this to him? How could you do this to us? You know nothing about leading men."

Then both versions use different takes when Hannibal takes apart Morrison's plan. In the Extended Cut, Face is close to killing Morrison by shooting him in the head, but can be talked out of it eventually. In the Theatrical Version he just leaves angrily.

Gen. Morrison: "Then don't draw this out. Kill me."
Face: "That's a fantastic idea!"
B.A.: "Whoa! Whoa!"
Face: "Boss, let me do this."
B.A.: "Face, I ain't killing nobody."
Face: "You're not, Bosco. I am."
Murdock: "No matter what he says, do not kill him, okay?"
Face: "You guys don't wanna watch? Just turn your heads."
B.A.: "I'm not gonna party to it neither."
Murdock: "I wanna kill that son of a bitch, too, but he's our ticket out."
B.A.: "He knows what he's talking about for once. Listen to him."
Face: "I got it."
Murdock: "Face, he is our only way out!"
Face: "Murdock, Murdock..."
Murdock: "Do you understand?"
Face: "He put us here."
Murdock: "You can blow his head off after he testifies, okay?"
Face: "Everything we stand for, he goes against! He's ruined it!"
Murdock: "Think what you're doing, Face!"
Hannibal: "All right."
Face: "If you can't handle it--" (all yelling wildly)
Hannibal: "Boys, enough! Enough, that's enough, Face. Enough, step down. Everybody outside."

Face: "I got him. I don't want you to have to do it."
Hannibal: "Face, outside. Stand down, soldier. Face. Now!"
Face: "Fucking stupid."
Murdock: "You okay, man?"
The DC runs 89,6 Sec. longer

Additional scene
1:34:21: General Morrison and Hannibal are talking some more.

Gen. Morrison: "Don't you get it, Hannibal? We fight for them, we bleed for them, we die for them... They don't give a rat's ass. Death and destruction, they're selling it like it was on the goddamn commodities exchange."
Hannibal: "Don't push this off on them. This is not about them. Your war protest was stealing billions of dollars! Who are you?"
Gen. Morrison: "I am a general. You are a colonel. I say "Jump", and you say, "How high?". End of story."
Hannibal: "It is now."
29,52 Sec.

Removed audio censorship
1:35:44: Once again an F-bomb has been defused.

"[...] and when they're done with you, Hannibal, they just fucking burn you."
No time difference

Extended scene
1:36:09: More dialogue in the Extended Cut.

Hannibal: "No. Not in a million years."
Face: "Yeah, but you didn't see it coming, though."
Murdock: "How long did you know it was him?"
B.A.: "Are you guys crazy? I know you are, but, Face, are you accusing him?"
Hannibal: "Hey! Hey!"
17 Sec.

Extended scene containing alternative footage
1:36:26: Additional line from Hannibal.

Hannibal: "Don't let this tear us apart. Not now. Not when we need each other like no other time before."

In the Theatrical Version, however, Face now says "Yeah, but you didn't see it coming, though.) and Hannibal mumbles: "No, I... didn't see it coming..."
The Extended Cut runs 0,4 Sec. longer

Extended scene
1:48:36: The shot of Face at the table is different in the Theatrical Version, followed by more dialogue between him and Murdock.

Murdock: "Forlife is but an opera! It's of, isn't it? I think it's higher."
Face: "No, it's good. It's not that, Murdock. Face, what's wrong? Come on, man."
17,36 Sec.

Extended scene containing alternative footage
2:01:33: The dialogue between Lynch and Charissa is different. When she quotes him, he comments on that in the Extended Cut.

Theatrical Version:

Charissa: " that wouldn't help you either."

Extended Cut:

Lynch: "That's funny. That's what I said. She's quoting me."
The Extended Cut runs 1,44 Sec. longer

Extended scene containing alternative footage
2:02:15: Charissa and Lynch arguing.

Charissa: "Is it crazy that I'm feeling your anxiety right now?"
Lynch: "Do I look anxious to you? You think I'm beaten? I'm bleeding, I'm not sweating."
9,16 Sec.