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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Jan 06, 2010 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
This film is a perfect example for the problems action films have to deal with. Either you want to shoot an entertaining action flick and deal with the typical stereotype kind of charakters or the characters are more important and the result is that the film is much too long for this genre. Whatever: the Theatrical Cut is still the better version, even though the Director's Cut shows some additional violence and sex scenes that seem to be a compensation for the everlasting dialogs to catch the attention of further thugs. The scenes missing in the Theatrical Cut weren't cut out due to censorship because both cuts got the same rating.
Theatrical Cut: 94:25 Minuten Credits excluded
Director's Cut: 113:27 Minuten Credits excluded
Behind bars

Rudi talks more about his father, he thinks that his father will forgive him. He also says that he's paid enough for his crimes and that he wants to go home after 5 long years.
A slightly part of the monolog is added with the following scene in the Theatrical Cut.
39 sec

The scene where Rudi talks to Alamo in the lunchroom for the first time, is shorter in the Director'S Cut.

One of the cons hits a guard's head with a bowl. Then he smashes his head into a window.
2 sec

One of the guards reports the fight in the lunchroom.
2 sec

The guard tells Rudi to call him when he feels alone in the night. In the Director's Cut the guard also makes a kissing sound.
2 sec

Meeting Ashley

Nick (aka Rudi) talks to Ashley about the weather and the coffee.
The Theatrical Cut shows an alternate scene that runs 7 sec.
46 sec

Ashley says "No fake". Nick's smiling face isn't shown in the Director's Cut.

Nick ruptures her shirt.
2,5 sec

The Theatrical Cut shows has extended scene of him making out with Ashley, then he takes her to the commode. Furthermore the scene where she pushes the TV over is shown in another angle, the Director's Cut is also shorter here.

The scene where Nick touches his pants is longer, in the Theatrical Cut Ashley touches her pants at the beginning of the scene.
1 sec

Nick drops his pants, then he uplifts Ashley.
6 sec

Nick and Ashley rest in an alternate, more explicit scene (more or less) on the bed.
No difference

Nick's hitting her longer.
5 sec

Nick and Ashley uplift shortly, in the Theatrical Cut they're longer on the ground.
No difference

In the supermarket Ashley explains that they're not gonna leave their room for a couple of days and drink a lot of champaign.
12 sec

Ashley proposes to go to the Indian Casino when Christmas is over. Nick used to work there and maybe some of his old friends are there. The (false) Nick doesn't want to and thinks about it.
69 sec

The villains

At the beginning the black guy hits Nick with the bat one more time.
1,5 sec

The guy punches Nick in the stomach before Monster stops him.
1,5 sec

Ashley struggles after her brother said "Merry Christmas" to her.
1,5 sec

The guy presses her against the wall.
1 sec

He takes it smoother now.
2 sec

The Theatrical Cuts shows Ashley. Nick says that he's sorry to pose as Nick, Monster's punch is shown in a different angle.

Nick knees on the ground.
1,5 sec

When Nick talks and Ashley says "No, Nick", he replies "You shut up!"
2,5 sec

Nick adds: "I'm not your husband."
2 sec

In the Diner

Nick gets slapped, Ashley is upset. Then he grabs her hair and explains to her that you can't choose your family, in opposite to friends and lovers where you can make your own call.
The Theatrical Cut shows Nick watching in a different angle for two seconds.
16 sec

Nick and the black guy have a discussion about the buffet. The Director's Cut shows a different angle.
No difference

Nick still complains about the plan drawn by Monster and smashes his face on the table.
20 sec

Nick tries to explain why staying in the hotel isn't risky.
17 sec

In the Motel

Nick gets chained while he's complaining about the room.
14 sec

Nick and Ashley are alone, he throws after her and tries to free himself from the bed.
Ashley is shown a couple of frames longer in the Theatrical Cut.
7 sec

Ashley tries to unchain him in another angle. Plus we see her emptying her handbag, Nick talks insistently to her.
(Theatrical Cut: 4 sec)
13 sec

Ashley's explainations are slightly different in the Director's Cut (no relevant difference in running time).

Ashley wants to know why he's not doing what Monster wants him to do.
13 sec

Ashley talks still insistently to Nick und tries to convince him that she's in love with him, but he doesn't care. Then he enters the lobby gets his cowboy costume.
95 sec

In the Casino

The black guy says to Monster: "Who's the Robin Hood around here, Gab?" Then he sends Monster to watch Nick.
6 sec

The scene with the casino manager is cut differently and much longer in the Directot's Cut. He talks with the Indians about the snow (Theatrical Cut: 18 sec).
77 sec

The Indians complain about the money they make in comparison to the casinos in other reservoirs. The manager doesn't stop talking.
54 sec

Nick's talking to Ashley about what has changed in the casino is cut differently in the Director's Cut and it's extended (11 sec) as well (Theatrical Cut: 10 sec).
21 sec

The casino manager walks through the crowd, straight to Nick.
15 sec

Then he complains that he can't return to Vegas and that he's annoyed of the casino.
16 sec

In the next scene Nick is shown in a different angle. Ashley gambles at the slot machine.
2 sec

The casino manager talks longer to the barkeeper.
4 sec

The manager welcomes Nick a bit longer and it's shown from another angle.
2 sec

After that he asks him if he'd rather have a little rat-shop or a huge gambling palace. Nick prefers the first one, the manager looks angry.
27 sec

The casino and the victim are shown from the distance.
2 sec

The manager explains that he can't return to Vegas.
2 sec

In the Director's Cut the scene where Nick robbs the other guy and offers him some money to change clothes, is missing.

Nick, dressed new, on his way to the exit.
3 sec

The Director's Cut doesn't include the scene where Nick is walking through the kitchen.

At the lake

Gabriel's turn around after having shoot at the cabin is extended in the Theatrical Cut.

Gabriel goes to the cabin.
3 sec

Nick's look at Gabriel is extended in the Theatrical Cut.

Gabriel goes to the cabin and finds a wounded man, cowering down the ground. He runs like hell but Gabriel shoots 4 holes in the ice to crush it and the man sinks.
After that Gabriel's in the motel lounge, sitting on a juke box. Nick is brought in, Gabriel makes fun of him and offers him to play dart. If Nick wins, he can escape with Ashley. But he doesn't win because he's still freezing after going swimming in the cold lake. That's why he isn't able to aim and throws the dart like a girl.
172 sec

In the Motel

Different angle of Gabriel's confronting him with so-called conversions.
No difference

Longer shot of Nick after Gabriel extracted the darts off the wall.
1 sec

Gabriel throws two further darts.
3 sec

And another one.
1 sec

Nick screams longer in the Theatrical Cut.

More darts that hit Nick in his back.
11 sec

Ashley waits for Nick in his room until he's brought in.
17 sec

Ashley takes off Nick's shirt and recognizes his bloody dart wounds.
35 sec

The Director's Cut shows a different shot of tucking him up.
No difference

Nick talks to Ashley about a gun. He wants to be part of the robbery and get some of the money because it's the only way for Ashley to be free forever. She looks confused.
94 sec

Nick is supposed to "sing" and he really starts with a christmas song. The black guy's running wild and attacks Nick with a hammer and a rifle.
The Theatrical Cut shows an alternate shot of Gabriel taking a seat and Nick taking the note. (Theatrical Cut: 8 sec)
36 sec

At the pool

Nick goes to the pool and draws his knife.
9 sec

Nick watches the discussion in the pool.
14 sec

The following pool scene is cut differently but there are no new scenes that are worth being mentionend. The Director's Cut runs slightly longer.
4 sec

They bill and coo in the pool and talk about Nick and how hard it is for Gabriel that she's sleeping with him.
25 sec

Nick repairs the bed and lies down. Ashley comes in, lies down as well und tells Nick something about their "lovely" future.
96 sec

The robbery

The beginning of the robbery is cut radically different and much longer in the Director's Cut. The additional scenes also show several guards getting shot. In the Theatrical Cut they give up after a short period - nobody dies. It's hard to define real cuts because a lot of different angles are used that show the same scenes in an alternate order. (Theatrical Cut: 23 sec)
65 sec

The manager tries to stop the robbery but Monster forces the manager to tie up the guards.
25 sec


The truck parks near the hillside.
1 sec