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Tammy and the T-Rex: Uncut 4K UHD Gore Cut release

Limited sets available from Vinegar Syndrome

In summer 2019 news spread that Tammy and the T-Rex will be restored in the R-Rated "Gore Cut" in 4K. Denise Richards and Paul Walker starred in this crude dinosaur trash movie, for which the marketing department obviously had its difficulties. A cheesy teenage flick on the one hand but some pretty violent scenes stand out and in general genre overlap a bit. In America only a censored PG-13 version was released and the German version was longer in some scenes, but despite the FSK 18 rating it wasn't uncut either.

Seemingly the uncensored original version was available in Italy, but only as a VHS or on TV. The new restoration is of course of superior quality and now it's finally getting its worldwide digital premiere. As a "Black Friday" offer, two versions can be ordered exclusively from the online shop of the American license holder Vinegar Syndrome from 29 November 2019. The pleasing curiosity: This is the first title that the label is also launching on the market as a 4K Blu-ray. There is thus a choice between a UHD/BD combo and a BD/DVD combo.

Sooner or later you can expect a wide release on big retailers, but for the time being the release will remain exclusively in the label's online shop. Some bonus featurettes are available as well, including the old PG-13 cut.

Tammy will be available in two versions: UHD/BD combo and BD/DVD combo.
• 2019 Yearly Subscribers will automatically receive the UHD/BD combo of Tammy.
• UHD/BD combo actual sell price will be $35 on our website.
• Black Friday flash preorder customers will have the option to upgrade their current BD/DVD combo of Tammy to a UHD/BD combo for $10. Upgrade payment links will be emailed early next week.
Eventually the UHD of Tammy will be available through mass retail, but for now, it will only be available on for $35 during our Black Friday sale on November 29th.
• Newly scanned & restored in 4k from its 35mm original camera negative
• Audio commentary with director Stewart Raffill and producer Diane Kirman
• “Blood, Brains and a Teenage T-Rex” - an interview with director Stewart Raffill
• “A Blast from the Past” - an interview with actress Denise Richards
• “Having the Guts” - an interview with actor Sean Whalen
• “A Testicular Stand-Off” - an interview with actor George Pilgrim
• Full length PG-13 cut of Tammy and the T-Rex (sourced from video)
• Reversible cover artwork
• English SDH subtitles
Release: Nov 29, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - Source: Vinegar Syndrome

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