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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Jan 24, 2010 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
The prequel to the 2006 action hit Smokin' Aces starring such prominent actors as Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck or Ray Liotta has to lower it's sights in some aspects. Especially the production was affected and had to use cheap looking green screen scenes with CGI explosions. At least the cast features some known faces such as Tom Berenger (Platoon), Vinnie Jones (Midnight Meat Train) and eye candy Martha Higareda (Borderland). In the end it isn't really surprising that the soryline stays in the background and the main focus is on several "plumbiferous" meetings of some assassins.

The movie was released on DVD and Blu-Ray as double movie in both the R-Rated (for bloody violence and language) and the Unrated version. The differences between the two versions are - in contrast to some other releases - significant and logical.

12 differences, dividing into
1 cut
2 additional scenes
2 CGI-censorship
3 scenes showing alternative footage
4 scenes using zoom

The unrated version runs 146,2 sec. longer than the R-Rated one.
Additional scene
0:08:51: There is a sex scene between Kaitly and a man from which she wants information about a cargo shipment.
Navy Dude: "Yeah! Yeah!"
Kaitlyn: "Fucker! Look at me. Where's my fucking shipment? Where is it? Where's my fucking shipment?"
Navy Dude: "They're on the base. They're on the base. All right? All right? They're watching me. They were watching so..."
Kaitlyn: "You're gonna fuck me?"
Navy Dude: "Oh, I am fucking you."
Kaitlyn: "I want my motherfucking weapons! You motherfucking filthy..."
Navy Dude: "They're in the depot."
Kaitlyn: "Excellent work, sailor. Dismissed."

She gives him a bloody headshot.
Kaitlyn's full name is shown and one can hear Baker's comment: "The variety of monsters tracking you that are already more than likely on their way here is like the World Series of assassins."

We see Kaitlyn dressing and saying: "Gonna make this joke about you shooting your load and then me shooting you, but it wasn't as good as 'dismissed'."
77,56 Sec.

Alternative material
R-Rated: 0:09:01: Since the original scene in which Kaitlyn is presented was cut this had to be done in another scene. The unrated version shows the rest of the scene in which nothing of significance happens.
Unrated 0,32 Sec. longer


Additional scene
0:38:43: The second addition in the Unrated Cut also has some sexual content, this time it's about a porn magazine.

Baker: "Good to see you're prepared. Staying focused."
Redstone: "Oh, I am. I'm utterly focused on that rack. Is that not a majestic set of tits?"
Baker: "What? Are you being serious?"
Redstone: "What?"
Baker: "You're joking, right?"
Redstone: "What? What the hell you talking about?"
Baker: "Vandeven is a transvestite."
Redstone: "What?"
Baker: "Her vagina was made with, like, the scrotum sack. She's, like, 85% man. Come on. Come on, Red."
Redstone: "Oh, fuck. Are you serious? I didn't know. Seriously?"
Baker: "No. Go relieve Abrego and O'Keefe."
Redstone: "Okay. Okay, Bake. You guys, you got to knock that Gearbox shit off. And if that kid gives me lip about it, I am gonna permanently alter his speech pattern, I'm serious."
Baker: "All right, take the kid with you. Try not to kill him. Come on."
Redstone: "Jesus, you guys. Rookie, let's go."
67,52 Sec.

Alternative material
0:51:14: The rather mediocre head shot cannot be seen in the R-Rated which features the sight of the shocked looking Baby Boy instead.
no difference in time


0:58:05: After McTeague has cut the killer's belly open his intestines have been hidden by zooming into the picture.
Kein Zeitunterschied


0:58:07: Ditto.
no difference in time


0:58:10: And again, this time he drops the guy.
no difference in time


0:58:11: Some frames have been removed because of the - you guess it - intestines.
0,8 Sec.

Alternative material
1:03:55: Instead of the head shot that kills Abrego the R-Rated shows a different shot in which his killer Lazlo can be seen.
no differnece in time


1:07:53: The zoom has been applied again when Kaitlyn's breast (in the meantime quite holey) can be seen.
no difference in time


1:07:53: Almost at the samte time Kaitlyn'S headshot has been altered, too. On the one hand by using zoom again, on the other hand the bloody CGI-effects have been left out.
no difference in time


1:07:55: And again: The bloody stain on the wall has been removed when Kaitlyn drops to the ground.
no difference in time