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  • BBFC 18
  • German DVD
Release: Jan 10, 2010 - Author: Demerest - Translator: Zuernling - external link: IMDB
Runtime of the BBFC 18 DVD: 1:31:24 (1:27:44 without end credits)
Runtime of the uncut DVD: 1:28:00 (1:24:30 without end credits)

5 cut scenes= 23.2 seconds

A comparison between the cut BBFC 18 version by Metrodome and the uncut DVD version by Cine Club (Double Feature/Parts 3 & 4).

After the sequel to the martial arts classic "Bloodsport" (1988) with Jean Claude Van Damme was a small success on video, the producers decided to extend the series and produced the pretty bad "Bloodsport 3" (1996) in the same year, which continues "Alex Cardo's" story, who's again played by Daniel Bernhardt. The plot is directly tied to the prdedecessor. Alex tells his son the events that took place after part 2, when he became a profitable gambler in a casino and swore to himself to never ever fight for somebody else again. Right about that time, the wealthy businessman "Duvalier" makes him the lucrative offer to fight for him in a privatly organized Kumite for a handsome sum. When he strictly refuses, Duvalier goes right for Alex's weakest spot and has his Sensei, "Master Sun", killed. Alex flees to his dead Sensei's brother in the mountains, where he prepares himself to return and ruin Duvalier's rigged tournament with special training methods.

Director Alan Mehrez couldn't achieve the quality of the successful predecessor and so, "Bloodsport 3" is pure mediocrity, no different than any other representative of the genre. Aside from the fact, that the plot is very simple and various ideas were copied from other action movies, the main problem is the lack of action, which doesn't really occur before the final 30 minutes, when the Kumite begins. While part 2 managed to be entertaining with a fast paced staging and varied combats, "Bloodsport 3" fails in all those categories and instead bores the audience with dreadful dialogue and a much too long and relatively unspectacular training sequence, which already has been done similarly in "Kickboxer" (1989) with Van Damme. Luckily, as mentioned earlier, the B-action movie comes around in the last third and is safed from total failure by solidly staged combats, in which Daniel Bernhardt looks good and can prove his martial arts skills once more. All in all, a really disappointing rip-off of the original movie, that doesn't really deserve the title "Bloodsport" and can only be recommended to fans of martial arts films.

Because of the BBFC's strict guidelines, this sequel wasn't released completely uncut in the UK. Apart from the "Broken Neck" scene there were 4 other cuts. Part 2 had to face a similar fate.

Note: Mistakes in the master tape, jumpcuts or other scene extensions/reductions with a duration of less than 1 second are neither counted as a cut nor calculated into the altogether runtime of the cuts, so a remaining runtime difference between the two versions is possible. The runtime of the cut BBFC 18 DVD is longer than the uncut DVD despite the cuts, because "Metrodome" apparently relied on a video with NTSC speed. Runtimes refer to the uncut version.
The Kumite:

"The Beast" breaks Lima Lama's left arm and lets him hit the ground. In the BBFC 18 version, there's a previous shot of Duvalier and his daughter shown instead, which reduces the runtime difference a little.
5.64 seconds (- 1.84 seconds)

After Duvalier gives the "Beast" a sign, a shot is missing, in which he takes Lima Lama's left hand and breaks it. Short cut to Duvalier leaning back again.
8.28 seconds

The shot of Duvalier giving the "off with his head" signal to the "Beast", in order to get him to "finish" the fight. "Beast" approaches his unconscious opponent and breaks his neck.
6.48 seconds

Various zoom shots of the same kick with the knee that "Beast" hits Alex with.
0.96 seconds

More punches to "Beast's" throat by Alex.
1.84 seconds