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City Hunter: New 2K Restoration on British Blu-ray

Eureka! Entertainment releases next Jackie Chan Movie

We recently reported on the British Blu-ray box for Police Story 1+2 from Eureka! Entertainment, which for the first time worldwide contains new 4K restorations of the two Jackie Chan classics. However, anyone who has watched the 2018 Fortune Star promo video also knows that copyright holder Fortune Star had some more Hong Kong classics restored with e.g. Jackie Chan and Jet Li in 4K or at least 2K. Since the license prices are obviously not cheap, a buyer has to be found first.

The fact that Eureka! has won Police Story 1+2 was obviously not an isolated case. Already in the thread, a user who is in close contact with the label and made a few additions to the aforementioned box set indicated that further Hong Kong titles were in preparation. The first of these will be available in the UK from September 17, 2018: The weird manga adaptation City Hunter with Jackie Chan and Richard Norton as opponents. It´s a bit disappointing that the old Hong Kong Blu-ray and the German Blu-ray using the same master because they were released in real HD unlike many other JC movies already. A new 2K scan can of course be even better but with other titles, a new edition would certainly be more desirable. But probably more Blu-rays from Eureka! will follow.

So far there are no additional scenes from the other Asian cut versions. In the Japanese version, there was an alternative intro sequence which was included in the bonus material of the German Blu-ray. The Chinese TV version, which offers various additional moments in the first half, has not yet been stored on a commercially available medium. Maybe something will happen before the release, otherwise we can continue to recommend the German Blu-ray with real HD master for this case.

Here are the announced specs:

  • Limited edition slipcase (First print run only)
  • Stunning 1080p presentation from a brand new 2K restoration
  • Original Cantonese mono audio track (also available in 5.1 presentation)
  • Optional English and Mandarin audio tracks | Interviews with Jackie Chan
  • Interview with director Wong Jing
  • Interview with stuntman and long-time member of Jackie Chan s stunt team, Rocky Lai
  • The Jackie Chan Experience - an interview with Richard Norton
  • Evolution of a Fighter - an interview with Gary Daniels
  • Outtake montage
  • A Collector s booklet featuring new writing on the film (First print run only)

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Release: Jul 15, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia - Source: Eureka! Entertainment

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