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  • BBFC 18
  • Uncut
Release: Jul 24, 2020 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

War Dog is a relatively unimportant and tiring B-action movie, which was produced in Sweden in 1986. Neither the story nor the actors stand out positively and it takes a lot of stamina to watch the movie until the end. The only factor worth mentioning here is probably the depiction of violence, which is spread pretty drastically throughout the whole movie. The bloody shootings are quite crude and with every bullet shot blood spurts out in streams. This is all very nice to watch, as this is still fake blood, since the era of CGI didn't take its course until later. By the way, the movie breaks a taboo topic with the brutal shooting of innocent children at the beginning. Even though it unfortunately happens quite often in the real world that children fall victim to terrible atrocities, it's still questionable if this still has to be depicted in a movie, even if it is only presented in a staged form.

In fact, the film hadn't had an easy time with its worldwide releases at all. Plagued by censorship in several countries, there is hardly an uncut version anywhere. In the US, War Dog has so far only been released on video with various cuts that have been made for an "R" rating. In the UK, too, only an edited version has been released on VHS and DVD, approved by the BBFC for use by people aged 18 and over. Even in Sweden, the country of production, the film did not have a complete release. In Germany, the situation is somewhat different. Although a heavily edited version was released on VHS with a FSK 18 rating, which lacks all the violent scenes, the completely unedited version was also released there by the label "Get the Movie". So this is one of the few exceptions worldwide.

The cut BBFC 18 DVD by Pegasus was compared to the uncut German DVD by Get the Movie.

16 cuts = 1 minute and 50 seconds

7 min
The little boy is hit bloodily in the belly by the bullet. This is then repeated again from two other camera perspectives.
1.5 sec

7 min
The man takes another hit and falls forwards. Also missing after that is how the girl running away is shot in the back.
4 sec

22 min
The wounded Dean pulls himself up by the TV. The killer then shoots a bullet in his back.
20 sec

23 min
Dean slides to the side of the TV, lifeless. The cut version shows a shot of the killer instead, which was shown before in the uncut version.
Cut: +2 sec
Uncut: 4.5 sec


23 min
The view of Dean's body is missing.
2.5 sec

30 min
The cashier of the amusement park is shot.
1.5 sec

30 min
A woman is bloodily hit by the bullet. The view of the shooter is also missing.
2 sec

30 min
A man is also shot.
2 sec

48 min
The bearded guy rams the hook into Charles' leg and then pulls him across the floor.
10 sec

58 min
A bloody gunshot wound to a bad guy was removed.
0.5 sec

59 min
Charles runs through the woods calling for Rick. He is surprised by a villain who pulls a gun on him. Rick suddenly appears from behind and strikes down the enemy. He then picks up another stone and hits his enemy several times with it. The last blow can also be seen again in the cut version.
34 sec

64 min
During the chase, a bad guy is shot in the passenger seat.
0.5 sec

68 min
Bloody bullet hole in a bad guy.
0.5 sec

69 min
A previously shot guy gets under the wheels of the car.
1.5 sec

86 min
Rick is being riddled with several bullets for a longer time.
17 sec

87 min
A CIA employee enters the room while his colleague takes out the body bag. The view of Charles has also been cut short.
10 sec