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original title: Zui quan


  • HK Version
  • German DVD
Release: Apr 12, 2012 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the shortened HK-DVD (Mei Ah) and the uncut German DVD (Sony).

- 21 differences, including 2 recuts and 1 scene with a different rate
- Difference: 278.3 sec (= 4:38 min)

In its country of origin, only a shortened version of Jackie Chan's Martial Arts classic Drunken Master is available on DVD. Several plot elements have been removed and so have some short scenes, mostly with silly comments of Jackie. In the bonus material, the three longer removed scenes are available as deleted scenes (but only in Mandarin while the actual movie is in Cantonese). But like I said, there are further missing scenes that aren't available as bonus.

It's a real bummer that the censored Cantonese audio track from the HK-DVD has been used for worldwide release. For instance, if one watches one of several European releases or the US Uncut release by Sony/Columbia, the audio track permanently switches from Cantonese to English because the original audio track simply lacks too much. As it turns out, the missing dialogs "just happen to be" the exact same footage that's missing in the HK Version - except for a few further English scenes but that's probably just sloppiness.
Fun fact: the French DVD or the HK-LD do contain a complete Cantonese audio track. Shame on Sony/Columbia that they didn't make the effort to get that audio track for their release!

Time index refers to
HK-DVD in NTSC / German DVD in PAL

The Uncut DVD contains one further logo in the beginning.

14.8 sec


The HK-DVD contains the original credits, the German DVD has English credits (the actual movie title most likely edited in a very tacky way).

HK-DVDDeutsche DVD

06:04 / 06:04-07:27

After Dean Shek went down, he actually gets up again to defend himself but Jackie makes him looks like a fool. Among other things, Jackie plays with his head and makes silly comments.

82.8 sec

09:25 / 10:39-11:31

The introductory scene, that explains why Master Li's son is fighting with the merchant about money in the first place, has been removed. Without any context, the HK-DVD starts immediately with Jerry whipping the coin out of the guy's hand.

Jerry and his buddy are marching around, proud like a peacock. A first guy is being reprimanded after he literally bumped into Jerry. At the merchant's, Jerry notices antique jade and lets his buddy pay with a coin less worth than the requested price. Therefore, the merchant follows and demands a ligitimate payment. A little discussion follows.

51.5 sec

11:00 / 13:02-13:05

The camera zooms in to Jackie. Refering to his enemy's sword thrust, Jackie says something like that could go terribly wrong.

3 sec

11:10 / 13:15-13:17

Another silly comment of Jackie's. The shot starts slightly earlier, he says his enemy had almost hit his fingers and tosses the pickles away.

2.3 sec

11:18-11:19 / 13:25-13:28

Now a shot of Jerry in the HK Version. This is no new footage because that exact footage has already been used in the HK Version 30 sec earlier (and, due to the two extended scenes, 35 sec longer in the Uncut Version).

In the Uncut Version, the shot of Jackie is not being interrupted. The shot of him giving the money to the merchant is longer. He pushes him aside, then he turns around to the fight (when he turns around, the HK Version is back in the saddle as well).

Uncut Version 1.7 sec longer

18:47 / 20:37-20:45

A short comment of Master Li about his student's style. The student explains he hadn't even started yet.

8.4 sec

19:55 / 21:51-21:53

Extended shot of the student rolling on the ground. Then he gets up and reaches for his head.

2.2 sec

19:56 / 21:54-21:57

The HK Version also contains going into the pose of the snake but his comment has been removed. He explains he already said he'd style. Then he blows on his hand.

3.2 sec

26:09-26:10 / 27:55-28:03

Another repetition of a scene in the HK Version: Jackie struggles with the mug around his neck.

In the Uncut Version, Jackie tells his buddy to move fast because he was choking.
The shot of his buddy getting clumsily through a hole starts destinctly earlier (in the HK Version, ths shot begins when he's already falling).

Uncut Version 6.9 sec longer

26:16 / 28:08-28:23

Actually, Jackie's friend approaches him in the very same shot. He says Jackie was training Kung Fu the other way around. Jackie replies he was almost dying. His friend passes him some food. Then he lifts up the mug and feeds Jackie while saying that he was going to get him some water. Then he drops the mug. Being in pain, Jackie mumbles sth. His friend says "Okay" and approaches the ladder. In the middle of this shot, the HK Version is back on the field.

Quite skillful cut because, in the HK Version, it looks like Jackie's friend is on his way to the ladder immediately.

15.3 sec

36:00 / 37:43-37:44

Earlier beginning of the shot. The camera zooms out from the waiter with nice teeth.

0.6 sec

Different Rate
36:00-36:01 / 37:44-37:45

Odd: the following scrap happens faster in the HK Version (more frames per seconds).

Uncut Version 0.6 sec longer

36:01 / 37:45-37:47

...and it's actually longer because the HK Version lacks the shot of Jackie being hit with a stick on the back while lying on the table.

1.2 sec

36:15 / 38:01-38:03

At the beginning of the scene, So Hai says that was how to wash your face.

2.3 sec

42:42 / 44:14-44:18

So Hai chews on Jackie's fingers. He says his fingers were stronger than teeth.

4.1 sec

42:45 / 44:21-44:22

Extended shot of Jackie holding his fingers. Then he claims his fingers were broken.

1.2 sec

43:51 / 45:25-45:42

So Hai grabs Jackie in the same shot. He tosses him around a couple of times. While this is happening, Jackie makes some more funny comments.

16.5 sec

44:03 / 45:53-46:06

Being on the ground, Jackie also says he thought So Hai intended to be a teacher and adds he (So Hai) was going to tear a gorilla apart. So Hai laughs and replies that anyone, who wants to be a student, needs to learn how to fall first. He adds that was just lesson #1.

12.8 sec

50:05 / 51:53-51:58

Extended scene. Hwang says he didn't even need his hands for someone like Jackie.
Jackie earlier. He claims Hwang was going to regret it because he wasn't afraid of him.

5.3 sec

50:18 / 52:10-52:14

Same nonsense dialog here. Hwang asks Jackie if he'd had it already and Jackie explains he didn't have enough before Hwang was burning in hell.

4.1 sec

82:39 / 83:16-84:08

At first, Master Li mentions the incident to Jackie. Then he asks Jackie's father for the real reason for buying the property. Li white lies and comes up with some lame explanations about spirits on the cemetary and three mistresses that can't get pregnant. Refering to the last issue, Dean Shek mentions his own age could be the reason for that. After a sinister look of Master Li, he hides behind Jackie's father.

52.4 sec