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Best of the Best 3 - No Turning Back


  • BBFC 15
  • Danish DVD
Release: Jan 08, 2010 - Author: Peda - Translator: Peda - external link: IMDB
Only scarcely a film series is as varying as the four parts of the Best of the Best series. They all belong to the action movie genre, and fighting ace Phil Rhee stars in all of them. But there are almost no more similarities.

Part 1 is basically comparable with the Rocky movies, a full-contact nations battle of the USA and South Korea, with training, tension in the team, rather brutal fights and a greasy finale that resembles strongly "Rocky 4". Part 2 offers more action than any other one in the series, and is also the most brutal part with its Seagal-style-fractures and various cagefights. German Arnie-clone Ralph Moeller appears in one of his weirdest and funniest roles. Before covering part 3, a word on the fourth chapter: Here Phil Rhee battles (against his will) a Russian counterfeiting gang in an entertaining finale to the series.

"Best of the Best 3" shows Phil Rhee returning to a backwater somewhere in the Confederates that is in the grip of a neo-nazi-community. The baldies preferably offend black people, behave like the Ku-Klux-Clan back then, and soon Phil Rhee is on their agenda, too.
The movie desperately tries to include some socio-critical context, but is constrained by its predictable, stereotype-rich story. Some simple brawls are offered throughout the runtime, but you have to wait until the finale to see some real action. Phil Rhee then takes down the whole nazi-headquarters, which should satisfy genre fans at least. A partial compensation for the boredom before.

The BBFC didnŽt have any problems with the (not very brutal) action, but with a rape scene towards the end of the movie. It had to be cut for the movie to pass with a BBFC 15.
This cut version is still sold as a part of the Best of The Best Part 1-4-Boxset.

Comparison between the cut BBFC 15-version, contained in the English Best of the Best 1-4-Boxset by ILC Entertainment, and the uncut Danish DVD by Midget Entertainment, approved from 15 years.

Two cuts of approximately 44 seconds length.
The end of this scene is missing in the English version. The goons surround Margo (Gina Gershon), one of them says "You like it rough, do you!". Then they grab her from behind and threaten her with a knife ("Knock it off, or IŽll cut your throat!").
9 sec

After a short glimpse of Tommy (Phil Rhee) on his motorcycle, the next part of the rape is missing in the English version. Margo is thrown on the table, meanwhile a goon reports to the boss that Tommy is not around. The boss, obviously quite stimulated, states that he will be in the first place with Margo. He cuts her shirt with the knife and then rips it completely ("Yeah! You like that? Yeah!"). While he handles his trousers, you can see Tommy entering the room from the right. He tips the chief, and punches his stomach in the next scene - this is where the English version abruptly ties in.
35 sec