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Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Jun 02, 2018 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB
"I'm so bad, you know it's good. Suck a dick, everyone."

The beasts are back! This time in a small town where everybody is guzzled, puked all over, shredded and knobbed who isn’t fast enough up the trees, or up the roofs, or in burglarproof dungeons. And to say it straight away my friends, the WTF-moment (I only mention the giggling baby) is completely contained!

When FEAST was released in 2006 the first thing what came into my mind has been FROM DUSK TILL DAWN. This movie has also been a wild mélange of quirky characters, excellent camera gimmicks, cool one-liner and outstanding make-up effects (not to mention the emerging monsters decimating a ragtag bunch in the middle of nowhere). But FEAST took it to extremes and also some insipidness has been inserted. In the sequel SLOOPY SECONDS they have gone the extra mile. The art direction is more extensive, the gore effects coarser and above all the transgress of the limits is harder. Besides various body fluids pouring out over bodies this time cats get screwed and babies munched. People who can be easy irritated should be warned and should give this flick a wide berth. Apart from it should be granted that everything what worked in part one has found its way in this sequel. There are again turned in characters, memorable dialogs, absurd moments and above all gory F/X which only here and there can be revealed as cheap CGI effects. This is, by all means, a suitable party flick. Anyway, I had a really great time. I had the feeling that this is pure Rock ’n’ Roll – but I’m also inured to *grin*.

So now let’s face the versions. Already in 2008 there has been released an unrated DVD from Dimension Extreme in the USA. However there is also a rated-R version available especially for rental of Blockbuster-Video (a big rental chain in the USA). The rated R version still comes up with lots of borderline atrocities in 16:9 (WS 1.78) and the unrated features more disgusting things in the edge regions of the full WS 2.35 format. For this report the US unrated version (Dimension-Extreme) has been compared with the rated R version .
"I sure as shit seen everything now."

34:18 Min.
For some reason 2 takes where biker Queen gets handed the mobile and she dials a number are missing.
( 9 sec. )

34:28 Min.
In the following split screen two more takes are missing, on the one screen where Meth-Man gives another nose a tug and on the other screen where Redhead puts his hands on Queen’s shoulder.
( 7,5 sec. )

34:42 Min.
Two more takes are missing: In a close-up view Meth-Head once again tears up the nose and in a counter-cut Queen inquires.
( 8 sec. )

34:47 Min.
After Meth-Head hung up biker Queen keeps the phone a little longer at her ear.
( 1 sec. )

40:34 Min.
Hm.., the shot is missing where Slasher is closing the door after the twins have left.
( 2.5 sec. )

40:57 Min.
Thunder & Lightning are searching for the right key a little longer.
( 8 sec. )

41:39 Min.
When Thunder fabricates the key two takes are missing, where Lightning looks out of the window making him hurry up as well the ongoing two close-up views of the monster’s guts.
( 6.5 sec. )

53:30 Min.
More takes of the survivors climbing on the roof.
( 20 sec. )

53:32 Min.
The night vision view of Slasher is only partly contained and also shortened at the end: A short flash of his gold tooth with a grin, that’s all. Furthermore there is another night vision view of a female biker.
( 9 sec. )

61:39 Min.
At the end of the night – after all survivors on the roof can hear the baby crying – all the rest of the scene is missing. This consists of all night visions views of the survivors, how they spend the rest of the night and always the baby’s crying in the back. In some insert-cuts there are monster walking through town. With the scene of the birds in the sky on the next morning the rated-R version starts again.
( 106 sec. )