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  • Asian Version
  • International Version
Release: Jun 07, 2010 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Asian version by IVL and the international version by Warner. In Asia, an independent version of ENTER THE DRAGON was released, which contained different opening and ending credits and some other minor changes. None of those changes seem to have been due to censorship. It seems the film had just been adjusted to the respective audience.

00:00 Min. - 00:19 Min.

Warner: Warner logo

IVL: Golden Harvest logo

Duration: IVL 7 sec. longer.

08:31 min. - 10:46 min.

Opening credits:

Warner: Jim Kelly and John Saxon arrive in Hong Kong.

IVL: Stylised pictures with 3-phase-animations of Bruce Lee and combat cry.

Duration IVL 5 sec. longer.



12:22 min. - 12:32 min.

The two policemen carry the dead girl off the beach. This is probably missing in the Warner version, because one can briefly see the corpse breathing in this scene. Then one can see Bruce Lee in an additional shot.

Duration: IVL 10 sec. longer.

97:43 min.

In the IVL version you do not see Han hitting Bruce with the claw from behind once again. The IVL probably probably counted on the effect, that Bruce can dodge the stroke.

Duration: Warner 2 sec longer.

99:11 min.

The IVL version does not show the first mirror being smashed.

Duration: Warner 1 sec. longer.


Before the closing credits in the IVL version, there is a jump cut (2 sec.). In the Warner version you can see Bruce Lee walking off in the foreground of the claw, which the IVL version is missing. The IVL version jumps directly to the frame where the closing credits start in the Warner version, as well. In the IVL version the frame is kept during the whole of the end credits, while the credits in the Warner version are running over moving pictures of the claw. The end credits of the IVL version are 10 sec. longer.

Duration: IVL 8 sec. longer.



The IVL version is 27 seconds longer than the Warner version.