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Irreversible - Scandal Film Gets a Straight Cut

Drama by Gaspar No Gets Recut in Chronological Order

Gaspar Noé's Irreversible caused a huge scandal at its Cannes premiere in 2002, which is mainly due to the long rape scene, which manages without cuts and therefore gives the audience no chance to look the other way. The film with its numerous alienation effects and its non-chronological narrative style also aims to make it as difficult as possible for the audience.

However, it's the reversed plot that has been changed for a new version of the movie called Straight Cut. Now, the individual scenes can be seen chronologically in a clockwise order. Director Noé, however, makes it clear that the old version is still his director's cut of the movie and also the "real version". The Straight Cut is now "another movie". There were also some cuts in the recut. Altogether, 5 minutes are missing compared to the original, but Noé emphasizes that this wasn't censorship. Instead, only scenes without dialogue are missing, which are removed so that the scene sequence fits better.

Noé: Removing the anti-clockwise structure, a mentally invasive formal concept, brings out the actors’ performances that much more forcefully. The gentleness or violence of the situations and the emotional states of the characters become even more apparent.

Without the artificial change of the movie's structure, the director doesn't see the movie as a tragedy anymore, but as a drama and above all the acting would be much better. Originally, this version was only supposed to be a bonus on the newly announced Blu-ray, but the director likes the new version so much that he wanted it to have its own release. The version premiered at the Venice Film Festival.

It is still unclear when it will be released on home video. In general, we are all eagerly awaiting a good Blu-ray of Irreversible.

Release: Sep 16, 2019 - Author: sausagemoo81 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - Source: The Playlist

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