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original title: Joshua Tree


  • Unrated DVD
  • Director's Cut
Release: May 18, 2013 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the Unrated DVD released by Artisan and the R-Rated Blu-Ray released by Shout! Factory.

8 cuts in the DVD Version = 28.5 seconds
1 additional scene in the DVD Version = 1 minute and 41 seconds
6 alternative scenes = Blu-Ray: 2 minutes and 26.5 seconds / DVD: 5 minutes and 46.5 seconds

Worldwide, there are several different versions of this action movie. In the USA exist two different versions. The Unrated Version was released by Artisan on both VHS and DVD, as well as by Live Home Entertainment on Laserdisc. The R-Rating as well as the runtime of 102 minutes on the cover are wrong. The second version was released on Blu-Ray and DVD by Shout! Factory and received an R-Rating. It is either called European Version or Director's Cut. Among the bigger differences between the two versions are an additional camera scene in the Unrated Version, an alternative final fight which is more action-packed in the Unrated Version, and an alternative ending.
The release situation in Europe is not too good. In Germany as well as the UK, the movie's Director's Cut was only released in a censored version on VHS; several violent sequences were cut out. The German audience, however, can buy an uncensored DVD which unfortunately has an awful image quality and is a mixture of both US Versions. The French VHS and DVD are based on the Unrated Version, however, three plot related scenes were shortened. The Dutch Version is equal to the Unrated Version, while the Danish Version is equal to the Director's Cut.
0 min
The movie title is different for both versions: DVD: Army of One / Blu-ray: Joshua Tree.
No difference in time.

84 min
The Director's Cut shows the Sheriff driving down the road a little longer.
5 sec

88 min
A car crashes into Barett's car.
1 sec

88 min
A longer shot of the both of them inside car, followed by a shot from farther away when they drive around the corner.
3 sec

90 min
Another shot of Rita hiding behind the rocks. She looks to Severence and Rudy who are a short distance away from her and walk around to look for Barett.
4 sec

90 min
The following scene is only included in the Unrated Version and is not inlcuded in the Director's Cut: The deputy gets out of his car and looks at the security cameras of the warehouse. Then he goes inside. He enters the security room and takes a look at the surveillance video where we get to see that it was not - as the police assumed - Barett who shot the Deputy, but Severence. The deputy looks at the monitor in shock, rewinds the tape and looks at the sequence again. Then he goes back out of the warehouse and to his car, where he tells sheriff Cepeda via radio that he just looked at the surveillance videos which showed that Severence shot the deputy and not Barett. The sheriff asks his deputy to repeat this message and the latter does so. The sheriff then says that he will take care of the situation. Immediately, he contacts Severence via the radio.
101 sec

93 min
A police convoy drives along the street.
8 sec

94 min
Unrated: Rudy aims his gun at Rita. Before he's able to pull the trigger, Barett shoots him and he lands with his head on a rock.
Director's Cut: Rita twists on the floor in pain. Barett aims his gun at Rudy. After a short shot of Rita Barett shoots Rudy. The latter rolls down the hillside.
Director's Cut: 6.5 sec
Unrated: 5 sec

UnratedDirector's Cut

94 min
Barett screams: I'm here Severence!
2.5 sec

94 min
Unrated: A part of the scene where the police convoy drives along the street was inserted here.
Director's Cut: Several police officers run through the area with their guns.
Director's Cut: 6 sec
Unrated: 4 sec

UnratedDirector's Cut

95 min
Both versions show different footage of Severence stepping on Barett's hands. The latter loses his grip and falls down.
Director's Cut: 3 sec
Unrated: 2 sec

UnratedDirector's Cut

95 min
After Barett fell down, the following shot of Severence looking down at him is a little longer.
1 sec

95 min
Unrated: Barett climbs up the rock. After that you see Severence walking towards Rita.
Severence: Well all right Deputy! How you doing?
He looks down at her injured leg.
Severence: How's the old leg, mhh?
Barett climbs up the rest of the rock. Then the camera cuts back to Severence and Rita.
Severence: Now it's your turn, Deputy! Your final promotion!
Barett storms at Severence from behind, pulls his gun away and aims it at him. Before he is able to shoot, Rudy appears next to him and puts a gun at his head. He tells Barett to drop the weapon. After a short hesitation Barett puts the gun on the ground. Severence walks to him, picks the gun up and subsequently kicks Barett between the legs twice. Rudy hits Barett in the head with his gun and then aims it at Barett. Rita screams and then tells the two of them not to shoot Barett, since she then will never tell them where the money is. Severence wants to know which money she is talking about. Rita replies that she talks about the money which Barett took from the shoe blacker. Severence wants to know where the money is and kicks Barett. The latter replies that it is hidden on the rock. Severence tells Barett to stand up and they walk towards the rock.

Several police officers run through the area with their guns (which was already shown in the Director's Cut). Cut to Barett, Severence and Rudy walking to the rock.
Severence: This is no bullshit, Santee! There better be money up here!
Barett walks further to the rock while Severence and Rudy are a little further away and point their guns at Barett.
Barett: It's here! There's no chance of a three-way split, is there?
Rudy: No negotiating! Get down!
Barett picks up some sand with both of his hands, jumps down the rock and throws the sand in Rudy's and Severence's eyes. Then follows a longer brawl between the three of them. At some point, Severence runs away while Barett and Rudy continue to fight. Towards the end of the fight, Barett has Rudy in a headlock. Rudy tells him that his dead friend Eddie was nothing but a "nigger". Barett breaks his neck and drops him to the ground. He walks on while the camera moves back to Rudy.

Police officers continue to look through the area. After that there's a cut to Severence who is beat to the ground by Rita. Severence kicks her against the injured leg and she falls to the ground and twists in pain. Severence tries to get back up and runs into Barett.
Barett: You're not quitting on me, are you Frank?

Director's Cut: Police officers run through the area with their guns. Cut to Severence walking to Rudy who is on the floor and unconscious. He picks up Rudy's gun and aims it at Rita. Barett sneaks up on him from behind and grabs his neck and hand. Barett moves Severence's hand which holds the gun to Rudy who regains consciousness and shoots him. Then he hits Severence in the face and the bad guy falls to the ground.
Director's Cut: 28 sec
Unrated: 308 sec

101 min
Barett kneels above Severence and holds a huge rock in his hands which he wants to use to beat his opponent to death. In the Director's Cut we see some flashbacks of Eddie dying. In between there are two cuts to Severence on the ground.
4 sec

101 min
In the Unrated Version you see Rita lying on the floor. In the Director's Cut you instead see Barett.
Blu-ray: 2 sec
DVD: 2,5 sec

UnratedDirector's Cut

101 min
Unrated: A police officer helps Rita to get up. Barett gets up as well and walks to Rita. They hug and kiss while a police officer cuffs Barett.
Director's Cut: A police officer leads Severence off a little longer. Then you see Rita and barett lying on the floor looking at each other. Cut: the camera moves from the cabin to Barett and Rita who talk a short while about uninteresting things. When they say goodbye, Barett pulls Rita towards him and kisses her. Then she walks to her police car, gets in, and drives away. The camera moves away upwards and stops with a shot of the countryside.
Director's Cut: 101 sec
Unrated: 25 sec


Director's Cut