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  • German DVD
Release: Dec 31, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut British VHS (PG) and the uncut German DVD (FSK 12)

- 18 cuts
- Total cut length: 72,7 sec (= 1:13 min)

This rather decent adventure movie, which - as the Guinness Book of records states - was the biggest flop in movie history ($11 million at the box office with production costs totalling at $98 million), was one of the main factors that led to the ruin of the Carolco Studios. So far, it was only released in a censored version in Great Britain. In order to get the PG rating for the theatrical release, more than a minute had to be removed, four more seconds got lost on the VHS release. When the DVD was released in 2003, it would have been possible to release it uncut with the BBFC 15 rating, but the producers decided against it. The version that was given to the BBFC was already censored. Some of the previously cut scenes were put back into the movie, but others were removed instead. Still, one more scene (a headbutt) had to be removed in order to have the censoring agency let the film pass through without complaints.

This comparison is about the British VHS version, which features 20 cuts altogether. In all fairness, it has to be said that the cuts were made pretty well. Most of the times, only the most violent moments were removed, and this happened in a way that viewers who do not know the original will not notice any jumps. For example, body movements before cuts were shortened as well in order to achieve a fluent movement. Depending on the scene, this was not always possible and some jumps were necessary, e.g. when Dawg shoots a crew member for fun. The cuts on the DVD were done differently, mostly showing a bit more than the VHS version. Cuts that are only featured on the VHS are marked "VHS exclusive".
Either way, British viewers should import the DVD from either Germany or the US.

Something that is also very interesting about the British VHS are the many instances of audio censorships. Punches, kicks and other fight audio effects were partially removed or just turned down in volume. This usually does not even catch the viewer's ear, however, all in all a certain censoring method can be made out. Interestingly enough, not a single one of these changes were applied to the British DVD version.
Of course, audio changes cannot be described as well as normal cuts and things like volume might be different depending on the individual viewer. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that this list is complete and added the list of audio censorships as an appendix at the end of the noral comparison.

running times are formatted like this
British VHS in PAL / German DVD in PAL

Thanks to Tony Montana !
Only cut on VHS
01:53 / 01:53-01:55

Morgan says "I took your balls!", which obviously does not only refer to the things in her hands.

1,4 sec

05:39 / 05:41

Harry gets hit by the bullet.

0,6 sec

32:19 / 32:21-32:24

The shot starts a bit earlier, the guard is touching Morgan's breast while searching her.

2,5 sec

Only cut on VHS
34:28 / 34:33

Morgan can be seen earlier with the chain around her neck.

0,6 sec

Only cut on VHS
34:29 / 34:34-34:40

After the short remaining shot, the following one of her falling down (with quite cheap special effects in comparison to the rest of the movie) is missing completely. She then hits the ground one floor downstairs and loses her weapon.

5,4 sec

Recut (only on VHS)
34:30-34:32 / 34:41

After William and the others hopped on, a short part of the previous cut was inserted here: Morgan loses her weapon.

+ 1,8 sec

38:59 / 39:08-39:14

Upstairs, Morgan meets the guard who had groped her. She says "Sweetheart, I promised I'd take care of you" and then headbutts him over the rail.

5,8 sec

42:39 / 42:54-42:57

Dawg shoots one of his men in order to avoid a food shortage. The VHS version only shows the shot, but not the guy getting hit and Dawg giving weapons to his crew.

2,4 sec

84:02 / 84:20-84:30

The tracking shot towards the back is longer an a guard can be seen. Morgan sneaks up to him and breaks his neck. When she takes his gun out of the holster, the VHS continues.

9,7 sec

Only cut on VHS
84:06 / 84:34-84:37

Morgan bends down and takes the key from the guard.
Mr Glasspoole can be heard from the off: "I thought I should never see you again."

3,2 sec

94:12 / 94:42-94:45

The shot is a bit longer, William breaks an enemy's arm and then hits him in the face in a close-up.

3 sec

96:31 / 97:04-97:07

Morgan also kicks the guy's face, this also can be seen from a rather close distance.

2,8 sec

Only cut on VHS
96:51 / 97:27-97:28

In a short additional shot, Morgan cuts the man's throat.

0,8 sec

99:00 / 99:37-99:50

A short slightly more brutal fighting scene is missing completely. Mr Blair and another bald man injure each other's arms. Blair kann disarm the other guy, but he hits him in the face and then sticks his head into the wheel. Blair starts screaming in agony as he the other guy then turns the wheel.

13 sec

99:03 / 99:53-100:01

The continuation of the previous cut. The bald baddie wants to attack Blair further, but Bowen stabs him into the back of the knee. However, this does not stop him for long and he turns around to grab Bowen, while Blair is getting up again. The VHS then continues when Bowen gets a punch to the face.

8,5 sec

99:12 / 100:10-100:20

And on it goes: Mr Blair chokes the guy to the guy and then smashes the wheel into his face (in the off, a brutal sound effect can be heard).

9,6 sec

101:04 / 102:12-102:14

The bad guy kicks Glasspoole into his face, he stumbles backwards.

2 sec

102:03 / 103:13-103:14

Morgan first hits with her sword (probably missing due to continuity reasons), the the first part of the next shot is missing as well. She kicks Dawg into his groin.

1,1 sec

Only cut on VHS
102:39 / 103:50-103:52

The shot is longer. Dawg pushes Morgan against the pole, the collision can be seen in a close-up. He then grabs her again.

2,1 sec

Following is a list of instances of audio censorship.

10:44-10:45 / 10:46-10:47

When Shaw breaks free of Trotter, he pulls his arm. The crack that can be heard on DVD cannot be heard on VHS.

19:32-19:33 / 19:34-19:35

The sound of stabbing in the butt seems to be less loud on VHS.

20:32-20:33 / 20:34-20:35

The kick in the groin of the guy at the entrance is a lot less loud.

20:34 / 20:36

The punch in the face is quieter as well.

20:52-20:53 / 20:54-20:55

The sound of Morgan beating the guard with the spade is missing on VHS.

20:54 / 20:56

Glaspoole beats an attacker to the ground. The impact sound can be heard better on DVD than on VHS.

21:02-21:03 / 21:04-21:05
Another beating with the spade and again it cannot be heard on VHS.

23:43-23:46 / 23:45-23:48

Several kicks and punches between Morgan and the guard in the background are less lud while Shaw criticizes the guy for beating a woman.

23:56-23:59 / 23:58-24:01

Morgan punches the guy in the face again and kicks him off the carriage. Both is less loud on VHS.

28:06-28:07 / 28:08-28:09

As many other audio censorings here, this one can only be heard when listening closely: the sound of the dagger being turned around at Shaw's groin is quieter on VHS.

36:41 / 36:48

Morgan punches a black dude in the face, the sound effect for this is a lot less loud on VHS.

37:38-37:39 / 37:47-37:48
When Dawg blames one of his men for the murder of Morgan’s dead and kills him, the swing of the blade can be heard better on DVD.
80:23 / 80:41
Shaw gets hit on his head, the impact does not sound as bad on VHS.

95:11 / 95:43
There is no sound on the VHS version when the guard, who is being used as a shield by morgan, gets his belly slit open.
95:22-95:24 / 95:54-95:56
Two of Dawg’s attacks were softened by turning down their volume a bit.
95:43-95:46 / 96:15-96:18
Morgan hits an attacker’s face and then stabs another one’s belly. Both things seem to be illustrated quieter on VHS.
96:05 / 96:38
The apt sound is missing when Morgan’s sword finds its way into the man’s belly.
96:19-96:22 / 96:52-96:55
Shaw kicks some guy’s belly, this sounds less loud and more hollow on video. It also almost cannot be heard when he slits an enemy’s belly open.
96:41 / 97:17
The slitting of two guys’ bellies can be heard well on DVD.
98:55-98:59 / 99:33-99:37
Glasspoole is defending himself against some bad guy with clearly audible punches and kicks. Shortly afterwards, another punch into a face sounds remarkably dull on VHS.
102:43 / 103:56
The punch in Morgan’s face sounds a lot more beefy in the uncut version.
102:43 / 103:56