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Universal Horror Collection: Volume 3

Legal Eagles

To the Devil...A Daughter

Silver Bullet

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory


  • BBFC 18
  • R-Rated
Release: Aug 25, 2009 - Author: Baumbeutelbaer - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut British DVD (BBFC 18) and the uncut German DVD (which is identical to the US DVD).

There are 31 cuts adding up to a total running time of 1:55 min. (114.64 sec.)

Running time of the British DVD including end credits: 93:32 min.
Running time of the German DVD including end credits: 95:28 min.

The times refer to the British DVD.
One of the terrorists searches a passenger and finds a jackknife in his pants. He insults him and pushes him away.
5.68 sec.

The hot needle approaches the woman's eye longer. In the off Dane keeps telling what is going to happen to the eye: "The needle-point will pass through the lense with very little difficulty."
4.52 sec.

Dane keeps telling about the effects of the hot needle. "However, the instrument will continue to transfer heat to the fluid in the eyeball. The fluid comes to a boil and the eyeball itself...explodes."
12.44 sec.

David, too, is being threatened with the hot needle longer. The following shot of Linda has been shortened, too. David says: "It's impossible. You know that!"
3.72 sec.

Same here. David says in panicking fear: "Linda! For God's sake! Please, give him the code!"
2.76 sec.

Casey cuts the guy's wrist in a close up.
0.76 sec.

One of the bad guys says: "What the fuck?" We see the other guy being pulled with the train and eventually vanishing under it. Another guy says "On top!"
3.16 sec.

Ryback is working on the bomb longer. He opens a container with the words "Conc. Coconut Oil." on it.
2.56 sec.

Again, uncle Casey keeps working on his bomb. His partner asks him: "Hey, why the fuck do you need lighter fuel?" "It's like a detonator." is the answer.
5.72 sec.

Some of Dane's guys are running through the train burning and screaming. Dane looks appalled.
4 sec.

A burning man breaks down dead.
1.6 sec.

Another guy being in flames runs through the frame.
1.76 sec.

Another shot of a burning man is missing. His buddies try to quench the fire with their jackets.
0.92 sec.

Eventually, Penn puts him out of his misery. The black guy vanishes in his elevator while Penn's men are extinguishing the fire.
8.16 sec.

The burning guy keeps rolling down the stairs longer. Downstairs, uncle Casey is already waiting for him and kicks him off the rain.
5.6 sec.

Casey pushes the aggressor against the wall.
1 sec.

Ryback breaks both of his opponent's hands.
3.12 sec.

Casey's visitor gets rammed against the rock face.
2.84 sec.

The blond villain gets his neck broken.
4.92 sec.

The bad guy goes to the ground with a knife stuck in his neck.
2.16 sec.

Penn is pulling out his knife longer.
1.2 sec.

The shot of the knife stuck in the neck has been shortened.
0.44 sec.

Ryback breaks his opponent's arm.
4.8 sec.

The driving train can be seen loner. Penn is waving the knife in Dane's face. He threatens him: "You let me handle Ryback, and you take care of the techno-shit."
8 sec.

Penn pulls out his knife.
3.8 sec.

So does Ryback. They look at each other longer.
8.28 sec.

Ryback is playing with his knife longer.
0.68 sec.

Ryback is playing with his knife, again. Penn says: "Good morning."
1.96 sec.

A close up of the hard-fought knife is missing.
1.44 sec.

Another shot of Penn playing with his knife is missing.
5.96 sec.

Dane's fingers are being separated.
0.68 sec.