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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: Apr 22, 2008 - Author: Playzocker - Translator: Postal-Dude - external link: IMDB
In this censorship report the Theatrical Version(R-Rated) published by Splendid Film and the Director's Cut(Unrated) published by Splendid Film are compared with each other.

Uwe Boll's adaptation of the popular video game "Bloodrayne" with Kristana Loken in the lead had to be cut for cinematic release in order to avoid the NC-17 Rating.
The uncut version is distributed as an Unrated Director's Cut on DVD only.

This one differs from the R-Rated version in three violent scenes and contains an alternate ending as well: When Rayne seats herself on the throne the Theatrical Version ends. However, this scene is followed in the Director's Cut by Olaf Ittenbach's flashback that illustrates all the violent scenes again.
The head of a monk is cut off. Another monk who lies on the ground gets stabbed in his face with a sword.
4,08 Sec

A sword is jabbed through a monk's head.
2,76 Sec

A guy is split into two parts by a sword, a corpse gets chopped.
4,8 Sec

Rayne sits on the throne. End of the R-Rated version.
The Director's Cut shows a flashback which contains new closeup views on bloody wounds and corpses and lasts ca. 4 minutes.
229,8 Sec