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  • BBFC 18 First Edition
  • German DVD
Release: Jul 14, 2011 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the censored UK VHS from MGM (BBFC 18) and the uncut German DVD from MGM.

Total difference: 3 minutes and 13.5 seconds in 13 scenes.

In the UK, MGM released a censored version (BBFC 18) on VHS and DVD. The DVD re-release features the uncut version. Unfortunately, it looks exactly like the cut DVD.
1 Min
The guy gets hit with an iron bar by a baddie. He tumbles backwards against a wall, then his chest gets kicked at several times.
11 sec

8 Min
The entire death off the woman has been cut out, even though it happens offscreen. Her life partner is being forced to watch her die. Then Fender takes a stick and rams it into the life partner's mouth which also happens offscreen.
15 sec

25 Min
Gibson slices a throat with the blade in his shoe. He brakes another dude's arm and kills him with a knife. Another baddie runs at Gibson but Gibson kicks and hits him several times.
25 sec

36 Min
Gibson puts his foot on the baddie's neck.
5 sec

36 Min
When Gibson gets smashed against the device, he also gets kicked in the back several times.
6 sec

48 Min
The amazon's hand gets chopped off. She holds her bloody stump and screams.
4.5 sec

48 Min
Jumpcut: a baddie runs at Gibson.
5 sec

49 Min
The blade shoots out of Gibson's shoe.
1 sec

49 Min
Shot of the blade again when the baddie reaches for Gibson's foot.
1 sec

51 Min
Now a longer missing sequence: Fender kicks, punches and headbutts Gibson several times. Gibson hits Fender as well but he loses anyway. The UK Version continues with Gibson on the cross immediately.
81 sec

65 Min
Gibson kicks his enemy in the belly several time. Interrupted is the fight by the shot of Nady fighting the other chick in the abandoned bar.
16 sec

67 Min
Fender smashes the door against Gibson' head two more times.
3 sec

69 Min
Gibson's fight with Fender is longer in the Uncut Version. Several shots of them punching each other have been removed.
22 sec

71 Min
The final fight in the barn also lacks some seconds.
8 sec