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What The Predator film actually wanted to show

Original story before the far-reaching re-shoots

About a year ago, we already reported that The Predator got some re-shoots and was changed drastically especially in the second half. We already knew that the movie originally ended with action scenes that were supposed to play during the day and also had Predators fighting on people's side. They were removed for the final version and the action was completely rewritten and moved to the night. Fred Deckker, one of the scriptwriters, gave further information about the changes in an interview.

Part of the background story should be that the Predator's planet is dying and therefore they decided to combine their DNA with the DNA of other species to ensure survival in other climates. The creation of hybrids had already been experienced in producing new, worthy sacrifices for their hunt. At the same time it was discovered that our earth is getting warmer and warmer - and the Predators like heat, as already established in part 1, so they could settle here.

So there seem to be at least two factions among the Predators, because some want to work with humans for a better future for both species, while others want to destroy humans on Earth to make room for their own people. So there are good Predators and bad Predators from a human point of view. There was already a Predator in Alien vs. Predator who did not present himself completely as an enemy of humans. In addition there are a lot of hybrids on board of a spaceship.

The good Predators will eventually join forces with the humans in the film and will be brought to the spaceship by means of a military convoy. Our human heroes, who we got to know in the film, are of course also there. They are attacked by the upgraded Predator, which can also be seen in the final film, and the different hybrids are also used.

The whole, quite elaborate action scene of the last third of the movie was discarded and the whole background story of the Predators was dropped as well as the two good emissaries. Someone from the studio said that this is too much of a deviation from what Predator fans expect - namely a Predator's hunt for people as we already know them from previous movies. And that's what they switched to in the re-shoots.

Finally, Deckker also comments on the controversial ending with the Predator armor for humans. It was just one of his many ideas for the movie, even though he's not happy with it. There were alternatives, like Ripley from the alien movies in a cocoon or Newt from Aliens. But both were discarded. And he also didn't say anything about the timeline.

The movie was a financial flop at the end, but as we know Hollywood, they will certainly try it again sometime.

Release: Jul 30, 2019 - Author: sausagemoo81 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - Source: Moviefone

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