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Savage Bees, The


  • International Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Nov 10, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the International Version as German movie role and the Extended Version on the German VHS (identical to the UK TV broadcast on Horror Channel)

- 18 additional scenes
- Length: 482.8 sec (= 8:03 min)

Durig an African killer bees panic caused by the media in 1976 (which is also ironically referenced in Michael Moore's "Bowling for Columbine" by the way), the low budget horror flick The Savage Bees was made. The first half of it lacks some suspense - probably a result of the low budget. But after that, there are some nice attacks of the cute little animals so that genre fans might as well sneak a peak.

Digital release are very rare worldwide. Even the US DVD appears to be a bootleg that is nothing but an unedited VHS rip - hence the bad quality. Both the bootleg DVD and the UK Theatrical Version are supposed to have a length of 90 minutes which matches the German Theatrical Version. In Germany, the movie has only been released on VHS. Interestingly enough, this release is longer than the so-called "International Version". To be more specific, there are approx. 8 minutes of additional dialog. Basically, it is not really worth mentioning. Quite the opposite, actually. It makes the rather lame first half even lamer. But then again, there are scenes that really profit from the additional footage because the context is more comprehensible now.

The German label Retrofilm has scanned a German movie role and will release a DVD soon. The 8 additiona minutes are still missing in the main version of the DVD though. However, the longer VHS Version will be available as bonus: Based on the movie role with a better quality, the missing scenes will be added from the VHS source.

As one can also see in the UK Horror Channel broadcast which has also been used for this comparion, an English audio track exists for the Extended Version.

Time index refers to
German Theatrical Version in PAL / German VHS in PAL
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01:36 / 01:37-02:03

Another shot of the human in the water plus a pan shot of the ship. From the off, the head of operations says it reminded him of another ship accident in the Atlantic.
Before he is being informed about radio message, one gets to see him discuss it with an older co-worker. He says it was quite surpringly that absolutely nothing could have been found. The older guy explains that, considering the collision with a 100,000 tons tanker, it was quite plausible.

26.2 sec

As comparison, the last two screenshots from the master of the UK Horror Channel: Basically, the quality of the German is alright but there are some darker scenes during which there is some weird shade of blue. The UK master looks much better in those scenes.

02:07 / 02:34-02:45

The shot is longer plus the Captain also asks if there was damage at the hull. He is being informed that some color had been scratched off the bow and that anything else was still intact.

10.8 sec


Subsequent to the previous alteration, the opening credits follow. And this is where the versions differ.

The German movie roll contains a small jump-cut and during the following tracking shot, the image freezes and the German theatrical title pops up. French credits follow.
For the German VHS, the differing video title was rebuild quite obviously and it pops up during the part that is actually credit free. In order to hide the original title, there is a cut to the Captain. English credits follow.

no difference

German Movie RoleGerman VHS

Here the original title from the UK Horror Channel broadcast: As expected, it pops up during the previously mentioned tracking shot (no cut to the Captain nor a freeze frame).

02:44 / 03:22-03:31

The head of operations realizes that the Captain had never seen the ship before impact and the latter points out the small size of Kalina.

9.2 sec

04:05 / 04:52-05:11

The scene on the boat starts earlier. The Captain asks if they were going to search for bodies in the water and the head of operations explains that due to a riptide, they were only searching with choppers.

19.5 sec

10:31 / 11:38-12:47

Longer discussion on the ship. The sailors intend to come off the ship but the head of operations tears them a new one. He says Kalina got there from Brazil and several parties insist on a medical exam because they could have a lethal and contagious desease on their hands and since the ship had already been in the wrong channel before impact the crew could have been dead already.

Subsequently, someone from the coast guard argues with a cab driver because he refuses to transport a body. After some intimidation, the cab driver agrees to transporting the body but he was going to charge the same fee he would charge for any other passenger.

69.8 sec (= 1:10 min)

14:45 / 17:01-17:53

Jump-cut in the German movie role: The coast guard guy longer when he is looking at Jeff's findings. Then he says "My God!".

Two additional scenes follow: In the hallway, Jeff runs into the assistant Peter and tells him to get examed. He explains he wanted a confirmation for the cause of death. Also, he talks to two people from the coast guard and finds out that the collision occured close to where the dog with bees in the stomach was found.

Last but not least, the first shot of the fair starts a little earlier (jump-cut).

52 sec

21:53 / 25:01

The German movie roll contains a slightly longer shot here.

+ 0.5 sec

22:18 / 25:26-25:39

Doc also says he was sorry for what happened to the African species. He claims it was an accident that could be fixed by a "genetic correction".

13.6 sec

23:13 / 26:34-26:56

The bees a little longer. Then the doc says bees did not like to fly close to the water but they were on their way to the US by crossing the Panama Canal. In 1988, an appearance in the US should be expected unless it was speeded up by "unpredictable co-incidences". The scene ends with a further shot of the bees.

22.1 sec

24:01 / 27:44-28:49

Sheriff McKew gets in the car and drives off.

The scene with Jeannie and Jeff at te table starts earlier as well. Being depressed, the latter talks about a scientist in Brazil, Jeannie defends his approach a little by explaining his intentions were good but Jeff insists on focussing on the negative side effects. Dr. Rufus shows up and explains a single infected bee could wreak havoc.

64.4 sec (= 1:04 min)

29:35 / 34:23-34:27

Longer black screen on the German VHS before the block party starts.
Please note: There is a black screen in the UK Horror Channel broadcast as well but much shorter.

3.8 sec

30:51 / 35:43-36:54

Another jump-cut: Pelligrino leaves.

Then an air-to-air shot, followed by a scene at church. Sheriff McKew talks to the priest who missed him in church. Upon request, he gets confirmation that a bee swarm occasionally ends up in church. McKew then asks the priest if he had missed anyone else and the priest explains little Julie, who was supposed to be there for choir practice, did not show.
This will also be an issue in the International Version later on. To be more specific, te girl's mother talks to the Sheriff because she is worried and he confirms that her little girl is one of the bee victims.

The following shot of the ship starts almost 3 sec earlier as well.

71 sec (= 1:11 min)

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