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  • International Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Feb 05, 2011 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: matze_hg - external link: IMDB
Comparison of the international version with the director's cut.

The timeline used in the report corresponds to the director's cut in NTSC. Both versions can be found on a limited double DVD released by Anchor Bay.

DC: 138:36 min.

IV: 124:32 min.

The DC is 844 seconds (14:04 min.) longer than the IV. The runtime of the edited scenes amounts to 916 seconds (15:16 min.).

The DC fills some plot holes, expands the storyline and gives the viewer a better understanding of the characters involved. It also contains some improved FX.

Changes of film material

1. Edited picture section

The DC has a bigger picture section, the IV seems to be somewhat zoomed. The movie actually benefits from the larger film format, as it includes body parts and important objects which were in the zoomed IV. The following images provide an example of the differences cited above.
(Left: IV, Rights: DC):

2. Color filter

In the DC director Jeannot Szwarc forgoes the extensive usage of color filters which was utilized in the IV. (Left: IV, Right: DC):

Even the non FX scenes are easily distinguishable from the IC.


3:11 min. - 3:32 min.

Kara (depending on the situation aka Supergirl aka Linda Lee) can be seen walking past a group of people in trance.

Duration: DC 21 sec. longer.

3:46 min. - 4:11 min.

Before Kara enters the class room the DC features the teacher asking the kids a question. Kara then sits down next to the kids. In the IV she can be seen walking around the room again, while the DC includes a kid answering the question first.

Runtime: 26 sec., DC 19 sec. longer.

6:57 min. - 7:03 min.

Zaltar quickly hides the Omegahedron and finishes his experiment as he notices Kara's mother arriving.

Runtime: DC 6 sec. longer.

9:34 min. - 9:40 min.

The shot featuring Zaltar repairing the crack in the wall has been digitally enhanced in the DC.

Runtime: 6 sec. No time difference

11:37 min. - 11:54 min.

Zaltar declares his intentions to go into exile, the DC then actually shows him walking off.

Runtime: 18 sec., DC 12 sec. longer.

13:59 min. - 14:21 min.

Nigel asks Selena whether she would like some more Champagne; she responds that she isn't sweet but rather a bitter pill. What a glorious pun.

Runtime: DC 22 sec. longer.

22:09 min. - 23:25 min.

Selena demonstrates the Omegahedron's power to her friend Bianca by frying a chicken.

Runtime: DC 76 sec. longer.

28:28 min. - 28:49 min.

Nigel ridicules Selena's plans for world domination. This scene contains some different camera angles in DC than the IV.

Runtime: DC 21 sec. longer.

29:08 min. - 29:18 min.

Selena states her intention to punish those who mistreated here before.

Runtime: DC 10 sec. longer.

30:58 min. - 32:16 min.

Selena tells Nigel that she doesn't him and he leaves the party after issuing a final warning (Included in IV). Later on, after the last guests have left the building; Bianca reports that only four new members have joined the coven. She attributes this to Nigel's warning, but Selena remarks demoniacally that there will be no further warnings.

Runtime: 78 sec., DC 68 sec. longer.

40:20 min. - 40:38 min.

Lucy Lane asks Linda Lee (aka Kara) about her parents' deaths, but Linda doesn't want to talk about it. Lucy then apologizes for talking too much.

Runtime: DC 18 sec. longer

44:24 min. - 45:58 min.

During a party in the girls' house the mean Myra takes Linda's books. After humiliating herself, Linda gets her books back. She wants to know more about the place they're currently staying in. Lucy tries to defend Linda and picks a fight with Myra, they eventually stop when the supervisor intervenes.

Runtime: DC 94 sec. longer

46:51 min. - 47:16 min.

In the changing room Lucy warns Linda after the hockey game. She tells her that Myra hates everybody who's not afraid of her and would come after her now.

Runtime: DC 25 sec. longer.

55:32 min. - 55:37 min.

Another shot of Selena saying: "Shade Plants?". The following take including "To us!" has been expanded in the IV by the sentence "And the seeds we plant together". Both versions are in synch again after Ethan collapses due to the magic potion.

Runtime: 5 sec., IV 1 sec. longer.

56:02 min.

After hearing the door bell, Selena exclaims she hopes it's not the Jehovah’s witnesses again.

Runtime: IV 3 sec. longer.

56:45 min. - 56:52 min.

Nigel tries to convince Selena that by joining forces both would become much more powerful. Selena tells him to make it short.

Runtime: DC 7 sec. longer.

58:30 min.

The IV features a shot of Nigel inspecting his disfigured face in a mirror and stating: "The Bitch!".

Runtime: IV 4 sec. longer.

62:11 min. - 62:13 min.

In the IV Lucy looks over at the staggering Ethan and exclaims: "Look at that dinkleberry!", but Linda doesn't understand the meaning of dinkleberry. The next take, featuring Lucy warning Ethan to be careful, is shown from different camera angles.

Runtime: 2 sec., IV 4 sec. longer.

70:25 min. - 70:35 min.

In the DC Ethan recites a love poem.

Runtime: DC 10 sec. longer.

80:07 min. - 80:50 min.

Linda picks up the bracelet from the ground and follows the signal.

Runtime: DC 43 sec. longer.

82:27 min. - 82:49 min.

Selena establishes a link between Linda, Supergirl and the Omegahedron.

Runtime: DC 22 sec. longer.

92:58 min. - 93:05 min.

Nigel asks Selena whether she thinks him a fool. Selena denies this and argues that one hand washes another.

Runtime: DC 7 sec. longer.

93:10 min. - 93:18 min.

Selena continues swarming over Nigel, telling him how powerful they could become together. .

Runtime: DC 8 sec. longer

93:54 min. - 94:17 min.

Selena and Bianca explain to Nigel that Supergirl is not only real, but also poses a real threat.

Runtime: DC 23 sec. longer.

96:20 min. - 96:43 min.

Selena convinces Nigel to help her, but refuses at first to hand him over the Omegahedron. Nigel states "No ball, no trick" and Selena finally gives in.

Runtime: DC 23 sec. longer.

105:26 min. - 105:32 min.

A protester complains to Selena about how the telephone lines are down and he and his wife cannot call the hospital. Another one asks when the airport would reopen again.

Runtime: DC 6 sec. longer.

106:49 min. - 107:19 min.

A tracking shot through the dome in the phantom zone is featured in the DC. Zaltar can be seen carrying Supergirl down a slope.

Runtime: DC 30 sec. longer.

108:32 min. - 108:41 min.

In the DC Zaltar responds a bit longer to Supergirl's question "Where are we?". He repeats the question absentmindly and then answers "Here!". Supergirl presses him and asks "But where?". .

Runtime: DC 9 sec. longer.

108:53 min. - 109:09 min.

In the IV the scene with Zaltar and Supergirl has been expanded. After he states “So sad!“ he adds in the IV “So lonely!”. In the DC a long shot has been inserted, a pond filled with green goo can be seen in the background. Here Zaltar says “So long ago!“, while Supergirl tries to convince him that there is still time to regain the Omegahedron and thus save Argo City. All they have to do is to find a way back to earth.

Runtime: 16 sec., DC 13 sec. longer.

109:16 min. - 110:24 min.

Supergirl tells about Selena and her evil intentions. Zaltar, wallowing in self-pity as he blames himself for the current state of affairs, advises her to stay with him for nobody could defeat Selena. Supergirl's attempts to reason with him are in vain.

Runtime: DC 68 sec. longer.

111:02 min. - 111:07 min.

Bianca mentions she would prefer a ceiling fan, but unfortunately it isn't her house. In the DC she can be seen asking Selena what she needs the prisoners for, while in the IV her question can be heard in the OFF during a shot of Jimmy in his cage.

Runtime: DC 5 sec. longer.

114:30 min. - 114:48 min.

There are two different versions of Supergirl and Zaltar heading towards the fissure. In the IV Zaltar can be seen sitting for a while, in the DC he gets up after a few seconds and, after turning back one last time to face the dome, follows Supergirl.

Runtime: 18 sec., DC 8 sec. longer.

115:24 min. - 117:14 min.

Jimmy and Tracy chat in their cages. Jimmy confesses he's afraid while Lucy expresses that she's proud of both of them. Finally both admit they're in love with each other.

Change of scene: Supergirl and Zaltar battle their way through a storm. Supergirl asks Zaltar for the whereabouts of the fissure, he responds it could be anywhere as the fissure cannot be found but has to be created by oneself.

Runtime: DC 110 sec. longer.

130:23 min. - 130:58 min.

Nigel finds the Omegahedron's hull and his blonde party acquaintance. Lucy hinders Jimmy from taking a picture of the place where Selena's mountain used to be, pointing out they wasted too much time already.

Runtime: DC 35 sec. longer.

131:10 min. - 131:42 min.

After saying good-bye to Lucy and Jimmy, Ethan drives off in his Pickup.

Runtime: DC 32 sec. longer.

138:31 min. - 138:36 min.

After the credits have rolled the logo of the mastering company can be seen.

Runtime: DC 5 sec. longer.

DC: 138:36 min.

IV: 124:32 min.

The Director`s Cut is 844 seconds (14:04 min.) longer than the cinema version! The runtime of all edited scenes amounts to 916 seconds (15:16 min.).