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Den of Thieves Exists in Two Versions

Original Version and Shorter International Cut

The action thriller Den of Thieves stars Gerald Butler and 50 Cent and started in cinemas in early 2018. The German theatrical release titled Criminal Squad has a runtime of 124 minutes and here's where it gets interesting.

The British ratings board BBFC lists the movie with a runtime of 140 minutes. That's a difference of 16 minutes that we wanted to understand. Therefore, we contacted the German distributor Concorde Film and got the confirmation that the version shown in Germany is indeed an international version they got from the production company. They also confirmed that they did not apply any changes themselves and did not censor anything.

According to them, Den of Thieves is more fast-paced and gets to the point of things more quickly. We'll have to wait and see which markets were also affected by this and how the home video situation will turn out.

Release: Feb 14, 2018 - Author: The Undertaker - Translator: Mike Lowrey - Source: Concorde Filmverleih

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