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Release: Nov 08, 2009 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Zuernling - external link: IMDB
In 2005, the hefty funsplatter movie Feast was released in the US. There, the DVD bears an "unrated" logo. The R-rated version wasn't released in the US, but in 2008 it got released in Germany. The German publisher was under the impression that he was releasing the unrated version. Thus, the DVD was advertised with the "unrated" logo. However, it soon became clear that compared to the US unrated version some scenes were missing. A more exact comaprison shows that not only are there scenes missing, but there is also new material to be found. This is typical of US censorship, where often scenes are not only cut but also replaced with less explicit ones. For this reason and because the German publisher advertised the DVD as unrated at first, it is safe to assume that the German version is the R-rated one. Subsequently, the publisher released a second edition which doesn't feature the "unrated" logo anymore.

This whole thing isn't entirely new: It had already earlier been announced that the movie "Storm Warning" would come out as an uncensored, unrated version. Only later it was found out, that the movie had been cut. The publisher himself wasn't responsible for the cuts, since he only received the master of the US-rated version, although it was never released in the US. The respective article can be found in our archive.
0:19:41: A side view, showing the monster eating Cody, is missing. You can see his dangling legs.
0.88 Sec.

0:19:44: Again, a very short cut, shortening the look at Cody's dangling legs.
0.76 Sec.

Alternative footage:
Time-index unrated version: 0:20.13

Now it's getting interesting. In the US unrated version you see a short shot of the monster holding Cody's severed foot, including his shoe, in its hands. The R-rated version, however, only features a shot of the monster which is a few frames shorter.

The US unrated version runs 0.32 sec. longer


1:01:01: The scene where the monster finishes raping Harley Mom is missing. Shot of Harley Mom, spitting out the monster's sperm. Then a few frames featuring a shot of the monster.
3.8 Sec.