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Death Wish 4

original title: Death Wish 4 - The Crackdown


  • BBFC 18
  • FSK 18
Release: May 10, 2010 - Author: Demerest - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Cut version's runtime: 1:34:19 (1:31:15 w/o credits)
Uncut version's runtime: 1:35:30 (1:32:20 w/o credits)
Runtime designations relate to the uncensored version.

- 5 cuts: 53,6 seconds

The cut VHS by MGM (BBFC 18) has been compared to the uncut DVD by MGM/20th Century Fox (FSK 18)


Once more, Paul Kersey is sick of fighting the scum in this world. He wants to finally rest, but two rivalling drug gangs have a lock on the city of L.A. More and more luckless people fall victim to their murderous businesses and neither police nor judiciary can stop them. When the daughter of a friend miserably dropped dead from cocaine, Kersey is more than keen on vengeance. It is time again to fight ruthlessness, violence and contempt for mankind on the streets.


Death Wish marked an absolute classic of the (sub-)genre, it was the first to deal with the theme of "self justice" from a cinematic perspective and lead to the most intense discussions in Europe and the USA. Hollywood-legend Charles Bronson landed his first top-hit in the USA with this movie, and is kept in the audiences' memories not only as memorable character "Harmonica" from the western-classic "Once Upon A Time In The West" but now also as "Paul Kersey". Bronson embodies this role four more times, he was especially successful during the 80s with more of his trademark genre films.

Death Wish 4 - The Crackdown (1987) puts, contrary to its predecessor, more emphasis on story again, but the action scenes were dosed very well and staged nicely with bloody shoot-outs and explosions. Bronson plays his trademark character, the self-justicer, convincingly as usual and the rest of the cast leaves a solid impression as well. All in all, an entertaining and straightforward selfjustice-flick you should not miss as a fan of the genre!


The BBFC 18-VHS had itself several moments of the rape-scene removed, with a total length of almost a minute, the previous three movies had to be cut in a similar fashion.

Connotation:Film tears, jump-cuts or other extensions/cutbacks below 0.5 seconds (without any censorship-background) were not considered, so the runtime difference might still differ.
The "MGM"-logo is missing.
10.6 seconds

A close-up of the screaming woman is missing.
2.4 seconds

Another close-up of the screaming woman is missing. Then you see the gangsters continuing to demolish the car with baseball bats.
8.96 seconds

While the gangsters continue to hit the panes like crazy, you see the frightened woman lying huddled up on the front seats. She begs the men to stop.
6.56 seconds

A close-up of the extremely hysterical woman, who tries to fight the men as best as she can. The following take shows her being finally dragged out of the car.
16.64 seconds

One of the gangsters brutally hits her in the face three times. Furthermore, the same criminal ripping the blouse off her body is also missing.
19.04 seconds

The "MGM"-logo after the credits are missing.
6.24 seconds