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  • BBFC 18
  • German VHS
Release: Oct 09, 2010 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: matze_hg - external link: IMDB
In the USA this movie had to be cut heavily in order to be rated "R", the unrated version unfortunately never made it onto the market.
In England the r-rated version had to be cut again in order to gain the movie rating BBFC-18.

This report compares the UK-VHS by Guild Home Video (BBFC 18) with the German VHS by VMP.

Runtime of missing scenes: 2 min. and 30 sec.
Edited scenes: 11
2 min
The scene featuring the old lady being threatened by the bad guy with a gun has been expanded. She begs for her life but the baddies just taunt her.
15 sec

2 min.
The thug hits the old woman in the back.
0,5 sec.

2 min.
Another baddie (X's brother)remarks they shouldn't leave behind any witnesses alive, he shoots the woman sobbing next to her dead husband.
6,5 sec.

12 min
Two baddies approach the burning helicopter, this is followed by a shot of the burning and struggling pilot. The camera pans back to the two thugs, then another shot of the burning pilot in close up.
13,5 sec.

12 min.
The guard lying on the floor gets overrun by a transporter.
2,5 sec.

15 min.
In the subway the baddies carry the second guard, who is tied to a cross, onto the rails. X approaches him and paints a glowing cross on the guard's body. After having destroyed the railway switch and light circuits, the thugs watch the guard being overrun by a train. (Only featured in the off, however, this scene is shown later on in the BBFC 18 version.)

50 sec.

24 min.
Close up of the heroin synge being filled, then a short shot of the crying woman. X and the other bad guy, still holding the synge, turn towards the woman now.

14 sec.

37 min.
After John and Caroline fled from the place, the camera pans up to X and his gang, one thug in red shirt can be seen swinging a nunchaku.

17 sec.

40 min.
Caroline tumbles longer while the gang runs towards her.
5 sec.

40 min.
Caroline receives several more kicks and blows by the gang while lying on the ground. They only stop and disappear when a nearby police officer fires a warning shot.
11 sec.

51 min.
B.G beats down a bad guy and then fights off a nunchaku wielding thug. After having finished him he gets threatened by another bad guy with a gun.

15 sec.