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  • BBFC X (first VHS / Arrow Video)
  • Theatrical Cut
Release: Feb 21, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the British VHS from Arcade Video (1982 BBFC X first print edition, identical to the UK theatrical realease) and the uncut theatrical version (both included on the British Blu-ray from Arrow Video - Limited Video Nasty Edition).

A couple of additional master errors, each under 0.5 sec in duration, were not listed in the report.

Don't Go in the House (1980, alternate title: The Burning) is a delightfully nasty variation on Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. Long before his appearance in The Sopranos, Dan Grimaldi shines here as Donny Kohler, into whose sick psyche the viewer is swept for just under 90 minutes. Inexpensively produced, it is Grimaldi's acting, but also the gloomy score and some well-dosed shock effects as well as some quick ultraviolent bits that create a thoroughly eerie atmosphere.

In 2017, a very limited Blu-ray was released in the U.S. by Scorpion Releasing, which included a 10-minute longer extended version. Whether this is really worth an upgrade, we have analyzed in more detail in the dedicated report. In February 2022, a new Blu-ray was released in parallel in the UK by Arrow Video as well as in the US by Severin Video. On disc 1, this contains a new scan of the theatrical version and the US TV version. On disc 2 a newly created extended version can be found.

  • The new HD scan on Disc 1 corresponds to the theatrical version release on Blu-ray in Germany from Subkultur. It's in 1.78:1 though, while Subkultur had it matted to 1.85:1. Also, the logo at the beginning differs. The new scan shows the FVI logo.
  • The TV version on Disc 1 from Arrow/Severin has some additional scenes but is censored in several places. Details follow in a separate report.
  • The new extended version on Disc 2 also runs 92 minutes, but is not exactly identical to Scorpion's previous US Blu-ray. For example, in the alternate takes at the beginning, the 2022 Extended Version follows the more familiar theatrical version. This is because the 2022 Extended version is based on the new scan of the theatrical version. For the Scorpion Blu-ray, the TV version was the basis and a few instances of its audio censorship slipped into this extended version. Details will follow in a separate report.

Additionally, Arrow Video has exclusively released the "Nasty Edition" with a third disc in their in-house store as another special edition. There are 3 (or even 4) more versions included:

  • UK 35mm scan in...
    • a) original open matte form and
    • b) matted to 1.85:1 aspect ratio.
    • The latter is absolutely identical to the version Subkultur used on the German Blu-ray. Moreover, Subkultur had also filed the open matte version in the bonus material as "Rohschnitt".
  • UK VHS release in uncut form: A copy of Arcade's 1983 VHS release (no BBFC certificate), which was added to the infamous "Video Nasties" list and therefore banned.
  • UK VHS first issue in cut form: The censored 1982 edition with a BBFC X rating, which will be detailed in a separate report.

In the following report, we will go into more detail about the cut UK theatrical version. The flamethrower scene here had to be toned down by any parts where you see the female victim completely naked, as well as Donny pouring gasoline over her head and detailed views of her suffering. As just summarized, in this form the film received a release from the BBFC for theaters at the time and also for Arcade Video's very first VHS release in May 1982. Just under a year later, Arcade Video decided to release a second edition without a BBFC certificate (with an "Uncensored" sticker over the original X-rating). This put the film in the sights of the authorities and it was confiscated which led to its legendary "Video Nasty" reputation.

After 1984, the BBFC regulations were revised with the Video Recordings Act. With the new "18" rating replacing the previous "X". The censorship requirements were then a bit stricter and the film had to be censored even more by a total of about 3 minutes in accordance with requirements for the VHS re-release of Apex. The flamethrower scene is almost completely missing here. It wasn't until 2012 that Arrow Video achieved an uncensored release for the shocker for the first time when it premiered on DVD.

00:00-01:14 / 00:00

The Arcade VHS (uncut "video nasty" version) starts with various notes by the video label.

+ 72 sec (= 1:12 min)

Occasionally there were glitches with the VHS tape used, like here in the 13th/14th minute. In general, there are of course many signs of wear that offer a rather nice grindhouse feeling.

17:22 / 16:11-16:13

Probably the first reel change: the room is visible for a moment longer than Donny left the picture above.

2.2 sec

28:17 / 27:08-27:14

After she has looked around the room, you can see a more distant view of Kathy screaming for help. The reason for the cut was the "full frontal nudity", which can only be guessed at in the matted widescreen image.

6.1 sec

28:42 / 27:39-27:45

When Donny has turned to face the box, another cut to Kathy is completely missing. Her hands are also shown in close-up.

6.7 sec

28:51 / 27:54-28:14

Before Donny enters the room with the protective suit, various other cuts to the whimpering Kathy and the door are missing.

19.6 sec

28:56 / 28:19-29:02

Again Kathy fidgets and Donny slowly walks to a gas can behind her. He pours the contents over Kathy's head and puts the canister aside again.

43.2 sec

29:00 / 29:07-29:10

Another shot of Kathy.

3.6 sec

29:06 / 29:16-29:32

More shots of Kathy are removed, resulting in a jumpcut. The flamethrower is then also used earlier and Kathy is caught in the fire.

16.3 sec

29:13 / 29:40-29:53

And some more shots of Kathy on fire, still screaming. In between, cuts to Donny and the ceiling.

13 sec

32:33 / 33:13-33:14

Again, a few frames are missing in the transition of the shot of the dress on the bed and the shot of the bridge.

0.9 sec

48:52 / 49:33-49:35

The shot of the house begins a little earlier.

1.9 sec

During the credits, the dots between the actors and their role names are missing in the HD master.

Slipcase, cover und reverse cover of the British Blu-ray by Arrow Video - Limited Video Nasty 3-Disc Edition: