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Phantasm III


  • BBFC 18 (Digital Entertainment)
  • Swiss DVD
Release: May 28, 2011 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the censored UK-DVD from Digital Entertainment (BBFC 18) and uncensored DVD from the Swiss Saga Box.

time difference: 1 minute and 20,5 seconds

In the UK, the very good third part of the Phantasm series was originally only released as a censored version on VHS and DVD by Digital Entertainment. However, later releases by Anchor Bay are completely uncensored and only have a BBFC 15 rating.
22 min
The shot from the side where the axe hits Edna's head is missing. After the shot of Henry and Rufus, Edna collapses with the axe stuck in her head. Now Rufus looks at his girlfriend in shock. The latter is again shown in the next shot.
8 sec

22 min
After Rufus has mentioned that the situation is very serious, Tim replies that he agrees with that assessment. The the shot with the razor Frisbee that Tim is holding in his hand is missing.
3 sec

22 min
The razor Frisbee is flying through the air.
1,5 sec

22 min
After rufus throat has been cut by the razor Frisbee his head tilts back. Blood is coming out of his throat.
3 sec

35 min
A driller surfaces from the Sphere stuck in Tanesha's head and drills itself into her forehead in a bloody way. This is followed by a shot of blood gushing out of the back of her head. Rocky and Reggie watch in disbelief.
19 sec

36 min
Tim runs toward the sphere that is lying n the ground and kills it with a couple of shots from his weapon.
19 sec

67 min
Rocky spins around his nunchakus and hits Rufus a couple of times with that. Eventually Rufus manages to grab the nunchakus. By doing that he pulls her towards him.
9 sec

71 min
Again Rocky spins around her nunchakus and tries to hit Edna. But she only hits Reggie, who stands behind Edna because the latter is able to duck down in time. Rocky tries to hit Edna a second time but again misses and again hits Reggie.
11 sec

75 min
In the scene where the Sphere attacks Rocky she defends herself with her nunchakus. After a shot of Tim, she is attacked by Edna
7 sec