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(HK version) A fun-filled trip to thailand turns out to be a deadly one for four best friends when they accidentally killed the sister of a local sorcerer. When one of them mysteriously died upon retu

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The War of the Worlds


John Wick: Chapter 4

Eternal Evil of Asia, The

original title: Nan yang shi da xie shu


  • HK DVD
  • Taiwan DVD
Release: Nov 24, 2009 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: lll - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the HK DVD and the Taiwan DVD.

About the movie

On their holiday to Thailand, four travellers from HK accidentally get into a magiciansí duel and make friends with one of the wizards called Laimi. Due to an unfortunate series of rather coincidential events, they kill Laimiís sister Shui Mei. Back in HK, one traveller after the other dies under mysterious circumstances. It doesnít take long to guess that Laimi has come to HK to take revenge for his sisterís deathÖ

The Eternal Evil of Asia is quite an amusing CAT III flic from HK with a couple of gloriously bizarre ideas.

About the different versions

Besides the usual HK version, which is also on the Tai Seng DVD, a slightly different version was released in Taiwan. Two scenes depicting Shui Meiís genital area were exchanged for topless takes, and in the orgy (with Shui Mei and three of the travellers) some alternative material was used, making the Taiwan version seem a bit more libertine. The discrepancy is so small, however, it hardly makes a difference. The Taiwan DVD is very hard to find, making the HK version a good pick.

Shui Mei appears slightly earlier with some dialogue.

Shui Mei: "Will he come here?"
Laimi: "I will leave you two alone to enjoy the fruit of love."


Taiwan: 8.20 sec


Alternative take of Shui Mei. The HK version features a panning shot of her pubic area.


HK: 2.87 sec
Taiwan: 2.87 sec


Again: The HK version features a panning shot of her pubic area. The Taiwan version has some alterative material.


HK: 3.47 sec
Taiwan: 3.47 sec


The four are shown in bed a bit earlier


Taiwan: 2.09 sec


Alternative takes of Shui Mei and the two guys.


HK: 2.80 sec
Taiwan: 1.73 sec


Some more alternative love play material.


HK: 2.50 sec
Taiwan: 4.40 sec


A few love play frames are missing in the HK version.


Taiwan: 0.33 sec


Alternative love play material.


HK: 2.60 sec
Taiwan: 4.00 sec


More alternative material.


HK: 0.73 sec
Taiwan: 1.57 sec


An additional scene of the four of them making love in the Taiwan version.


Taiwan: 0.87 sec


Additional take of Shui Mei.


Taiwan: 1.17 sec


Another take of Shui Mei.


Taiwan: 0.87 sec


In the HK version, the group can be seen lying in bed a bit earlier.


HK: 1.00 sec