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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Extended Cut
Release: Feb 28, 2010 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
The first film of the Underworldy series was followed by two sequels and a prequel so far. Even though the movies weren't too successful at the box office, they at least made enough profit in DVD sales later on.

The first movie was released on DVD in two different versions, the R-Rated theatrical version (for strong violence/gore and some language) as well as the unrated extended cut. However, in this case the theatrical version was pretty good already and the extended cut mainly adds some storyline, thus inflating the movie to more than two hours. Yes, there is more insight in the relationship between Erika and Kraven, some more of Michael's history and a little more shooting, but none of this is necessary to understand the movie better. Some of the new footage even seems to be true filling material that was left out of the original version with a cause.

The fact that extended versions are being advertised as unrated isn't anything new anymore. The fact that the Extended Version of Underworld is called so is quite confusing because no material that would have deserved this label has been added and the MPAA most probably would have given it the R-Rating as well. The additional shooting scenes do not exceed the overall degree of violence in the movie.

42 differences:
3 extended scenes in the Theatrical Version
5 scenes with alternative footage
8 extended scenes
26 additional scenes

The Unrated Extended Cut runs 725,08 sec. resp. ca. 12 minutes 5 second longer than the Theatrical Version.

Comparson between the Theatrical Version (R-Rated) and the Unrated Director's Cut, taken from the two German DVDs.
Additional scene
0:18:09: The Extended Cut (EC) features a camera pan to a turn-switch.
3,76 sec.

Extended scene
0:18:22: The back view of Singe is about half a second longer in the Theatrical Version (TV), but the EC shows a more relevant view instead: Singe works with a Lycan blood sample and looks at it with a microscope.
15,64 sec.

Additional scene
0:19:03: Lucian walks down a corridor before he enters the lab.
7 sec.

Alternative footage
TV: 0:19:32
EC: 0:19:58
: There is a different transition in the two versions. In the TV Michael just leaves the hospital ward, whereas in the EC he looks into the room of the woman that had been injured in the subway shooting. A nurse is standing next to her bed while she is sleeping. Cut to Michael.
The Extended Cut is 20,2 sec. longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated Extended Cut

Extended scene
0:41:04: Selene longer studies the drawing telling something about the history of the vampire clan.
The Extended Cut is 26,16 sec. longer

Alternative footage
TV: 0:40:35
EC: 41:37
: When Selene reads out the text about Kraven's heroic victory over Lucian the EC shows Kraven walking through the house. In the TV the fading to the next picute in the book is longer.
The Extended Cut is 0,84 sec. longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated Extended Cut

Additional scene
0:45:06: Selene enters the anteroom and sends the guard away by telling him a lie.
Selene: "Kahn wants to see you."
The guard stands up and leaves her alone.
20,88 sec.

Additional scene
0:50:26: Erika watches Kraven, who looks at the monitor. Then an interior view of the crypt, which Selene leaves by using a side door.
10,36 sec.

Additional scene
0:50:34: The EC shows Erika looking surprised when Michael via intercom asks to see Selene. The TV features Selene a bit earlier.
0,64 sec.

Additional scene
0:50:53: Again a shot of Erika and then of Kraven looking upset.
2,4 sec.

Additional scene
0:55:25: Kraven leaves the crypt, erika already waits for him. He is angry about Selene's treachery and then asks Erika if he could trust her. She affirms this and he says that she should be in his room in 20 minutes.

Kraven: "The bitch has betrayed me! Now he knows everything she's been obsessing about. Wait. Are you to be trusted?"
Erika: "Of course."
Kraven: "Meet me in my quarters in 20 minutes. It's time I filled you in on a few things."

Then we see Viktor sitting down on his throne.
43,28 sec.

Additional scene
0:56:26: Selene and Michael get out of the car in front of a vampire building in the city.
12,12 sec.

Additional scene
0:57:54: Short outside view of the vampire building.
2,8 sec.

Additional scene
0:59:39: Selene asks Michael for the woman on his photos.

Selene: "I saw your pictures. Who is the woman? Your wife?"

Then there is a new scene taking place in the Lycan's hideout. Lucian and Singe talk.

Lucian: "It may be wise to keep a closer eye on our cousins."
Singe: "I'll have Raze see to it immediately."
Lucian: "I'm afraid that I'm going to have to place my faith in you, my friend. Time is running short. "

Then the scene between Selene and Michael continues. Michael reports the accident in which his wife died and how he decided to go to Prague and start again.

Michael: "I tried to swerve, but he hit us anyway. He sent us right into the oncoming lane. When I came to I realized that part of the engine was in the front seat. And she was pinned there, 6 inches from me in this horrible position. I think she was in shock because she just kept asking me over and over again if I was all right. She was more worried about me- You know, if I knew then what I know now, I could have saved her. There's no doubt in my mind about that. But instead she died right there about two minutes before the ambulance arrived. After that, I didn't see any reason to stick around. I spent a summer here with my grandfather when I was a kid so... After I got my degree, I just-- I took off. I came over here to move on, to forget. It seemed like a good idea at the time."
Selene: "And have you? Moved on?"
Michael: "Have you?"

The fourth new scene in this sequence depicts the vampire HQ. Erika enters Kraven's room. He wants to tell her something but she stops and seduces him instead.

Kraven: "I need you to keep what I'm about to tell you under the strictest confidence."
Erika: "That can wait."

Kraven looks rather surprised but still accepts the offer quite fast.
158,2 sec.

Additional scene
1:04:04: Kraven and Erika can be seen having sex again but nothing special except Erika being topless and Kraven nibbling at her neck can be seen.
17,04 sec.

Additional scene
1:04:50: When Selene walks through the anteroom the Extended shows several vampires watching her disapproving. The shots from areial perspective are twice a bit longer than in the TV.
4,04 sec.

Alternative footage
TV: 0:59:15
EC: 1:05:02
: There are differenct scenes when Kraven hears the report of Selene's return. In the TV a servant comes into the room where he sits among some others and says: "My lord, she's here."
Since the EC showed the love-making between him and Erika before it is just logical that here he is receiving a phone call (with exactly the same voice and sentence). He pushes Erika aside and leaves the room instantly leaving Erika both confused and disillusioned.
The Extended Cut is 9,8 sec. longer
Theatrical VersionUnrated Extended Cut

Additional scene
1:06:02: The EC features a long camera pan over the blood tubes that Victor is connected with.
12,56 sec.

Alternative footage
TV: 1:06:31
EC: 1:12:39
: The view of Selene looking out of the window is different in each version. The EC then shows the full moon and Michael, whose transformation obviously is getting closer.
The Extended Cut is 23,04 sec. longer
Theatrical VersionUnrated Extended Cut

Additional scene
1:14:01: Singe and his group watch Selene leaving the mansion and start the truck.
10,36 sec.

Additional scene
1:14:48: Viktor removes several of the tubes and throws them into a water-filled tank. Then he sits up.
20,84 sec.

Additional scene
1:15:34: In the EC there is a shot of the passing streetcar. The camera pan to the alley in which Selene drives her car is longer as well.
8,36 sec.

Extended scene in the TV
TV: 1:08:47: Singe is loading his pistol longer.
+ 1 sec.

Additional scene
1:17:15: The two policemen belonging to the werwolves drive towards Michael who can be seen shocked in a different shot.
7,28 sec.

Additional scene
1:21:08: A servant enters Kraven's office and tells him that Viktor wanted to see him.

Servant: "My lord? Viktor wants to speak with you."

Kraven is obviously nervous and extinguishes his cigarette while Erika lies almost amused in an armchair. Then Kraven leaves.
20,16 sec.

Extended scene
1:22:25: Viktor can be seen a bit longer.
1,56 sec.

Extended scene
1:22:40: The interrogation of Singe was recut and extended. Singe goes on to talk about the historical background of the Corvinus clan. During this one sees how the unconscious Michael is being dragged through a hall in the Lycan HQ.

Singe: "A Mutation of the original virus is directly linked to his bloodline."" and "That is, until we found Michael"

There are also some small extensions about the genetic details ("A triple-celled platelet which holds unspeakable power.").

29,32 sec.

Extended scene
1:25:42: His sentence about Lucian isn't complete in the TV, the EC features the whole phrase:"[Once Lucian has injected] himself with Michael's blood."
2,88 sec.

Additional scene
1:25:59: Kraven goes to Erika and says "I need you to do something for me."
10,64 sec.

Extended scene in the TV
KF: 1:17:47: The TV shows Kraven going down the staris and getting into a car. This shot is completely different and longer than in the EC.
1,96 sec.

Additional scene
1:26:21: Erika brings Kraven a gun. When she wants to get in his car he stops her. The car drives away and she angrily watches it. The following shot of Singe also starts earlier.
18,52 sec.

Extended scene
1:26:39: The view of Selene, Singe and Viktor can be seen earlier in the EC due to an other take.
0,68 sec.

Alternative footage
TV: 1:19:01
EC: 1:27:40
: There are more cuts in the TV when Kahn and his men go to Viktor's hall while the EC features longer shots. All in all the TV is longer.
Die Theatrical Version is 3,12 sec. longer

Additional scene
1:28:39: The view of Selene is longer. Then there is a new scnee in which she leaves the chamber and camera slowly pans downwards showing the dead Singe with a bloody face wound.
16,2 sec.

Additional scene
1:38:06: Raze looks for Lucian, Michael (tied up) watches him doing so.
26,28 sec.

Additional scene
1:39:02: Raze pursuits Kraven's vampires.
16,76 Sec.

Additional scene
1:40:55: Selene cautiosly goes through a dark corridor. then you see Lucian who, injured by the silver nitrate, tries to move his fingers. In the background a group of vampires is looking for lycans. Then there is an action scene in which lycans and campires shoot each other. Then Lucian slowly standing up.
61,96 sec.

Additional scene
1:43:02: Selene picks her weapon up, looks at the lycan she just shot and goes away. Then there is another shooting scene in which there are some casualties on both sides. The next shot shows Kraven hiding.
42,72 sec.

Extended scene
1:46:13: Selene and Michael kiss.
5,92 sec.

Extended scene
1:46:22: Lucian watches the two longer. Then there is a shot from the distance when they kiss and another shot of they looking at each other.
16,16 sec.

Additional scene
1:46:45: Kraven longer goes through the ruins and sees a group of vampires in the distance.
19,16 sec.

Additional scene in the TV
1:43:45: Viktor is looking behind himself, a group of vampires goes down some stairs.
+ 5,36 sec.