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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Cut (Scorpion US-Blu-ray)
Release: Mar 02, 2021 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the theatrical version on the German Blu-ray by Subkultur and the extended version on the US Blu-ray by Scorpion Releasing

- 15 differences
- Runtime difference: 571.5 sec (= 9:32 min)

In addition, 8 instances of audio censorship can be found on the Scorpion Blu-ray. These and other minor deviations with censorship background are no longer objectionable in the extended version by Arrow Video ( Severin Video), which was subsequently released in 2022.

A few additional master errors with a duration of less than 0.5 sec each were not listed in the report.


Don't Go in the House (alternative title: The Burning), created in 1980, is a wonderfully nasty variation of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. Long before his appearance in The Sopranos, Dan Grimaldi shines here as Donny Kohler, into whose sick psyche the viewer is pulled for almost 90 minutes. Produced at a reasonable budget, Grimaldi's play, but also the gloomy score and some well-dosed shock effects as well as violent peaks create a very scary atmosphere.

The film is temporarily banned in Germany since 1983. The German Blu-ray premiere by Subkultur in 2015 therefore did not appear on the broad market but only in a specialty niche for uncut collectors. But in 2016, the US rights owner Scorpion Releasing announced that an even longer version had been found and would be released on the local Blu-ray in America. This did not happen on Amazon and Co., but only limited to 1.500 copies in their own store.

With just under 10 minutes of additional material, there are mainly a few longer scenes in which Donny's childhood and his resulting traumas are further deepened. Especially for fans, the scenes are very exciting, but they also take away some of the mysterious threat to the character. It therefore seems plausible that they were deleted in the final theatrical version, as it was released worldwide. Conversely, it is also interesting to note that there are also some alternative moments to be found there and that the "extended cut" on the American Blu-ray is thus by no means complete. So both versions keep their justification.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: German Blu-ray / US Blu-ray

In February 2022, a new Blu-ray was released in parallel in the UK by Arrow Video as well as in the US by Severin Video. On disc 1, this contains a new scan of the theatrical version and the US TV version. On disc 2 a newly created extended version can be found.

  • The new HD scan on Disc 1 corresponds to the theatrical version release on Blu-ray in Germany from Subkultur. It's in 1.78:1 though, while Subkultur had it matted to 1.85:1. Also, the logo at the beginning differs. The new scan shows the FVI logo.
  • The TV version on Disc 1 from Arrow/Severin has some additional scenes but is censored in several places. Details follow in a separate report.
  • The new extended version on Disc 2 also runs 92 minutes, but is not exactly identical to Scorpion's previous US Blu-ray. For example, in the alternate takes at the beginning, the 2022 Extended Version follows the more familiar theatrical version. This is because the 2022 Extended version is based on the new scan of the theatrical version. For the Scorpion Blu-ray, the TV version was the basis and a few instances of its audio censorship slipped into this extended version. Details will follow in a separate report.

Additionally, Arrow Video has exclusively released the "Nasty Edition" with a third disc in their in-house store as another special edition. There are 3 (or even 4) more versions included:

  • UK 35mm scan in...
    • a) original open matte form and
    • b) matted to 1.85:1 aspect ratio.
    • The latter is absolutely identical to the version Subkultur used on the German Blu-ray. Moreover, Subkultur had also filed the open matte version in the bonus material as "Rohschnitt". Some further details can be found in our dedicated report.
  • UK VHS release in uncut form: A copy of Arcade's 1983 VHS release (no BBFC certificate), which was added to the infamous "Video Nasties" list and therefore banned.
  • UK VHS first issue in cut form: The censored 1982 edition with a BBFC X rating, which will be detailed in a separate report.

In the following report, we'll go into more detail about the inherently uncut versions from this shop-exclusive Disc 3. First and foremost, the longer running time of the VHS version can make you wonder. However, Arrow has only left the introductory VHS notes in here. Also, the PAL VHS has been converted to 23,976fps, which explains the additional longer runtime over the original tape. Aside from that, there are a few reel change-related mishaps, but nothing of actual relevance.

Other logos to start with.

German Blu-ray 8,7 sec longer

German Blu-rayUS Blu-ray Extended

There is an alternative film title in the opening credits. The other credits are identical, only slightly different in positioning.

German Blu-rayUS Blu-ray Extended

02:52-02:54 / 02:44

When the burning Ben is extinguished, the first shot of the motionlessly watching Donny is a little longer on the German Blu-ray.

+ 2 sec

Audio censorship
03:42-03:48 / 03:32-03:38

Vito yells at Donny: "...and you stand here like a faggot."
Only the last word was quite conspicuous redubbed for the TV cut with "nut case".
Donny's reply "I'm not a faggot" was consequently changed to "nut case" as well.

Images for orientation

03:52-03:55 / 03:41-03:44

An alternative switch to other workers, when the foreman criticized Donny for his lack of support. On the German Blu-ray Bob, on the Extended the other two.

This was changed because you can see a poster with a nude girl besides Bob in the theatrical cut. As this is a no-go for US television it was changed in the TV cut. Unfortunately Scorpion didn't redo this censorship.

No time difference

German Blu-rayUS Blu-ray Extended

04:25-04:28 / 04:14-04:17

We can see the alternative shot once again.

No time difference

German Blu-rayUS Blu-ray Extended

04:35-04:39 / 04:25-04:29

And again.

No time difference

German Blu-rayUS Blu-ray Extended

Audio censorship
05:01 / 05:06

Donnie comments "He's a faggot, not me", which obviously was redubbed to "nut case" again.

Image for orientation

Audio censorship
19:55 / 19:45

One of the guys originally said "She's a bitch". This was redubbed as "She's trouble".

Image for orientation

20:27-20:28 / 20:16

The guys on the corner can be seen a little longer on the German Blu-ray.

Note: Right before that, one of the guys is supposed to say "You're too ugly, bitch" according to the Arrow/Severin subtitles, while the TV version is subtitled "You're too ugly, man" at that point. But in all uncensored audio tracks of the theatrical version you can't really hear the B-word and the TV version sounds identical here. So it's probably just a mistake in the subtitles and not another censorship of the TV version / Scorpion Blu-ray.

+ 1.5 sec

27:19-27:24 / 27:07-27:12

The image cropping deviates noticeably here: The genital area can only be seen on the American Blu-ray.

No time difference

German Blu-rayUS Blu-ray Extended

Note: When Cathy is killed with the flamethrower about two minutes later, however, the genital area is also briefly visible on the German Blu-ray.

38:57-39:29 / 38:44-43:59

Donny walks through the room for a longer time in the Extended US Blu-ray and talks about his childhood. He sits down and has a drink. You can also see the rotten corpses for the first time and Donny hears voices from the older women as he pays more attention to the new, younger female corpse.

A bit more detailed: Donny says that he would have spent his whole life in this house and his father would have left when he was 5 years old. The mother would have hated the father, but because of his superior height, little Donny would have gotten most of it. However, his father would have suffered as well and therefore would have resorted to alcohol, although he would have hidden it from his mother. Out of respect for his father, Donny would still hide the wine the same way today. After his father died, he would not be able to protect him anymore. The mother would have turned his childhood into a nightmare and sometimes stood over his bed at night and just yelled at him. Donnie would get up and call the women witches (Note: At least that's what he says in the TV version available at Scorpion. In the 2022 re-issue of Arrow/Severin, instead of "witches" you now hear "bitches".). Only "the new girl" would try to listen to him, whereupon he would give her a kiss. Now that he hears voices from an older woman, he gives the one older woman in the chair a back whistle. Another desperate monologue follows, in which he emphasizes how he would now rebel against different people, whereas before he had let himself be enslaved. He puts the bottle away again and says that he would notice if one of the women would take even a single sip in his absence.

On the German Blu-ray, you see instead only shorter how Donny complains in the room and gives one of the women a slap on the back. Then he walks to the door resp. continues talking from there earlier.

Extended 283.2 sec (= 4:43 min) longer

46:03 / 50:34-50:43

Another shot of a picture in the church.

9.3 sec

47:03-47:37 / 51:43-53:27

On the German Blu-ray, the shot is longer and Donny asks the priest if he believes in the devil. The answer of the priest is a little bit longer and you can see the picture that you have already seen in the previous extension. The priest affirms that the devil is only a symbol of evil and that Donny himself has it in his hands if this evil would exist.

The Extended Blu-ray switches to another perspective instead and at the beginning, the dialog is exactly identical. But Donny asks a little bit more precisely whether you should not be punished if you are evil from birth - especially because your own mother would have done evil. The priest says something that the church is all about forgiveness. Since Donny stresses that his mother taught him such critical thoughts, he asks the priest if he would call his mother a liar. The priest replies that he knew his mother very well and that he considered "evil" only as a kind of symbol.

Extended 70.1 sec (= 1:10 min) longer

48:52 / 54:43-55:08

In the same shot, priest Gerritty mentions that Donny's mother was very hurt when his father left her. Donny mentions again that his mother would have hated his father and also himself. He whimpers a little. The priest thinks that he should forgive her.

25.4 sec

51:41 / 57:57-60:30

Donnie goes back into the room with the three corpses and talks to them about what he learned from his visit to priest Gerritty. Some things would change now, because he has heard that one could change if one only wants to. Thereupon Donny hears voices again, according to which he should destroy the evil with fire. Donny still resists, but has some doubts. He goes to the corpses and blesses them.

152.9 sec (= 2:33 min)

Audio censorship
53:53 / 62:42

Bob talks about the evening plans.

Theatrical Cut: "I got all the calls made, my ass is covered"
Severin Blu-ray: "I got all the calls made, OK, and I'm all covered"

Image for orientation

Audio censorship
63:26-63:31 / 72:14-72:19

Shortly after another a "Holy shit!" was changed to "Oh, geez!" and "(Hey you) motherfucker" was muted.

Image for orientation

Audio censorship
64:08 / 72:56

When Donny gets into the care, Bob's "(Hey) you sick son of a bitch" was muted.

Image for orientation

67:17-67:19 / 76:05

And another censorship for US TV, which caused Scorpion to lose footage. The girl (Patty) comments to Jeff a little more detailed: "Oh, he's this real asshole."

+ 1.7 sec

Audio censorship
68:51 / 77:37

As the girls entered the house, a "Jesus!" was rather rudely chopped off to a "Gee!" by Suzanne.

Image for orientation

72:56-73:00 / 81:42-82:14

On the German Blu-ray Donny immediately enters the room with dead women.

In the Extended Cut instead, he first walks through the corridor and calmly points out to the dead women that they would now have some company. Only some things he could not tolerate - whereupon he mentions screaming that lies would be quite bad.

Extended 27.3 sec longer

74:57-74:59 / 84:11

Bob additionally exclaims "Holy Christ!" on the German Blu-ray.

+ 2.2 sec

76:19 / 85:31-85:41

The close-up of Donnie in the suit is interrupted in the Extended Cut by a more distant view, in which the priest asks who this is and where Donny and his mother are. To be on the safe side, the priest gives Donny's last name again.

10.8 sec