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Feast III: The Happy Finish


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Jun 04, 2018 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB
"This is the story of FEAST(...)it began in a bar(...)they left in a car(...)and now they're squashed on the street(...)"

And so the Feast-Trilogy ends like it has started before: Absolutely absurd, defying any explanation, studded with ludicrous situations providing raw effects garnished with crude details. The three sequels have been produced by a film fan who wanted to make clear his point of view of the different mainstream cliché developments down his alley. And one can notice it in every second whether the stultifications brought to the boil, movie citations or the particular characters or their names. In HAPPY FINISH the symptoms of fatigue, already distinguishable in the second sequel, are now much more distinctive. Exceptionally noticeable in the appearance of the countless figures going west in a jiffy – any moment of surprise is missing – or the text inserts with pithy one-liners, funny in the original but now only good for a worn-out smile. Nevertheless it is a diverting Action-Monster-Horror with the crudest make-up effects which have been invented in the first place as well as some cute characters (Jean-Claude Seagal the Karate-Kid and Shitkicker the five-minute-hero). The finish once again is pretty absurd and visualizes even the last spectator what director John Gulager and his both screen-writers Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan were aiming at: Nothing else than just produce an amusing, disregarding conventions party movie.

Like it has been done before, for this version a rated-R version has been released too in the USA for some rental companies and department store chains. And again it seems that the producers played chokes on us or the MPAA hasn’t even had one eye on the presented version. Because in this sequel, there also only some scenes which haven’t in the least been removed due to censorship reasons. The complete outrages – even the really extremely crude ones – are all contained. I just get the feeling that even the "Unrated" versions could have become "Restricted". For this comparison the rated-R version and the unratedversion, both released in the USA from Dimension-Extreme has been used.

"And so is the end of the FEAST... Part 1, Part 2, Part 3....maybe Part 4 will have all the answers and more. But if not, don't fuckin' blame me. Ole!"

33:03 Min.
When Biker-Queen starts the bus and changing gears there is only in the unrated version a short sequence of the survivors listening the bus.
( 13 sec. )

47:20 Min.
In the underground there are again some parts of the story line missing. First, the one of the bartender and Jean-Claude wade through the water.
Bartender: "In the dark, we'll put your arm back."
Jean-Claude: "It's useless, forget it"
The bartender rips off the sleeve, Jean Claude loudly moans. Then he tapes up his stump.
Jean-Claude: "The backpack, the bottles. Grab a bottle. We can't go in the dark."
The bartender grabs at the back pack: "Wait a minute. Hold this. Hold your goddamn hand out."
He then mixes the light bottle.
Jean-Claude: "Brew up. Throw it."
The bartender throws the bottle meaning: "We gotta find our way out of here. And fast"
They both move on. Change onto the other group, Secrets & Greg first. Secrets reaches a junction, Greg appears behind her: "Wait a minute. Where's the baby?"
Biker Queens shoves him from behind at the wall: "Dumb shit. You threw him to the beast."
Then they all move along and Greg again means: "I miss the baby." Change onto Lighting and Prophet: "Fuck, it's closed. We're getting closer to rejoining your friends, my little one." He responds in Spanish that he will follow him.
( 134.5 sec. )

48:27 Min.
Shortly after the attack of the beast when the bartender dashed the creature into the water the end of the scene is missing. He turns towards Jean-Claude: "Come on....Stay with me. Stay with me, sonny boy, stay with me", holding him and then they are both moving on.
( 11 sec. )