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Release: Apr 07, 2008 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
The fourth sequel of the saga, after a not that good but nonetheless entertaining third sequel, offers not much to anyone who is not a trash-fan. No suspense, almost no shock-effects, a story comparable to that of a porn movie, devastatingly bad acting (Redman and Jennifer Tilly are just plain torture to watch) and horribly bad murder scenes.
Only the great Brad Dourif as Chucky manages to save the movie a bit with numerous laughs and an incredible dark humor.

The profitable release policy with fancy "unrated", "extended" or "uncut" footage reaches a new low with this movie. Only one new scene and one alternative scene have been integrated into the Unrated version.
Because of this reason it is hard to judge whether the Unrated is inferior or superior. The altenate scene drags down the overall quality a bit and the extended ending makes it clear to even the dumbest viewer that Tiffany has managed to voodoo her way into Jennifer Tillys body.

The comparison: For the R-Rated the RC 3 DVD from Panasia climbs into the ring against the Unrated US DVD from Universal.

1 alternative shot = No (real) time difference
1 newly added scene = 67,98 Sec.
Chuckys masturbation scene
Alternative Material:

Close-up of Chuckys hand while masturbating along with a noise of squeaking rubber.
Note: Nothing to see here - the hand covers everything. It doesn't even look anywhere near real, because Chucky is clutching his fist and his penis would have to be as thin as a blade of grass in order to make it halfway realistic.
6,01 Sec. (incl. the shot of Chucky before this shot, to be able to compare with the R-Rated below)

Here the shot of Chucky looking down has been lengthened. The beginning of this shot is in the Unrated as well.
Note: Die R-Rated does not contain the ridiculous shot of the Unrated, which might be a holler only for trash-fans. So the R-Rated is superior on this one:
5,97 Sec.

The ending has been extended in the Unrated. It is doubtable that the scene had to go for the R-Rating because nothing really nasty happens.

The new material is added after Jennifer Tilly has beaten her maid to death with the Tiffany doll and the camera zooms in on her eyes changing their color to green.

Here's what was added for the Unrated:
Jennifer Tilly stands in the room, heavily breathing. She says: "God bless". Then she places the lifeless doll of Tiffany on the couch, during which Tiffanys bloody forehead is seen. Jennifer notices that she got blood on herself as well and cleans herself with a handkerchief, looking slightly disgusted. She walks over to the maids corpse and says, slightly nervous: "Just a little Slip" before dragging the body to a closet while saying "Rome wasn`t build in a day". By the closet Jennifer mutters to herself: "We all have our little Setbacks" followed by: "I`m not a bad person. I just do bad things."
Opening the closet door, she notices that her daughter has watched the murder. Jennifer looks at her and smiles, then puts her finger to her mouth and goes: "Ssssssshhhh". Her daughter also smiles and imitates the gesture.

Thanks to the newly added scene a few frames of he close-up of Jennifer Tillys green eyes are missing in the Unrated. Reason: The R-Rated blends right over to the children's birthday party in the garden. This had to be removed because of the new scene.
67,98 Sec.