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Release: Jun 26, 2011 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut R-Rated version taken from the German rental DVD by M.I.B. and the uncut Unrated US-DVD by Shriek Show/Media Blasters.

R-Rated (M.I.B.) = 88:28 min.
Unrated (Shriek Show) = 89:22 min.
5 cuts in the R-Rated = 53,5 sec.
02:20 After John Stoker fell into the chest of the corpse with his head, he starts to vomit and some fast intercuts to the body can be seen.
3,5 sec.

38:36 The succubus eats Ketchum. The Unrated shows her longer shaking a piece of meat she holds in her mouth and again fast shots of Ketchum's spasming hand and his feet.
12,5 sec.

55:07 Clegg is vomiting a lot more blood. Cassandra, the succubus, pushes the doll harder and harder. Now, CLegg starts to vomit his intestines (with regards from Lucio Fulci).
11,5 sec.

61:36 The succubus pushes her hand into Monk's belly longer and some intestines come out of it.
3 sec.

64:48 The three succubi, naked and covered in blood, crawl around and play with the intestines longer.
23 sec.