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Bermuda Triangle, The

original title: Il Triangolo delle Bermude


  • Italian Version
  • Alternate Version
Release: Aug 11, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Italian Version and the Alternate Version (both available on the German DVD by Centurio).

Adventurous Edward hires captain Mark Briggs to search for a sunken city. Also on board is his entire family, among them Kim with her pretty Michelle and Sybil who is currently fighting with her husband Peter. To make things worse, the boat drives straight into the Bermuda Triangle which leads to strange incidents and people on the boat start dying. Can Mark and his crew get out of the danger zone before it is too late?

In 1974, the novel The Bermuda Triangle by Charles Berlitz and J. Manson Valentine was published. It revived the Bermuda Triangle myth even though the fact of the matter is that neither more nor less ships or planes vanish there. Inspired by the alleged danger, director René Cardona Jr. shot a rather solid exploitation flick about the subject.

There are two versions of The Bermuda Triangle on the German DVD which has been used for the following comparison: Version #1 is the Italian Version which happens to be a little shorter than the German VHS - the missing scenes are available as bonus though. The second version is the so-called Alternate Version. The quality is a little better and it is also available on the US DVD (which appears to be source for the here compared Alternate Version on the German DVD).
Starting at the end of the opening credits, there are numerous alternate shots - some of them shorter, others longer. There are recuts as well and the order of events has also been changed every now and then. But only in detail, the general order of events remains still the same. Since a direct comparison is almost impossible due to all the alternate footage, the following comparison only lists scenes that are obviously missing in one of the versions.

But which one of the versions is the better one? Well, the Alternate Version sheds some more light on Sybil's relationship with Peter. Other than that, there are not any huge differences resulting from the missing or new scenes.

Now two examples for the alternate footage:


Italian Version: 98:17 min
Alternate Version: 106:50 min

The Alternate Version begins with the boat in the storm,followed by the logo of the production company.

Alternate Version: 9 sec


Sybil accuses Peter of doing nothing and getting wasted all the time. She wonders why he came in the first place but Peter makes it clear he only did because it was her idea.

Alternate Version: 22 sec


The report about the vanished planes contains some alternate footage.

Italian Version: 1:32 min
Alternate Version: 1:39 min


Only in the Italian Version, Sybil mentions that Peter was one of the aliens.

Italian Version: 6 sec


Sybil asks Peter what was going on. He explains it appears as if the birds had fought and they had been bitten in the neck. He tosses the bird and the camera pans over the dead birds on the ground.

The girls gets comforted earlier.

Alternate Version: 44 sec


Alternate, quite different shot of the plane.

Italian Version: 4 sec
Alternate Version: 3 sec


The tower asks for the location of the plane but the woman hysterically yells her instruments were not working and she could not determine the location because of it. She also mentions the horrible light one more time.

Italian Version: 23 sec


The tower radios the plane one more time.

Italian Version: 7 sec


Two further shots of the dive.

Alternate Version: 21 sec


Pan shot to the locked fridge, followed by a shot of a shark in the water.

Alternate Version: 12 sec


The killing of the two sharks differs - alternate resp. more brutal footage in the Alternate Version included.

Italian Version:

Alternate Version:

Italian Version: 1:23 min
Alternate Version: 1:10 min


Peter explains he had been a very good swimmer back in the days. Then he speaks of the strange evnts occuring in the Bermuda Triangle and he mentions the bird incident as well.

Alternate Version: 30 sec


The stone pillars collapse much longer in the Alternate Version.

Italian Version:

Alternate Version:

Italian Version: 50 sec
Alternate Version: 1:25 min


The woman asks about Edward, the guy tells her not to worry, Michelle stuck under water and the oxygen bottle gets picked up.

Alternate Version: 27 sec


During Michelle's rescue mission, the Alternate Version contains several intercuts of some shark.

Only in the Alternate Version, one of the divers kills the shark with the harpoon.

Alternate Version: 52 sec


The Alternate Version shows Michelle with her legs wounded one more time.

Alternate Version: 4 sec


The boat once again in the Alternate Version. The tracking shot starts earlier as well.

Alternate Version: 26 sec


The girl also says Simon was going to die first.

Then the boat.

Sybil paces inside the cabin and lights a cigarette. Peter comes upstairs, walks outside and buttons his shirt.

Alternate Version: 1:02 min


Sybil says to Peter he had to keep them in the loop how Michelle was doing. Peter says thanks for the drink and wants to know from the captain in which direction he was going. Sybil tosses the glass overboard.

Alternate Version: 25 sec


Edward offers Kim to go upstairs with her and get some fresh air while he stays with Michelle.

Italian Version: 8 sec


Peter says he had done everything he could to save Michelle's life but he was expecting it to be over soon.

Alternate Version: 13 sec


Alan knocks at Sybil's door and says a storm was coming. She opens the door and thanks him. He asks where her husband was because she had answered the door instead of him and Sybil explains he was out for a drink.

Alan then informs Edward and asks about Michelle's condition. Edward says she was still unconscious but her breathing was increasing. Kim opens the door and thanks him for caring. Kim then goes back to Michelle.

Alternate Version: 1:12 min


The Alternate Version contains a further shot of Gordon, followed by the control center.

Alternate Version: 5 sec


In the Alternate Version, Alan climbs back on deck after the rescue boat leaves.

Alternate Version: 8 sec


After the rescue boat comes back, the girl takes another look around.

Alternate Version: 6 sec


The girl gets the doll, Gordon sees her with it.

Alternate Version: 19 sec


More welding under water in the Italian Version.

Italian Version: 19 sec


Sybil takes a look at another picture of the lake monster.

Alternate Version: 8 sec


Two additional shots of the girl in the Alternate Version, then the rescue boat.

Alternate Version: 13 sec


Peter adds what had happened to the others had happened to his wife as well, followed by a shot of the rescue boat.

Alternate Version: 12 sec


Now the Italian Version contains an additional shot of the rescue boat. Michelle is the only one on it.

Italian Version: 15 sec