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  • Extended Version
  • Theatrical Version
Release: May 07, 2017 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Extended Version and the Theatrical Version (both available on the German DVD by Marketing).

The differences:

1 scene with alternate footage = Theatrical Version: 4 Sek / Extended Version: 2 sec
Alternativ-Ende = Theatrical Version: 69 sec / Extended Version: 1 min 50 sec

On an early morning, little "Tony" has to watch his father "Sam" getting abducted by aliens. A little later, Tony and his mother Rachel have moved and the latter already lives together with a new partner. Tony is still bothered by nightmares about his fathers abduction. He tells his mother that he is still telepathically connected to his dad - Rachel of course does not believe it. One day, a UFO lands somewhere in the middle of the forest and an alien comes out. He gets on his way to complete his mission. While walking, he spots a country home in the woods where a middle-aged woman lives. Immediately, the alien breaks in, raids and impregnates her. One moment later, she gives birth to the "kid": She pushes out Sam who had been abducted years ago. Back on earth, all Sam wants to do is to get back to his family. However, he has changed and no longer is human. Once he got back to his family, strange things start to happen and people die....

The 1983 UK-movie "X-Tro" is a mixture of Horror, Science-Fiction and Drama, accompanied by annoying synthesizer music and partially good effects - at least for the time the movie was made. Today, nobody would really get excited because of the movie. The fact that the movie was included on the "Video Nasties" list probably helped its popularity. Today, the movie had been taken down this list. In 1990 and 1995, two sequels were released that are not really connected to the story of the first movie.

As for the versions, it is interesting to notice that there exist two different endings. While the Theatrical Version ends rather positively, the UK and US version show a different, bloody ending without a happy end which the director thought was appropriate. Still, the original Theatrical Version had the happy ending - the alternative ending was solely included in home theater releases. Several releases include both endings. Apart from the different ending, the US/UK version additionally misses out on a few rather uninteresting sequences which are irrelevant for the story.
40 Min
Only the Theatrical Version contains two shots of Sam resp. Analise talking. The Extended contains a scene with Analise, Sam, Rachel and Joe which is also in the Theatrical Version, but earlier. Sam's conversation with Analise from the Theatrical Version is in the Extended Version as well. Except, there it is audible during the shot of the group at the table.
Extended Version: 2 sec
Theatrical Version: 4 sec

Extended VersionTheatrical Version

78 Min
Both versions end differently. The Theatrical Version contains a happy ending, the Extended Version Version does not.

In the Theatrical Version, the shot of Rachel sitting in front of the trees is a little longer. The camera fades out. In the next scene, we see Rachel sitting in front of a closed door light shines through. She walks to the door and opens it. Then she enters the room and faces several alien clones of her son. The clones touch Rachel and call her "Mama". She smiles down at them. Again, the camera fades out, followed by a title card that says "The End".
In the Extended Version, the camera at first shows the house from outside and then pans upwards. Subsequently, we see Rachel inside the house in front of the closed door with the light shining through. She approaches the door and enters the room. Inside a box she finds a few alien eggs. She picks one of them up to take a look at it. Suddenly, the egg cracks open and a slimy proboscis comes out. It attaches itself to Rachel's mouth and blood splashes out. Rachel falls to the ground and does not move anymore. The camera zooms out and the door closes. After that, the credits roll.
Extended Version: 110 sec
Theatrical Version: 69 sec

Extended Version:

Theatrical Version