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original title: Dèmoni


  • BBFC 18 VHS
  • Austrian DVD
Release: Apr 26, 2010 - Author: polter - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The cut British VHS (BBFC 18) has been compared to the uncensored austrian DVD by Raptor (not rated). "Dèmoni" (released as "Demons" in Great Britain), one of Italian horror cinema's late classics, was both on the British and German censors' blacklists due to the numerous splatter scenes. The British tape by "Avatar" was cut even stronger than its German counterpart by "New Vision" (which still was seized throughout Germany). In the British version, though, there were mostly the middle parts of the more bloody takes cut instead of entire scenes, so you can still manage to follow the plot in this censored version. The UK DVDs released by Blackhorse Entertainment and Platinum Media Corperation are uncut.

Interestingly, the UK-VHS has one longer scene as opposed to the DVD by Raptor:
As the movie, which is playing in the cinema is being stopped by the audience in the cinema hall, the line "Fine Primo Tempo" can be read for about five seconds on the screen.

8 cuts = approx. 66 sec, time designations relate to the uncensored DVD.
The film's title was changed on the Raptor-DVD (right hand). The DVD features the title "Dance of the Demons", whereas the VHS (left hand) is titled "Demons":
no time difference

One of the movie's most famous effect sequences only remains hinted in the UK-version: The part with the woman turning into a demon and her teeth falling out and being replaced with a longer and pointier variance is missing lare portions.
6 sec

A further shot of that was also shortened:
7 sec

The shot depicting the blind man having his eyes scratched out abruptly stops after a fraction of the original length in the UK-version as well. The actual scraping out is missing, including editings to the demon.
9 sec

The infected spits disgusting goo at the woman.
11 sec

The scene showing one of the punks scratching cocaine from the girl's breast with a razor blade misses the middle part. The UK-VHS stops shortly before you see her nipple and continues after he cut her.
24 sec

A demon gets its hand into the motorcycle's spokes. The hand being mutilated is not shown.
24 sec

The masked man is being stabbed in the eye with a pointed steel object. The last part of the first shot is missing, showing the pointed object in the face, an editing to George and the beginning of the next shot of the impaled one.
6 sec