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  • Theatrical Version
  • Workprint
Release: Sep 28, 2009 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the UK-DVD (R-Rated, Theatrical Version) and the Workprint.

The fourth part of the series picks up where the third part dropped he ball. Jason is alive and returns to Crystal Lake to slice and dice some more teenagers who are spending their time with sex, drugs and parties.

This workprint is an already finished version of the movie. Special effects, music as well as opening and ending credits are present. Compared to the Theatrical Version there are some new storyline sequences, presumably cut because they slowed the movie down.

The imdb contains hints to further scene extensions. Those are not in the workprint, o their actual existence is questionable.

  • Nurse Rhonda was originally held up and gutted, but it ended up being cut out so that it only showed her being stabbed.
  • A scene where Tommy shows Rob a toy soldier melting under a magnifying glass.
  • A scene where Trish finds her mother drowned in a bathtub.

    Source: imdb

    Running times:

    DVD: 87:25 Min. (PAL)
    WP: 96:54 Min. (NTSC)
  • [00:05:59][00:06:02]

    A bit of dialogue between the two paramedics is missing. The girl argues that she had the night off but her colleague answers that this is an emergency.

    22 Sec.


    Tommy scares his sister Trish with a monster mask. he says that he has made it in the first week and that he did not find a screw driver in the trunk.

    21 Sec.


    Tommy shows Rob his Guillotine. Er demonstrates it first with a stick, then with his hand that turns out to be a prop.

    Trish enters the room and invites Rob for diner. Rob refuses and leaves the room.

    Doug enters Sarah's room and makes a remark about her legs and she returns the compliment. Doug asks whether she has a boyfriend but she evades the subject and they go on to talk about the party. Doug proposes that they could go somewhere alone but Sarah is worried that someone could miss them. Doug agrees and leaves the room.

    2:54 Min.


    Doug and Sarah on the Veranda. Doug asks whether she wants to dance. Sarah refuses but says that she likes to be with him.

    24 Sec.


    Mrs. Jarvis enters Trish's room and says that the car still needs repairing and that it is starting to rain. Trish answers that she would rather go to the party but Mrs. Jarvis says that the car is more important and that she and Tommy should get going. Trish agrees.

    35 Sec.



    Rob is seen a bit longer.

    2 Sec.


    Rob flings the parts of his shotgun back into the tent and operates some device that seems to be broken as well. Then we see him in the woods with some sort of miniature radar. he looks up and it starts to rain.

    1:20 Min.