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  • Theatrical Cut
  • Unrated Extended Edition
Release: Mar 22, 2008 - Author: Herr Koemmlich - Translator: Ryker - external link: IMDB
Comparison between Theatrical Cut and Unrated Extended Edition.

Running Time Theatrical Cut: 1:44:34 Min. with End Credits
Running Time Unrated Cut: 1:52:38 Min. with End Credits

Cutted Scenes: 14
Running Time Cutted Scenes: 494 Sek.
7:27 Min.
Portman (Richard Brake) says to "The Kid" (Al Weaver): "You know, Kid, it's funny. A couple of days ago I asked Sarge for a little pussy. The next day he brought you onto the team."
After saying that he gets from John Grimm(Karl Urban):"Don't give me an excuse, Portman. No one here will miss you."
Now Sarge (Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson) speaks up: "Men, look in.." and walks to the Helicopters Video Screen and starts the briefing: "..this is what we got from Simcon. We have a quarantine situation on Olduvai. They sent this message when the research team stopped responding to all communications."
He turns on the monitor and we see Dr. Carmacks (Robert Russell) cry for help:"This is Dr. Carmack, Classifild Research, Olduvai, ID 6627 We've had a Level 5 breach. Implement quarantine procedures immediately. I repeat."
The Rescue Team is seems very depressed while watching the Tape. Now Sarge goes on with:"UAC have shut down the lab, men. We need to go up there, locate the team eliminate the threat and secure the facility."
The Kid asks:"What threat?". Duke (Razaaq Adoti) answers:"It goes like this, see: If it's trying to kill you, it's a threat." The Kid is visibly appalled by Duke´s predication. Sarge walks through the ranks and touches The Kids Head.
72 Sec.

12:53 Min.
Pinkys legs (Dexter Fletcher) appear and fall to the ground.
2 Sec.

22:20 Min.
The Kid investigates the room. Then suddenly a gaspipe breaks loose and swings back and forth. The Kid fires directly wild through the room.Sarge and Duke hear the fire in another room and Sarge orders via radio: "All units report contact. God damm it. All units report contact.".
Destroyer (Deobia Oparei) walks to The Kid, and Kid says: "It was moving."
Destroyer reports via radio to Sarget:"Friendly fire, Sarge. Wasting ghosts."
52 Sec.

31:06 Min.
The Kid and Portman joined forces now to investigate another room. They get to the dressing room, Portman takes a look and seems very delighted. He turns to Kid and murmurs: "There is a God" Kid gets curious and Portman leads him into the room. They see a nacked woman with her back turned to the two. Kid reacts like his Nickname and appeals to her. She reacts with a strange sound and Kid tries again. Suddenly she turns around and attacks both with a knife. They get scared for a short moment, but then open fire. After the shooting both catch their breaths and we see the word Suffer written in blood on one of the lockers. Portman reports via radio to Sarge: "I think we found the rest of that arm."
72 Sec.

47:50 Min.
Samantha Grimm (Rosamund Pike) is carrying out the autopsy on the mutated scientists. Duke watches her. Accidently Samantha drops the little flashlight into the mouth of the creature. She calls for Duke to help her, but he looks a bit sceptic to the whole situation. She says: Don't be a wuss."
Now he grabs on and reaches into the mouth of the creature while he is watching Samanthas Neck Line. As she realizes, she only gives him a look, Duke looks back. She rams her arm completely into the creatures throat and finally gets the flashlight and pulls it out. During the "operation" they have a Conversation.
Duke:"Little tension between you and Reaper?"
Samantha: "We just went our separate ways.Why does a talent student throw it all away and join the RRTS?"
Duke:"So, what was he like before?"
Samantha:"Empathetic, sensitive."
Duke:""It's kind of hard for me to imagine Reaper as sensitive.
Samantha:"I knew Reaper before all the "drop down and give me 50, woo-ha" stuff." Samantha asks Duke about his family. Duke: "I have Destroyer. You know, we grew up together."
Samantha:"You know, Duke, i bet secretly you have a big heart."
Duke: "And that's not the only secret big thing i got."
Samantha: "Little rusty, huh?"
Duke: "Oh, lady, you have no idea. Right now, having sex with me is practically your civic duty."
Meanwhile she tries to open the corpse with a scalpel which is breaking during the process. She asks Duke to hand her the Bonesaw.
Duke:"Girl, I've been waiting on you my whole life."
Samantha: "There's one in the procedure room. Down the corridor on the left through the nanowall."
Duke:"All right, I got it. It's cool.For you i got it,'cause you're pretty. I wouldn't do it for a dude, you know."
122 Sec.

1:05:16 Min.
Sarge finds Destroyers minigun. Because both of them are off guard, he calls for them. Meanwhile Portman is in the bathroom, grabs his gun and checks the clip, which is empty. As he tries to put in a new one, he is disturbed by a sound and drops the clip. It slides out of his reach so he has to crawl on the floor to get it.
50 Sec.

1:06:26 Min.
Again we see Portman crawling to his clip. He keeps crawling until he gets stuck with his bumbag. He presses the bag down so he can reach the clip, what he finally accomplishes and reaches the clip.
36 Sec.

1:19:25 Min.
Sarge and Kid are investigating the corridors. They discover a group of mutants feeding on a corpse. They set an end to this in their very special way.
30 Sec.

1:20:06 Min.
John Grimm tries to reach Sarge via Radio, but he is busy with killing a female mutant. He kills another mutant until he answers John, that he can read him loud and clear.
22 Sec.

1:31:01 Min.
A huge mutant breaks through the door.
5 Sec.

1:31:25 Min.
Something comes along the corridor, and John performs a back handspring in Ego Perspective .
7 Sec.

1:32:35 Min.
John fires fomr the distance, with no effect. Then he uses the Doom patented chainsaw. He hits the floor, jumps over the mutant while firing and lands on the opposite side.
15 Sec.

1:33:06 Min.
John gets some room between him and the mine and looks up to the mutant.
8 Sec.

1:33:36 Min.
The shot of the Pinky Monster has been extended. We see the wheelchair flipping to the left.
1 Sec.