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Tower of London


  • US Version
  • UK Version
Release: Feb 19, 2017 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the UK Version and the US Version (both available on the German DVD by Ostalgica).

England in the 15th century: When King Edward IV is on his deathbed, he makes his brother Clarence caretaker of his kingdom until his biological sons are old enough to succeed him. Edward's second brother Richard of Gloucester has ambitions to become the new king himself and he kills anyone standing in his way. Haunted by the spirits of his victims, he gets more and more insane by the minute.

Tower of London is an incredible movie from Roger Corman's earlier days when it all started with the Poe screen adaptions. A few things might seem familiar to the audience. Corman was a master of recycling and for any other subsequent Poe adaption, he used parts of the setting from this very movie. After The Pit and the Pendulum, Vincent Price got the lead again and his performance of the power-obsessed brother Richard of Gloucester is simply amazing.

The US Version of the movie laks two scenes. When Mistress Shore (played by Sandra Knight) gets tortured, a few seconds are missing. In addition to that, a rather redundant scene in which Sir Justin does some sword fight training with the two princes has been removed. All in all, I would recommend the UK Version.

Running Times:

UK Version: 76:25 min
US Version: 75:48 min

Mistress Shore is on the rank and screams while Richard wonders if it was really worth it.

UK: 9 sec


Sir Justin and Edward are training with their swords when Tyrus shows up because he wants to talk to him. He sends the children to their mother and the two of them step inside the castle.

UK: 27 sec