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Exorcist 2 - The Heretic


  • Alternate VHS Version
  • Original Theatrical Version
Release: Apr 06, 2011 - Author: gecko666 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
4 years ago, little Regan was freed from the devil. Meanwhile she's 17 but still haunted by bizarre dreams. Shrink Gene Tuskin and Padre Lamont try to finally cure her but she needs to return to the Georgetown House, where the demon ia already waiting for her, to do that.

There are at least 3 different versions of Exorzist 2. The Original Version has a length of 117 min (112 min in PAL) and was recut to a version with a length of 110 min (105 min in PAL) at the day of its premiere by director John Boorman himself.

The main differences of these versions:
- an added flashback of the events in the prequel.
- Stock footage of Regan as demon has been flashed (Linda Blair refused to get dressed up as demon one more time so that any new scenes of possessed Regan had to be shot with a double).
- There's an alternate end where Richard Burton's charakter gets killed.
- Source: IMDB

The VHS contains the third version and a length of 98:18 min in PAL (approx. 103 min in NTSC). This version doesn't show what happens to Padre Lamont because he doesn't show up anymore after he ripped off the demon's heart.

Compared are the German VHS by Warner and the Original Theatrical Version (DVD by Warner).

Many thanks to peda and Demerest for laying on the material for this comparison!
After the opening credits, the VHS goes on with an intro by Pater Lamont:
Pater Lancaster Marrin died in Georgetown near Washington D.C. when he tried to proceed an exorcism at a a 12-year-old. The girl's name was Regan McNeal. She was possessed by Pazuzu. Padre Marrin encountered him in Ethiopia, where he took possession of a young African, for the very first time. Marrin was positive that this demon was at the threshold to a major alteration, either to good or to bad account. Marrin's followers became more and more every day and I was one of them, who was inspired by him, as well. His death was a grievous loss for us. 4 years later in South Africa it was up to me to continue on Padre Marrin's way. (Please note: the exact might be different in the English audion track because it's retranslation from the German dub. I thought it would be more convenient than reported speech.)
81.48 sec

Pater Lamont geht zur Hütte und wird dabei von einer Gruppe einheimischer begleitet.

Before starting the exorcism, Lamont opens his book and prays for Pater Marrin's help.
23.60 sec

Regan taps to the trumpet played by a boy.
46.20 sec

VHS: Padre Lamont talks to the Holy Father - Gene practises with the deaf-dumb girl - Regan and Gene in the conference room - Padre Lamont talks to the Holy Father

The Holy Father arrives later. The he asks Lemont to examine Padre Marrin's death. A part of their conversation is missing.

Both versions:
The Holy Father says he couldn't image anyone better for that job.

The Holy Father says he was glad to see the others. He adds Marrin's rep was at stake and his documents had been confiscated.

Lamont replies he wasn't surprised because the church avoided the evil and Satan was laughing about their progressive view by now.

The Holy Father responds Marrin had been more radically in these issues. He adds the power of the evil was increasing and it was going to top the power of God one day.

Lamont says that was how they'd found someone to take the rap.

The Holy Father says many of their studied brothers thought he'd died by the devil's hand while the exorcism took place in America. He adds supporters of the recent confiscation consided him a failed satanist before he'd died.

Lamont explains Padre Marrin was possibly wrong and he took a path into the unknown.

The Holy Father reminds Phillipp of how he'd inspired them and wants him to remember following Christ wasn't easy.

Lamont explains they'd been young but there was nothing but evil those days because God didn't speak anymore.

The Holy Father says he wasn't going to sign Padre Marrin's will before the last uncertainties regarding his last exorcism weren't clarified. He wants Lamont to lead the investigation and wants anything handled confidentally because was supposed to know.

Here the VHS goes on with Padre Lamont saying he wasn't worthy.
106.96 sec

Gene and Lamont are talking about Regan and that Peter wants to speak with her. The dialog and the cut is different here.

Gene says to Lamont he thought the exorcism has made it even worse.

Lemont says Gene was probably right and that was exactly what he'd had written in his book for some reason. Lemont quotes from the book by saying Gene called psychiatric eruption of the subconsciousness, cases that were very similar to the traditional demonic phenomenon.

Gene asks Lamont if he was a psychologist now.

Lamont affirms that.

Then Gene needed to explain 3 people had died and Regan felt so guilty that she'd pushed it to the back of her mind. He excuses but he can't let Lamont question her because if she remembers the shock could lead to self-punishment or suicide.

Lamont replies Gene took quite a responsibility there, he means being worried about her inner life.

Gene says Lamont was wrong because he (Gene) was responsable for her mental and physical health.

Lamont asks Gene if he knew what he was fighting.

Gene says Lamont needed to know that 3 people had died. He believes Regan felt so guilty that she'd pushed it to the back of her mind. He excuses but he can't let Lamont question her because if she remembers the shock could lead to self-punishment or suicide.
Lamont replies Gene took quite a responsibility there, he means being worried about her inner life.

Gene responds it was all about the mental and physical health of their patients.

Lamont asks Gene if he knew what he was fighting.
The VHS is longer.

The shot of Regan in front of the hypnosis machine starts earlier.
2.88 sec

Further extension in front of the machine.
4.92 sec

The VHS shows Padre Lamont when Gene has his hypnoses breakdown while the DVD sticks with the previous shot.
0.56 sec

Extended shot of Regan playing with the kids.
13.8 sec

Lamont and Gene are talking about the session. Thereby he tells her that Padre Marrin was murdered.

VHS and DVD:
It wasn't the spirit of a kid, it was gruesome. (The VHS cuts to the painting kid).

Lamont says it was incredibly horrible and fascinating.

Gene replies they didn't know much about transfering hypnosis yet. He says what Lamont saw wasn't real, it could have been a dream or a something imagined, a hallucination but no memory.

Lamont says these were just lame excuses and it would be better to face the fear instead of running away.
Here the VHS fades back from the painting kid to the conversation.
23.36 sec

The nurse that brings the "burning" painting to Padre Lamont arrives earlier.
1.80 sec

Extended shot of Regan on the roof.
1.20 sec

Lamont and Sharon are talking about the incident two years ago. Before they arrive at the door, the following is missing:

VHS and DVD:
Sharon says she got no explanation what scared her.

Lamont asks if she'd already been to a psychologist or a priest.

Sharon says she was standing in front of one.

DVD and VHS:
Lamont explains he wasn't there because of her.
5.92 sec

Gene explains to Lamont she had kids and she fancied having more time for them. Different angles.
0.40 sec

Missing parts of the conversation between Gene and Lamont.

Gene asks the Padre if he wasn't eager to be with a woman.

Lamont confirms that.
9.32 sec

43:57 / 45:26
Extended shot of the hills and the grasshoppers during the second hypnosis session.
6.80 / 8.44 sec

The shot of Pazuzu's way back is longer.
13 sec

After the second session, Gene and Lamont talk about having been recognized by Regan in Africa. The end of the conversation is missing.

DVD and VHS:
Gene says Regan had explained she'd already seen sth. similar in the museum.

Lamont says he was going to ask her.

Gene tells him not be so fast and that he wanted to take her pulse.
8.96 sec

Regan makes Sandra talk. When her mother comes in, she's flabbergasted and doesn't say anything - but only in the VHS Version.

VHS and DVD:
Sandra asks her mother if she knew what had happened.

Her mother expresses her joy about Sandra's speaking.
Sandra asks her mom if she could her hear.

The mother just repeats she could talk one more time.
12.64 sec

Gene and Lamont enter the room and want to know what happened. The nurse tells them Sandra was speaking again. Sandra's mother wants to go home to her husband immediately so that he can hear her speak as well.

VHS and DVD:
Gene tells her to wait because she wouldn't stop talking anymore.

The mother tells her to keep talking.

Gene wants to talk to both of them in his office.

The mother explains her husband would never forgive her if he couldn't hear that and that's why she had to take her home asap.
9.64 sec

Lamont wants to persuade Gene that Regan is possessed by a demon.

VHS and DVD:
Lamont says they had to destroy the demon that controlled her because that demon stopped her from recovering full mental strength.

Gene says their demons were just in their heads and adds Lamont was possessed by this subject.

Lamont explains he wasn't possessed but fascinated. He keeps talking he was aware of the risks and adds even Padre Marrin's consciousness was more than overwhelming.
10.68 sec

Lamont and Regan are talking at the meseum.

VHS and DVD:
Regan wants to know from Lamont if priests believe in supernatural events.

Lamont replies some did. He explains a French priest believed anyone would reach the next step by mental telepathy one day, kind of a mutual awareness for anyone.

Regan asks when that was going to happen.

Lamont explains he didn't know and even Padre Marrin believed that modern scientific research could be that far soon. He adds he was talking about Dr. Tuskin's research. He keeps talking if it had happened before they were prepared it would have been possible they decided for the wrong path, the path of the devil.

VHS and DVD:
She tells the Padre he could recognize the spot where Marrin and Pazuzu had been fighting there. The VHS contains a shot of the sign with the inscription, then it pans to the church. In the DVD Version, they're walking across a hallway or sth. until they finally reach the church.
38.92 sec

Another missing part of the conversation between Regan and Lamont.

VHS and DVD:
Regan says his name was Kokumu. / Not until now the DVD Version shows the sign and then pans to the church.

Lamont says if he could learn how he'd survived that... He stops in the middle of the sentence and says he'd be back soon.
22.08 sec

Lamont argues with the Holy Father about Kokumu.

VHS and DVD:
Lamont says he needed to travel to Africa asap to track Kokumu down.

Lamont says he had proof that exorcism brings salvation. He explains it wasn't just that and continues Padre Marrin's prophecy descirbed the birth of a new generation that banned the evil from earth. He explains they could already be among them and Kokumu might be one of them.

VHS and DVD:
Lamont says he'd seen him in a vision. He explains he had the power to defeat evil.

The Holy Father says he'd asked Lamont to investigate Padre Marrin's exorcisms but he hadn't ask to continue his work. He continues Lamont needed to ask for foregiveness and proposes Lamont's retreat.

Lamont doesn't want to retreat, he'd rather attack.

VHS and DVD:
The Holy Father explains Lamont had a conflict with the church and wants him to reconsider his position because he (The Holy Father) didn't have another choice but to discharge him from the assignment. He doesn't want Lamont to keep investigating and says they were going to talk after the retreat again.
35.28 sec

Here the DVD fades out. Only in the VHS Version, they keep arguing.

Lamont says Marrin had faced evil and called things as they were. He explains Marrin hadn't known any fear and he'd been desperately fighting it until hid death. Then Lamont mentions Marrin had been rejected by them and he asks why. He comes up with some lame excuses and says your Eminence (he's refering to the Holy Father of course) simply believed the entire world was incurable sick and lost.

The Holy Father says that was heresy.

Lamont explains him he was denying their assignment, their holy mission.
23.08 sec

Regan is standing on top of the roof. The camera circles around her once. (Also happens in the VHS Version but not before Lamont enters the church.)
DVD: 15.32 sec
VHS: 8.12 sec

Lamont and his team climb up the mountain. The VHS Version lacks a couple of shots.
25.80 sec

Lamont enters the cave and finds himself in the middle of a mass. The dancing and the music is longer in the DVD Version. Then Lamont and some others knee down and, before he receives the blood and the body of Christ, he says that he had sinned, that he was disobedient and overpowered by evil. He finally says he was absolutely guilty.
117.52 sec

Lamont and the Padre find the remains from the kid who got killed by Pazuzu. Then Lamont gets asked how he'd known that the remains could be found there.

VHS and DVD:
Lamont replies he got killed by Pazuzu, a very powerful demon.

He replies he was in trance with Pazuzu, like he got hypnotised.

VHS and DVD:
He explains the entire group panically ran. / Lamont wants Peter to wait.
2.64 sec

Extended shot of Regan's seizure.
1.28 sec

On the flight to Jepti.

Lamont says he's been on that route before, on the wings of a demon.

The Pilot starts laughing.

Lamont says he'd been on that route before.

Pilot wants to know woth whom.

Lamont replies it had been on the wings of a demon.

The Pilot starts laughing.

Even though the conversation is longer on DVD, only the VHS contains a shot of the plane. That's why the VHS is longer.
6.64 sec

Lamont roams across the streets of Jepti and asks a guard for Kokumu. The VHS lacks some footage of Lamont in the streets. Furthermore a shot of Lamont saying "Merci.." and the guard saying "Kokumu" while Lamont's leaving is missing.
21.36 sec

Before Kokumu explains the behavior of the grasshoppers, more grasshoppers are being shown - accompanied by the "explanation" that the audience sees the different kind of grasshoppers now.
12.56 sec

Gene is in the bath tub, playing with the kid. Suddenly the phone rings.
17.80 sec

Additional shot of the mountain landscape during Lamont's and Regan's hypnosis session.
7 sec

The following is missing after Gene realized that Regan had stolen the hypnosis device:

VHS and DVD:
Gene mentions she was ahead of them.

Sharon says she knew.

The Sister wants to know if there were any news.

Gene replies Regan took the synchronisator.
4.84 sec

Before Regan gives Gene a call, she watches the kids and smiles. The following phone conversation lacks Regan's explanation about the whereabouts of the synchronisator. She explains he lied in room 27 of the Dicie Hotel.
Furthermore she walks behind Padre Lamont for a longer period.
16,12 sec

The conductor wants to know why Regan was snooping around in Lamont's bag but Lamont tells him to leave her alone. The VHS lacks his additional comments that she was with him.
1 sec

On their way to the airport, Gene and Sharon are being stopped by a wounded guy. In the VHS Version, they ignore him and keep driving. In the DVD Version, Gene stops and Sharon says Regan could presumingly wait. Gene gets out of the car and tells the wounded guy to come closer because she was a doctor and she wanted to help. She wants to have a look and tells him to hold still.
21.80 sec

When the turbulences are over, Gene helps a guy on the plane to loosen his tie.
4.88 sec

The VHS fades out earlier when Regan and Lamont get in the bus.
1.72 sec

Additional scene at the bus. The driver is eating his sandwich with relish when Lamont yells at him to drive because the girl needs to get home asap. The driver is upset but he starts driving anyway.
16.40 sec

On the way to the house, Gene and Sharon reach a police road block.

Gene is pretty bugged and says he was going to take care of it.

The cab driver tells Sharon it wasn't going to help either.

Sharon says she was a doctor.

The cab driver replies it wasn't going to make any difference in Washington.

Sharon says someone was going to die.
17.32 sec

Another shot of Gene and Sharon during the cab ride.
11.48 sec

DVD: Gene and Sharon in the cab - Regan follows Lamont - Gene asks the cab driver to speed up
VHS: Gene asks the cab driver to speed up - Regan follows Lamont

Back to the cab ride. The driver mentions where they were at that exact moment.

A further shot of the cab before Lamont opens the door with the grasshoppers. The window breaks before the door is open. In the VHS Version, the window breaks afterwards.
6.56 sec

DVD: Shot of Regan (1+2) - cab driver smashes the window - cab hits a wall - shot of Regan 2
After the cab hit the wall, the VS Version also contains a close-up of the dead driver.
1.92 sec

DVD: Regan seeks and finds Lamont - Sharon can get out of the cab (1+2)
VHS: Sharon can get out of the cab 1 - Regan seeks and finds Lamont - Sharon can get out of the cab 2
Both scenes are longer in the DVD Version.
18.76 sec

Regan opens the door and turns away with shock. The DVD Version only contains a short shot which shows what she's afraid of, the VHS Version contains two further shots of Regan as demon. Furthermore Regan (as demon) tells her to hold it.
1.12 sec

Now Gene can get out of the cab as well. The shot begins earlier plus she also runs around the cab.
8.6 sec

In the VHS Version, the demon inside Regan orders to kill the Padre. Then the VHS Version fades out. In the DVD Version, she tells the Padre to come to their side. Lamont goes to her and kisses her while Regan is yelling "No". Then the demon gives order to kill her.
14.56 sec

Extended shot of starring Sharon before she torches herself.
1.08 sec

Sharon burns while Gene is watching desperately.
9.80 sec

While the VHS shows some short scenes of Sharon now (time indey 101:31), she burns more heavily in the DVD Version.
0.44 sec

Extendes shot of Lamont choking Regan as demon.
0.64 sec

After burning Sharon hits the ground, Gene tries to reach her. When he fails, she runs out on the streets and screams for help.
23.20 sec

Extendes shot of the flying grashopper.
5.52 sec

Gene tries to lift Sharon and notices the blue ray shining from the building.
3.64 sec

Extended shot of Lamont hitting Regan as demon.
2.72 sec

Another shot of Padre Lamont when anything crumbles.
3.64 sec

Extended shot of the destroyed house.
1.44 sec

After Regan destroyed the grasshoppers with her force, both versions end differently.

Regan walks along the wreckage, crying Gene is visible. Regan is being faded out with a white screen. (Smooth music plays in the background.)

Shot of Regan and Padre Lamont, then Gene and Sharon.

Sharon says she choose evil.

Lamont replies her hunger for faith was her truth. (Lamont blesses her in Latin.)

Regan (from the distance): Sharon.

Sharon: Regan... (Sharon dies).

Lamont says to Gene the time had come and they were save and strengthened because the nemesis of human race was subdued.

Lamont and Gene go to Regan.
Gene apologizes to Regan and says he'd understand now but the world didn't. Not yet. That's why they had to leave and wants him to take good care of her.
Lamont and Regan leave.
Ambulance and cops arrive and one of the cops asks Gene if there was still anyone in the house and if she was finde.
Gene is being faded out with a white screen.
168 sec