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Son of Frankenstein


  • US DVD
  • British Version
Release: Oct 21, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Son of Frankenstein

After the death of his father, Baron Wolf von Frankenstein returns to Germany with his wife Elsa and their son Peter to take up his inheritance. The villagers are critical of him, as they associate much misfortune with the name Frankenstein. Only the policeman Krogh is sympathetic to Wolf. In the ruins of the laboratory dwells Ygor, an outcast from the village community, Frankenstein's former assistant, who was convicted of grave desecration but survived execution on the gallows. Ygor eventually leads Wolf to a tomb containing the lifeless monster. Driven by the thought of clearing his father's name, Wolf brings the monster back to life, but the creature is under the control of Ygor, who seeks revenge against his former executioners. Startled by the new murders, the enraged townspeople make their way to the Frankensteins' estate.

The third part has a little less depth than the predecessors, offers an outstanding cast with Basil Rathbone as Wolf Frankenstein, Bela Lugosi as Ygor and for the last time Boris Karloff as the monster, who are visibly absorbed in their roles. At just under 100 minutes, this is also the longest Frankenstein film, and despite the runtime, there is never a second of boredom.

Extended version released in Great Britain

Completely surprisingly, a longer version of Son of Frankenstein was on Universal's US Blu-ray, which featured various scene extensions as well as alternate takes. These additional scenes are said to be from the British theatrical version. In the UK, a slightly longer version appeared in theaters. The background to this is not yet clear. One explanation could be that an earlier version ended up in the UK and was supposed to be adapted for the theatrical release based on editing requirements. It seems that not every distributor complied with these requirements. As a comparison with the British version has revealed, it contains further additional material that is not found even in the Blu-ray release.

  • The scene where Ygor watches little Peter through the hatch is in a different place than on the Blu-ray. In the British version, after Peter has been put to bed, in the Blu-ray at the end of the sequence upon arrival. The scene makes sense in both places. In the British version, it may even be a bit more coherent since Elsa is still upstairs.
  • The alternate scene in which Frankenstein stands by the monster before he says to turn on the generator is longer than in on the Blu-ray.
  • In the British version, Frankenstein pulls on the chain leading to Ygor's tomb for longer.
  • There is another shot of the townspeople walking to the castle.
  • Before Krogh goes into Frankenstein's room, he is shown sitting pensively in his chair.
  • The other two scenes from the Blu-ray (Frankenstein climbing out of the hatch and Ygor leading the monster into the tomb) are also included.
  • Not included are the two alternate scenes with the inspector at the beginning as he talks to Frankenstein and Ygor saying that the monster must stay put.

The German 2021 Blu-ray release by Koch Films additonally contains the British version in its bonus section.

Image Comparison:


British Version:


Theatrical version (US DVD): 99:12 min.
British version: 101:00 min.

Compared the US DVD by Universal with the British theatrical version.


In the theatrical version, Elsa is shown longer after explaining why the beds are head to head. This fades to the next scene.

The British version shows little Peter asleep in bed.

Ygor opens a hatch and looks at Peter.

As Elsa combs her hair, she looks around. She runs out of the room to check on Peter.

Ygor closes the hatch.

When Elsa sees that Peter is sleeping peacefully, she leaves a room. A cut to the sleeping Peter follows.

US DVD: 2 secs.
British Version: 53 sec.


The British version shows an alternate scene as Frankenstein stands by the monster. In the theatrical version, he looks to the side, then the next shot begins earlier as Frankenstein tells Benson to turn on the generator.

In the British version, Frankenstein turns to Benson in the same shot and tells him to turn on the generator.

Frankenstein: "That would vindicate my father and his name would be enshrined among the immortals. Benson turn on the generator."


British Version:

US DVD: 16 sec.
British Version: 22 sec.


After the scene in which an attempt was made to bring the monster to life using electricity, the theatrical version fades out. The British version flashes again briefly, so you see Frankenstein and the monster briefly.

No time difference


In the movie version, Frankenstein runs back when he fails to open the door to Ygor's chamber.

In the British version, Frankenstein pulls the chain longer, then runs back in the same shot.

US DVD: 3 secs.
British Version: 6 sec.


In the British version, you can see Frankenstein climbing out of the basement.

The theatrical version doesn't set in until he's already upstairs.

British Version: 5 secs.


After the scene in which Frankenstein says that he wants to gain total control over the monster, a new scene follows on the Blu-ray in which the monster is led into the tomb by Ygor.

In the theatrical version, you see the pillar a bit earlier instead.

US DVD: 1 sec.
British Version: 16 sec.


The British version shows another shot of the angry townspeople running to Frankenstein's castle.

British Version: 8 secs.


After Inspector Krogh knocks on the door of Frankenstein's room, the British version shows a shot of Frankenstein sitting in his armchair.

The theatrical version shows him jumping up right away.

British Version: 3 sec.