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  • Unrated Director's Cut
  • Extended Version
Release: Mar 20, 2008 - Author: KoRn - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Unrated: 01:33.57 min. NTSC including end titles
Extended: 01:33.36 min. NTSC including end titles

Unrated: 01:30.18 min. NTSC excluding end titles
Extended: 01:29.56 min. NTSC excluding end titles

The three friends Paxton, Josh and Olli, who are only interested in drugs, sex and partying while backpacking through Europe, get the tip from a stranger to visit a hostel in deep Slovakia, where beautiful women would be waiting for foreign men to get laid. Without any consideration the boys head to Slovakia. Hardly arrived, they meet a couple of women with whom they party at first and then get it on. It seems to be heaven on earth - until, suddenly, Olli disappears...

Except for the ending, the Director's cut is identical to the extended version. While the extended version shows the brutal murder of the businessman, the ending of the Director's cut is more mean. Here Paxton kidnaps his tormentor's little daughter.

The US-DVD: Sony Pictures - Unrated Director's Cut was compared to the German DVD: Sony Pictures - Extended Version (SPIO/JK)

alternative ending:
time code DC: 01:26.40
time code EX: 01:26.40

Director's cut:
The businessmanīs daughter welcomes her father. Paxton follows them to the bathroom. The businessman washes his face. He looks towards the door, but nobody is there. He sees a scalpel lying on the sink and leaves the toilet. He goes to the ladies' room to wait for his daughter, but she isnīt there. He runs out calling his child. He runs up to the train platform still calling her. Then one can see Paxton in the train, holding the screaming girl and driving away. The businessman does not notice that, he screams again for her.
219 sec.

Extended version:
The businessman gets off and Paxton follows him to the toilets. Here, Paxton takes a look around, shuts the door and switches the sign to "closed". The businessman sits on the toilet cleaning his glasses. He notices a business-card of the human traffickers lying on the floor. He reaches for it and Paxton grabs his hand. He cuts off two of his fingers with a knife. The businessman holds his bleeding hand while screaming in pain. Paxton kicks the door open, grabs him and pushes his head into the toilet. The businessman fights back desperately, but cannot fight off Paxton. Then however he lets him come up and gasp for breath. But then he cuts his throat and flees. You see the dead body lying with his face in the toilet bowl. Cut to his removed finger. Blood is running over the flagstones towards the business-card. Paxton is sitting in the train and drives away.
196 sec.