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Hellraiser II

original title: Hellraiser II - Hellbound


  • Unrated
  • Danish DVD
Release: May 19, 2010 - Author: dekkker - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
The Danish version is not more uncut as every other uncut version, just one special scene is longer. However, we can not talk about a violence cut and the compared version is also not the shorter version but the longer one which can be compared with all shorter unrated DVD's. This is actually not a cut report...

The additional scene is a dreaming sequence which Kirstey has to encounter right before she faces the Cenobites for the first time.

This OnAir DVD, released in Denmark, contains, beside the uncut unrated version and few extras, this little sequence which was only available in Asian countires so far. Nowadays this scene can also be found on many other DVD's. The sequence runs approx. 58 seconds.
58. minute: Dream sequence

Kirstey finds herself back into her room (seconds before she has been in hell). She takes a look around and recognizes pictures on a shelf.
She gets closer and takes a picture with herself on it as well as her mother. She smiles. Suddenly blood is dripping out of the shelf and the pictures. She looks back at the picture she is holding and she can see Julia and blood which is spouring out of the picture.
Kirstey is scared and the shelf collapses. From the remains hundreds of insects are crawling to Kirstey who starts yelling. The camera turns again and she seems to be back in hell.
The unrated continues with the first confrontation between Kirstey and the Cenobites.

There are approx. 58 seconds missing.