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Release: Jul 04, 2009 - Author: VideoRaider - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
I. Introduction

Despite the low budget and the harsh editing obligations, the fourth part of the "Planet of the Apes" series made enough money to justify a fifth movie. Director J. Lee Thompson, who also directed the prequel, made a comeback as well - despite his negative experiences during the final cut of the last movie. Fox cut into the budget once again so it was even smaller than it has been for part four. Altogether the production cost were only about 1,8 US-Million Dollar (about 8,9 Million US-Dollar conditional upon inflation) and before the production even started it was clear that "Battle for the Planet of the Apes" would be the last part of the saga.

Contrary to the prequel, Thompson had a lot less to compromise - longer dialogue sequences had to be cut as well as some violent shots in order to ensure a PG rating, but the keynote was not changed at all.

Not artistically nor economically was the movie able to tie in with its prequels but the popularity of the series was still big enough to keep the viewers interested and recoup its costs.
Some short-lived Live Action- and a n animation series followed.

II. The versions

II.a) The Japanese Laserdisc

For years the Japanese Laserdisc version was the longest official version of the movie and is (supposedly) about ten minutes longer than the Theatrical Version. Many dialogue scenes as well as some violent shots during the final battle have been re-integrated into the movie. Whether or not the Laserdisc version is identical to the Unrated US-BluRay could not be found out.

II.b) The US-TV Version (CBS)

In the year 1975, the movie was aired on American television for he first time. for this, about fourteen minutes were cut from the Theatrical Version but new scenes were put in. Especially the scene in which the mutants talk about the Alpha/Omega bomb is of interest since it makes clear that the cult around the mutant Mendez are supposed to be the ancestors of the mutant cult from the second movie. This already has been made clear in the Theatrical Version with the mentioning of the name "Mendez" in the second movie but thanks to the scene about the bomb all doubts are gone for sure.

II.c) The US-DVD and BluRay (Fox)

In 2006 the Director's Cut was released in the USA on DVD and has now been remastered and released on BluRay - as a single disc as well as in a box set containing the whole movie series. This version has been used to create this report.

Remarkable is that no little shots have been cut out but always chunks of several seconds.

III. Screen comparison

Compared to the German DVD the BluRay has a lot more image information to offer. The red framed area is the screen of the DVD embedded into that of the BluRay.

IV. Censorship report

Comparison between the German DVD (identical to the Theatrical Version) and the US-BluRay (Unrated).

Both versions are released by Fox on DVD and BluRay.

The Unrated Cut is 601 seconds (10 minutes and 1 second) longer than the Theatrical Version.
General Aldo rides through the village longer.
18 Sec

The teacher Abe writes the first law of the apes („Ape shall never kill ape!“) onto the stone board and prompts the gorillas to read it. They are unable to, so the rest of the class reads it out.

Abe: „Gorillas, read me what I’ve written!“
Class: „Ape shall never kill ape.“

4 Sec

Abes escape from General Aldo and his soldiers is longer.
19 Sec

As Aldo and his men capture Abe, Caesar steps in to conciliate. The following dialogue, in which McDonald too expresses himself, is longer.

Abe: „General Aldo belittled a writing excise especially written to me by Caesar’s son!“
MacDonald: „Teacher, you’re old enough to be well aware that No is the one word a human never say to an ape. Because apes were gonna said that to them a hundred times a day by humans.“
Abe: „Yes, I’m old enough.“

18 Sec

Governor Kolp walks back and forth nervously while being watched by an employee.
17 Sec

Virgil, Caesar and MacDonald are roaming the ruins in search of the archives.

MacDonald: „What’s wrong with you?“
Caesar: „Smell it, Virgil?“
Virgil: „Yes, but they’re not the same. Not like the other people.“
MacDonald: „Come on.“

21 Sec

After Virgil has destroyed the security monitor, the group decides to go right away.

Caesar: „Whoever or whatever is down here...“
Virgil: „ knows...we are too now. I am sorry.“
MacDonald: „Don’t be. If they haven’t plugged into the control we still have time to go to - even if they do plugged into, they think it’s a malfunctioning.“

23 Sec

Caesars son Cornelius and a human child are playing War.
14 Sec

More scenes of the human patrol searching the city of the apes.
21 Sec

After the humans have decided to raid the ape city, Governor Kolp orders Alma to launch an atom bomb onto the city should they fail - this is the Alpha/Omega bomb from the second movie.

Kolp: „Alma?“
Alma: „Yes, Governor?“
Kolp: „Alma, either we must cage the beast - or destroy the whole zoo. You know what that is?“
Alma: „Of course, it’s our nuclear missile.“
Kolp: „If the impossible should happen, if the apes should defeat us - I will not surrender to an animal! Nor will my soldiers. So, Alma - if retreat does become necessarily, I will send a coded radio signal. 15 minutes later you derange the missile at ape city and activate it - with this button.“
Alma: „Yes, sir.“

67 Sec

The march of the humans through the desert is longer. Many humans die on the march before reaching their destination.
33 Sec

Virgil tries to get to Caesar while Kolp gives the last orders to his men.

Kolp: „Sergeant York, you hear me?“
Sergeant York: „Yes, Governor?“
Kolp: „We’re going to attack ape city in half an hour at sunrise. If the fate shouldn’t smile at us, bring that message to Alma.“
Sergeant York: „Yes, governor.“

51 Sec

More scenes of the artillery shooting.
6 Sec

Scenes of the barricade being built.
7 Sec

More battle scenes. Caesar shoots a rifle at attacking humans.
3 Sec

Tzhe defending of the (now burning) barricade is longer.
14 Sec

More scenes of the defending of the barricade and the humans advancing.
9 Sec

Shots of Caesar and the humans.
6 Sec

The fallback of the apes from the barricades is longer.
8 Sec

More combat operations as the humans enter the city.
7 Sec

The humans advance further.
8 Sec

Despite Caesars orders to let the defeated humans go, Aldos soldiers attack the convoy and kill Governor Kolp and his men which is presented in a more detailed manner in the Unrated Version.
16 Sec

After the murdering of Kolp, Aldo lets his men praise him.

Gorillas: „Aldo! Aldo! Aldo!“
Aldo: „Now let’s go back - to OUR city!“

31 Sec

After it is revealed that Aldo has killed Caesars son, the mob chases him up a tree. Caesar pursues him. The Unrated Version is a few seconds longer.
40 Sec


Sergeant York manages to escape after the battle and tells Mendez and Alma of Kolps death. Alma wants to launch the missile onto the city but Mendez holds her back. Not only because it would destroy them as well as the whole world but also because it has made them what they are and therefor has to be respected and honored so that all progeny can see the bomb as their creator.

Mendez: „Seargent York...“
Sergeant York: „It’s over! We’ve lost!“
Alma:„And Governor Kolp?“

Sergeant York sinks to the ground.

Alma: „Then I know what I must do.“
Mendez: „He said, wait for his signal!“
Alma: „I have just received it.“

Alma runs off to launch the missile, Mendez follows her.

Mendez: „Alma, you got to wait for the Governor’s signal!“
Alma: „My heart knows he’s dead. And this is what I’ve promised him I would do.“
Mendez: „He’s determend to destroy the entire world! He’s mad! This is the alpha/omega-bomb! It can destroy not only ape city, but the entire earth! Activate it - and we become nothing! Leave it - and its very presence will ensure that at least we remian something. And maybe become something better. It must never be exploded. It must be respected. Even venerated! For one of its ancestors made us what we are. And what we are shall from this day forward be called beautiful!“

100 Sec