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  • Director's Cut
  • Extended Cut
Release: Jan 11, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Director's Cut and the Extended Cut (both available on the German Blu-ray by Media Target)

- 32 additional scenes / 1 cut in the Extended Cut
- Lengt difference: 395.6 sec (= 6:36 min)


25 years after its controversal theatrical release in Germany, the movie has been released on Blu-ray in Germany. Contrary to the recommendable Arrow release from 2015, the German Blu-ray does not only contain the well-known Theatrical Version/Director's Cut but also an Extended Cut with additional 6.5 minutes. According to the text at the beginning, the Extended Cut was shown at several press previews in March 1991. Before its offical theatrical release on 04/18/1991, director Buttgereit cut a few things foe dramaturgical reasons. Sounds interesting even though the movie was not perfectly paced before. And with a length of 103 minutes, it was much longer than the first one (71 minutes). In addition to that, the Theatrical Version is called "Director's Cut" in the main menu which begs the question: Is the additional footage worth it?

The Extended Cut

The answer to that question is simply: No. All in all, the Extended Cut is not really worth mentioning. It becomes obvious that Buttgereit decided to cut the movie for pace reasons: A shot is a few seconds longer, there is a third cut to faces instead of two etc. This may intensify the atmosphere every now and then but it certainly does not reinvent the wheel. As for the necrophilia scenes or any other shocking footage, there are no differences whatsoever and there are not any further visually impressive experiments such as the dream sequence either.

Bottom line: The Extended Cut is nice to have for fans but there is no need to particularly search for it. Since the German release also contains a lot of bonus stuff, a booklet with several original newspaper articles, an audio commentary in both German & English and subtitles in all kinds of different languages, it is highly recommandable for international audiences as well.

Time index refers to
Theatrical Version Blu-ray / Extended Version Blu-ray
The following text is from the Extended Cut and has a length of approx. 34 sec.

As for the time index in this ccomparison, the text has been not been considered but this explains the longer running time of 110:10 minutes - depending on the configuration of the Blu-ray/DVD player.
Basically, the text sumarizes the back story of the Extended Cut.

12:21 / 12:21-12:22

A few additional frames before Monika enters the house.

0.8 sec

13:59 / 14:00-14:04

Monika longer from behind.

4.6 sec

14:24 / 14:29-15:30

The subsequent shot (before the newspaper article) is also longer. After that, there is another shot of Monika clearing the table which she then puts next to Robert's body. Finally, a shot of her face again.

60.7 sec (= 1:01 min)

14:29 / 15:35-15:41

The shot of the newspaper article starts earlier.

6.2 sec

Also worth mentioning is the fact that the music starts earlier in the Director's Cut resulting from several cuts.

14:48-14:50 / 16:00-16:38

Here, the Director's Cut contains the shot of Monika from the Extended Cut (please see 14:24 / 14:29-15:30). (no sccreenshots).

In the Extended Version, the shot of Monika unwrapping the body is longer plus she touches the legs a little earlier.

Extended Version 35.5 sec longer

14:57 / 16:45-17:02

Before Monika takes off the jacket, she gets rid of the stretcher. The subsequent shot starts a little earlier as well.

17.4 sec

15:21 / 17:26-17:45

Monika longer in front of the body.
In the meantime, the music has already started to play in the Extended Cut as well.

18.9 sec

15:35 / 17:59-18:00

Slightly longer black screen.

1 sec

21:53 / 24:18-24:20


2.2 sec

27:37 / 30:04-30:18

After the tracking shot to the body on the wall, there is another exterior shot of Betty. The subsequent interior shot also starts a bit earlier.

13.7 sec

30:12 / 32:53-33:03

The flowers on the body fade longer plus the shot from above starts a little earlier.

10.1 sec

30:14-30:17 / 33:05-33:21

Black screen in the Director's Cut before the phone rings (no screenshots).

The Extended Version contains an additional shot of Monika putting away the flowers.

Extended Version 12.9 sec longer

32:59 / 36:03-36:20

Mark longer in front of the movie theater resp. the shot starts earlier. While he is waiting, a few people walk by.

17 sec

36:45 / 40:06-40:19

Mark's girlfriend longer in front of the movie theater. She looks around. The subsequent shot of her from a further distance starts slightly earlier.

12.9 sec

36:59 / 40:33-40:46

Another shot is longer: Mark's girlfriend walks away.

13.6 sec

41:04 / 44:51-44:55

The last shot at the studio is insignificantly longer and the black screen is longer as well.

3.6 sec

41:34 / 45:25-45:37

Further shot of the statue plus Mark gets comfortable while Monika keeps focussing.

12 sec

42:52 / 46:55-47:42

The two of them longer on the giant wheel plus some footage from their point of view.

47.3 sec

42:57 / 47:47-47:55

Another high-angle shot plus the subsequent one of Mark starts earlier.

7.8 sec

43:41 / 48:39-48:42

The giant wheel earlier.

3.6 sec

44:00 / 49:01-49:05


3.8 sec

50:12 / 55:17-55:19

Monika touches the serrated hacksaw blade a little longer.

1.7 sec

56:27 / 61:34-61:49

Longer black screen plus the shot of Monika in the living room starts much earlier.

15.4 sec

67:54 / 73:16-73:35

Mark longer at the sink. Then he dries his hands. The subsequent shot of Monika starts earlier as well.

18.3 sec

67:57 / 73:38-73:49

Mark earlier in the kitchen. He puts the stuff on the table and goes to the stove.

11.7 sec

68:48 / 74:41

Monika a few frames earlier.

0,8 sec

71:23 / 77:16-77:27

After the musial number, there is a further shot of Monika sleeping. Another black screen follows.

Please note: In the Extended Cut, the music ends at the beginning of this shot. In the Director's Cut, the music ends during the subsequent scene.

10.8 sec

72:37 / 78:41-78:50

Mark a little longer at the café. Then an additional shot of his girlfriend showing up.

8.5 sec

74:32 / 80:45-80:48

Longer black screen plus the first shot inside the bar starts slightly earlier.

3.4 sec

86:50 / 93:06-93:13

Mark longer on the couch with the pizza box.

6.5 sec

93:33 / 99:55-100:09

Earlier beginning of the shot: Monika grabs several pictures from behind the skeleton.

13.5 sec

98:41-98:43 / 105:17

Interestingly enough, a shot of the necrophiliac act is a little longer in the Director's Cut.

+ 1.3 sec

99:48 / 106:23-106:24

Last but not least, a slightly longer shot in the Extended Cut - screenshot only because it shows blood which might make it interesting for some people.

0.8 sec