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Night of the Living Dead


  • Color Version
  • Black and White Version
Release: Feb 21, 2017 - Author: ButtHead88 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB

The Movie:

I guess there is no need to explain the plot of Night of the living Dead here. In 1968, George A. Romero created one of the most influental horror flicks of all times and also the cornerstone for his famous "...of the Dead trilogy (yes, there are six movies now but one might argue about the quality of the last three installments even though I do not think they are as bad as some people say). Contrary to the other installments (and a few remakes), this black and white movie focuses on atmosphere then anything else. All in all, this is a classic and everybody who calls themselves horror and/or film fan should have seen this masterpiece at least once.

The Versions:

In 2006, the German label "New KSM" released this classic on DVD and part of said release was the Color Version of this masterpiece. Certainly, one might argue about the (non)sense of such a version but the fact of the matter is that this version exists. However, the movie was shot in black and white and it truely works only in black and white. In other words, the Color Version can't keep up because the images were never supposed to be in color which kills some of the suspenseful atmosphere.

Original Black and White Version: = 95:52 minutes
Color Version = 91:55 minutes

For the record: The length difference results from the PAL/NTSC because even though the DVD release is completely in PAL, the Black and White Version runs with 24 fps only. Nonetheless, the Color Version is 8 sec shorter.

Only the Black and White Version contains the "Marketing Film" logo.
[19 sec]

Judy seems confused and absent-minded while she is looking around. Tom comes in with a glas and a towel and sits down in front of her. When Tom smiles at her and they start talking, the Color Version is back in the game.
[8 sec]

Alternate footage subsequent to the end credits.

Black and White Version: "The END" plus copyright.
[13 sec]

Color Version: Both is missing here. Instead, the people in charge of the German audio are being listed.
[+23 sec]

These superfluous differences are the reason for the Color Version being 10 sec longer here.