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  • TV Cut
  • Theatrical Version
Release: Oct 20, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Ryker - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Cut (The UK DVD release by Universal) and the TV broadcast.

The Movie

In the fourth releas of the JAWS franchise again a white shark is after the Bordy family. After the shark killed Sean Ellen moves to her son Michael on the Bahamas, but the shark is chasing her...

This movie is more like "so bad that it’s good". The shark scenes are relatively well done, the rest is rather unimportant.


The TV broadcast is shorter than the Theatrical Release, but contains 2 more plot scenes and an alternate ending. One of these additional plot scenes is also covered in the US-DVD release by GoodTimes. The additional scenes don´t really make this a better movie, but the alternate ending is quite interesting. No explosion, the boat doesn´t sink and Jake does not appear at the end.

Picture Comparison:



Running Times:

Theatrical Cut: 82:30 Min. without credits (PAL)
TV Broadcast: 81:43 Min. without credits (PAL)

The TV broadcast shows an alternative shot of Jake as he is bitten by the shark. After that cut to Michael and Ellen.

TV: 4 Sec.


After Michael has gone below, the TV broadcast shows a cut to the sea, then Ellen at the rudder and Hoagie scoops water while the shark gets nearer.

TV: 42 Sec.



This is the well known ending. The shark explodes, Ellen, Michael and Hoagie fall off the Boat, which sinks. After all three are in the water, Jake appears.

DVD: 1:44 Min.

TV broadcast:

We see the shark getting impaled longer, he spits blood and falls back into the sea with the front of the boat. In between cuts to Ellen, Michael and Hoagie.

TV: 32 Sek.