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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Feb 11, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated Version and the Unrated Director's Cut (both released by Troma USA).
Terror Firmer depicts the ultimate Troma trash movie one has to either love or toss in the garbage right away. Troma has set a monument for itself.
That goes double for the R-Rated Version. The scenes have not just been cut or replaced by less explicit footage. Troma chief Lloyd Kaufmann is personally responsible for the R-Rated and so the film freezes from time to time, so that he can tell people what's happening (or not). When foul language is used a more harmless word is spoken right over it. In some cases big "CENSORED" have been put over the events. With this the movie makes fun of the whole MPAA censorship system.

The time data is taken from the R-Rated Version.
R-Rated = 98:37 Min.
Unrated = 114:47 Min.
00:00 The R-Rated starts a little earlier (black screen).
+ 1,5 Sec.

00:27-00:28 In the R-Rated, a big CENSORED has been put over the mans stump.

Left R-Rated/ Right Unrated:

00:28 Shots of the squirting stump and the screaming guy are only to be found in the Unrated.
2,3 Sec.

00:32 The killer clobbers the guy more often with his own leg and is splattered with blood throughout.
4,9 Sec.

00:44 The killer rips the unborn baby out of its screaming mothers womb. Various credits are shown throughout.
27,9 Sec.


In the R-Rated the picture freezes and a window with Lloyd Kaufmann appears. He explains that the scenes from the Unrated have no business in an R-Rated movie before he starts to flirt with some girls.
+ 26,1 Sec.


01:54 As the man puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger the very bloody (and very badly made, probably on purpose) headshot is missing. Although he clearly has just blown his whole head off he is relatively unharmed in the next shot. Beats me where all that brain on the table is coming from.
5,4 Sec.


The R-Rated contains text explaining what just had happened.
+ 4 Sec.


01:58-02:03 We see the CENSORED bar in the R-Rated. In the Unrated we see the (assumed) dead man with his brain splattered all over the place.

Left R-Rated/ Right Unrated:

02:14-02:19 Dito.

Left R-Rated/ Right Unrated:

02:28-02:31 Dito.

Left R-Rated/ Right Unrated:

07:09 A couple is getting it on on the toilet. The blind Larry Benjamin (Lloyd Kaufmann) walks in to take a leak, hitting everything except the urinal. As he turns to the couple they get urinated at as well. The P.A. (Private Assistant) walks in and is also peed at.
70,5 Sec.


In the R-Rated, and Lloyd explains what the viewers are not allowed to see in this version. The actor of the P.A. walks in with a sign and Lloyd starts throwing peas at it.
69,7 Sec.


13:20 Toddster and the killer going to a more private place has been completely cut. They start making out and after they have taken some cocaine, the killer grabs Toddsters hair and rams his head on the table. She takes the cone they were playing with and rams it in his butt. He screams. The killer pours the bong water into his butt, swiftly followed by the cocaine straight from a frying pan. Toddster wails and begs her to stop. He gets up and sits down again after pulling the cone out of his butt. Then the killer breaks the bong and starts to masturbate in front of him. (Don't look at me, I'm only documenting this.) As she reaches her climax she stabs him with the bong. As soon as she is done she takes his brain (he is still alive, mind you) and throws it into the cocaine pan. She states "This is your brain. And this is your brain on drugs!". Toddster mumbles incomprehensible stuff as she hits him again with the bong, causing one of his eyes to fall out of his head.
216 Sec.


In the R-Rated, the event is briefly summarized on text boards.
+ 19,9 Sec.


16:42 In the Unrated we see Larry's wife being trampled to death. Her head is stomped right into the ground.
6,2 Sec.


In the R-Rated a woman smashes a melon head with a baseball bat instead.
+ 6,1 Sec.


19:24 During the shooting a sex scene with the Toxic Avenger and his blind girlfriend has been shortened - she sits right on his face.
4,5 Sec.

19:25 The following shot of the two is missing in the R-Rated.
2,1 Sec.

19:33 Longer scenes of the woman riding the Avenger.
7,4 Sec.

19:37 After Toxies right arm falls off we see more sex during which his arm grows back. On top of that the woman screams: "Oh my god, i can see! Oh I'm cuming! I can see myself cuming!"
31,4 Sec.

19:39 More scenes of the shooting.
4,5 Sec.

21:05 As old Phil Mad Cowboy delivers the data TROMA Website, different flashes are shown in both versions.
Unrated 2,1 Sec.
R-Rated 3,5 Sec.

Left R-Rated/ Right Unrated:

31:19 The sex scene between Casey and Jennifer is longer. He buries his head between her legs while she moans in pleasure.
16,8 Sec.


In the R-Rated we are to behold Lloyd Kaufmann explaining everything while pleasurably biting into a cake and then into a doormat.
+ 17,1 Sec.


31:39 After Casey has grabbed the pickle he starts to pleasure Jennifer with it. We hear a loud PLOPP and she looks surprised before starting to moan vigorously.
15,6 Sec.


In the R-Rated, Lloyd bites into a cardboard box.
+ 4,9 Sec.


31:51 The shot of Pickles Magazine is a bit longer.
2 Sec.

35:32 Short shot of Jacob Gelmans (Joe Fleishaker) legs stuck in the escalator.
0,6 Sec.

35:33 Dito (in the R-Rated as well, but a bit shorter).
0,7 Sec.

35:34 As Gelman is pulled into the escalator, the killer goes at him with an ax and body parts are flying in every direction.
2,1 Sec.

35:34 She hacks at him much more often. The goriest details are missing and only 3,3 seconds remain in the R-Rated. The Unrated runs 12,3 Sec. longer.

35:37 The scene of the woman cramming the screaming Gelman into the escalator is missing as well. Blood and guts are all over the place as Gelman pulls a license plate out of his body. The killer continues to stuff him down the escalator until he's gone completely.
58 Sec.

35:59 The TV interview with the screaming woman is longer. A Reporter asks her: "What is your network?"
7,7 Sec.

36:37 Closeup of the killer hitting the mans hands with her shoe. His fingers are severed by the razor blades beneath them.
2,8 Sec.

39:49-39:56 A CENSORED is placed over the womans hand fumbling in Andy's pants.

Left R-Rated/ Right Unrated:

40:03 Jennifer walks past a gay couple engaged in heavy petting and oral sex. In her apartment she lies naked on her bed while masturbating and fantasizing about Casey. She then takes a pickle and masturbates with it until she hears her mother calling.
122,4 Sec.

40:44 Closeup of the black actor getting shot in the chest.
0,3 Sec.

40:46 He is shot many more times while making incredibly retarded movements.
13,1 Sec.

40:48 After the head shot we can observe his unbelievably stupid facial expression.
4 Sec.

45:09-45:14 As the Mad Cowboy is dragged of Christine, the pile of crap beneath it has been censored.

Left R-Rated/ Right Unrated:

45:19 Dito. We see the P.A. taking a spoonful of crap, saying "This isn't chocolate pudding"
6,4 Sec.

Left R-Rated/ Right Unrated:


45:44 Censored excrements.

Left R-Rated/ Right Unrated:

45:49 After the P.A. has noticed what he had eaten he throws up..
2,5 Sec.

48:23 Longer shot of the guys legs getting cut off between the trucks.
1,5 Sec.

48:25 He screams and wiggles. Cut to the bystanders.
3,1 Sec.

48:26 We see his stumps as the trucks drive away.
1,3 Sec.

48:28 Closeup of the bloody stumps.
1,8 Sec.

48:28 CENSORED bar over the legs.

Left R-Rated/ Right Unrated:

48:31 Longer shot of the guy.
0,8 Sec.

48:32 The stumps again.
2,4 Sec.

48:32-48:34 CENSORED bar.

Left R-Rated/ Right Unrated:

48:35-48:39 Dito. Also, the screen has been shifted.

Left R-Rated/ Right Unrated:

48:39 General screaming as Jennifer tries to help the guy.
24,6 Sec.

48:57-48:59 CENSORED bar.

Left R-Rated/ Right Unrated:

52:40 The sex scene is 9,4 Sec. longer in the Unrated.


In the R-Rated, Lloyd Kaufmann explains the event using a can of whipped cream.


54:16 The shot of the P.A. performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on crap-smeared man is longer in the Unrated.
2,7 Sec.

54:19 The guy pukes at the P.A..
4,2 Sec.

61:12 The shooting of the sex scene between Jerry and Jennifer has been cut. Jerry takes off his mask and kisses Jennifer, followed by "real" sex. The crew continues to shoot and everyone is enchanted by their "acting", except Casey who jealously watches the two going at each other. After Jennifer hits the climax both look rather shocked and surprised.
117,8 Sec.


In the RF we are to behold Lloyd commenting on the scene.
+ 42,3 Sec.


64:36 More puking.
1,5 Sec.

64:42 Yet further puking.
3,2 Sec.

64:46 Dito + exterior shots of the car.
11,3 Sec.

65:16-65:18 CENSORED bar over the womans boobies.

Left R-Rated/ Right Unrated:

65:18 Shot of the naked woman in front of the P.A.
2,7 Sec.

65:20-65:26 CENSORED bar.

Left R-Rated/ Right Unrated:

65:27 The oral exercise has been cut.
6,9 Sec.


Lloyd and the actor in the R-Rated.
+ 21,3 Sec.


65:50 Beginning of a shot inside the car. Puking ensues.
0,9 Sec.

66:38 More oral.
5,6 Sec.


Lloyd and the P.A. again.
+ 8,6 Sec.


66:55-66:56 As the womans boobies are blown to pieces, little BANG signs have been put over it in the R-Rated.

Left R-Rated/ Right Unrated:

67:03 CENSORED bar over the boobs.

Left R-Rated/ Right Unrated:

67:05-67:23 Whenever the P.A.'s penis is on screen Lloyds head has been put over it in the R-Rated. Note from the translator: Yes, I know how that sounds.

Left R-Rated/ Right Unrated:

67:31-67:59 Dito.

Left R-Rated/ Right Unrated:

68:21 The car flies through the air and lands on the P.A.'s head and smashes it after which we see the man twitching and wiggling.
3 Sec.


In the R-Rated, another painted melon gets what's coming to it.
+ 1,9 Sec.


68:31 Lloyds over genitalia.

Left R-Rated/ Right Unrated:

68:34 In that order: Two dumbstruck pedestrians, the tiny pecker, then the two guys from the car. Then more puking.
6,5 Sec.

68:38 More wiggling P.A. + intercuts to the two guys.
10,4 Sec.

68:43 In the R-Rated, an image of a winking Lloyd has been put into the explosion.


68:47 Pogo's death is completely missing in the R-Rated. In his apartment, the killer ties his hands to the bed and starts masturbating on his head. Then she produces an ax and hacks off his right hand. He starts to scream before eventually biting into his bloody stump while the killer nails his puppet to a cross above the bed. She grabs his penis, pulling it back several feet. Pogo dies and we get to see another shot of the puppet on the cross.
188 Sec.

74:19 The shot of Case pressing his trunk against Jennifer is a bit longer.
8,5 Sec.

74:22 He continues to molest her and grabs between her legs.
2,5 Sec.

74:24 He grabs her breast.
3,4 Sec.

74:25 Now he licks them.
1,5 Sec.

74:27 More molesting.
4,1 Sec.

74:31 Jennifer states that she likes what he's doing.
7,7 Sec.

74:41 While sitting on him she presses his hands against her breasts.
3,1 Sec.

74:47 Casey cries longer after Jennifer has hit him.
1 Sec.

74:51 After Jennifer tells Casey that she will rape him now, the actual rape is missing. While Casey sobs and cries, Jennifer moans herself to her climax.
24 Sec.

74:53 Shot Jennifer.
3,8 Sec.

76:49 After Jennifer's escape we see Casey feeding his father (Ron Jeremy) a severed penis.
9,6 Sec.

81:49-81:53 Casey shows his "pussy". A picture of a real cat has been put over it in the R-Rated.

Left R-Rated/ Right Unrated:

82:09 In the Unrated we see Casey's deformed genitalia.
2,6 Sec.


In the R-Rated Lloyd eats a Hot Dog.
+ 4,1 Sec.


83:15 Camera movement over Larry's blown up body.
8,6 Sec.

83:38 Casey produces a knife.
1,8 Sec.

83:41 He stabs a man and blood runs through his fingers.
1,4 Sec.

83:44 Shot of the stab wound.
0,7 Sec.

85:36 Short closeup of the knife in Jerry's head.
0,3 Sec.

86:16 We see the staff getting rammed into Casey's trunk.
0,7 Sec.

86:17 Audrey (Lloyd Kaufmann's real daughter) rams it in again.
1,9 Sec.

86:18 More impaling - the staff exits again though Casey's butt.
15,4 Sec.

86:19-86:22 CENSORED bar.

Left R-Rated/ Right Unrated:

86:28 Casey grabbing Jerry's hand.
7 Sec.

98:37 After the credits we see a commercial spot for an environmentalism organisation.
31,5 Sec.